Medievil | All Life Bottles Location Guide

Medievil Location of all the bottles of life | If you need more life points to face the realm of Gallowmere you've come to the right place! Thanks to our comprehensive guide to the Bottles of Life you will discover where to find these precious collectables in the remake of Medievil .

Medievil | Where to find all the Bottles of Life

As you may have guessed, these bottles increase the health of the protagonist. There are 9 in total and, finding them all, they also serve to unlock the Iron Health trophy (for a dead person). Below is the position with the procedure to get each bottle:

Bottle of Life 1 - Sir Daniel's Crypt

Inside the tomb where the game begins, to the left of the gate. It will be indicated by a cut scene.

Bottle of Life 2 - The Cemetery

When you reach the statue of the angel, hit the statue until it turns to the left. Then cross the gate that will be opened and reach the bottle on a hill.

Bottle of Life 3 - Hall of Heroes

Prize of the Heroes' Hall for having redeemed the 2nd Chalice (give it to the first statue on the left in the Hall to get the bottle).

Bottle of Life 4 - The Crypt of Sir Daniel

After passing level 5 "Return to the Cemetery", return to "Sir Daniel's Crypt. On the right side of the crypt, there's a part of the wall that looks brighter than the rest. Use the newly unlocked ability at the end of level 5 (or the bat or hammer) to knock down the wall and find the bottle.

Bottle of Life 5 - The Scarecrow Fields

In the last rotating trap, before the end of the level, there is a secret side path that leads to a field area with some Harvest to take. Collect it, then go back to the barn between the fields, just before the section with the trap (but after the 2 Mech enemies). Destroy the chest behind the barn to release a snake that will kill the enemies for you, then kick the cart behind the barn. This will allow you to enter the barn through a crack in the wall where the trusty snake has killed 2 scarecrows. Jump over the hay sheaves to reach the lever at the top and pull it to drop a harvesting machine. Use the Harvest taken earlier and follow the open path from the machine to find a bottle.

Bottle of Life 6 - The Bogs of the Living Dead

After opening the door of the red rune, on a small island on the right side. Jump to reach the bottle.

Bottle of Life 7 - Hall of Heroes

Reward for redeeming the sixteenth chalice (to give to the statue of the Centaur upstairs).

Bottle of Life 8 - The Time Signal

After turning off the laser grid to catch the green rune, go back to the beginning of the level where the clock puzzle is located. On the right side of the starting area there is a blocked path (by a kind of butterfly door). When you go towards the door, a clock will appear on its left side showing how to place the hands on the clock. Then get on the clock and set the gold and silver hands as indicated to open the butterfly door where you will find the bottle.

N.B. You can also do it at the beginning of the level but the bottle would be protected by a red laser field, so you will have to turn off the lasers first.

Bottle of Life 9 - The Time Signal

Reward for redeeming the 20th Chalice (give it to the statue behind the door halfway up the stairs).

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