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Mega Man X it's a video game developed by Capcom to SNES in 1993. It is the first title in the Mega Man series for a 16-bit console and the first ever game in the Mega Man X series.

The videogame is ambientto a century after the events of the first Mega Man, in a futuristic world populated not only by men but also by "Reploids", robot that can think, have true feelings and grow just like humans. However, many Reploids are dangerous and aim at the destruction of humanity; these specimens are called "Maverick".
The protagonist of the game is Mega Man X, a android member of an armed police force called "Maverick Hunters". With the help of trusty Zero, X must foil the plans of Sigma, the leader of the Mavericks. Mega Man X, just like the chapters that preceded it, is also an action platform video game, consisting of 8 levels which can be completed in any order at the player's convenience.

By defeating the end level boss you get new and powerful weapons, to be used in later levels.


6624 5468 8588 - All armor upgrades
4723 2486 1324 - All bosses defeated
2137 3188 8121 - All bosses defeated except Boomer Kuwanger and Sting Chameleon.
6485 1146 2321 - All upgrades and no bosses defeated
5147 8437 4536 - Armored Armadillo defeated
5151 3427 4261 - Boomer Kuwanger defeated
4768 7258 1871 - Chill Penguin defeated
1573 5232 7264 - Flame Mammoth defeated
1556 6642 7448 - Launch Octopus defeated
5131 7358 4181 - Spark Mandrill defeated
5385 7136 6861 - Sting Chameleon defeated
6483 7376 5124 - Storm Eagle defeated

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