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- Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance Guide - Like any good self-respecting Mass Effect, Andromeda will contain its fair share of relationships and romances that can be started with numerous characters. You'll be able to conquer your partners among those aboard the Tempest, the various acquaintances you'll make around the space and unlockable companions during the main adventure. Finding and conquering them will not be an easy task, but thanks to this guide you will become the Hugh Hefner of the stars!

Bioware has put a lot of emphasis on the relationship system present in Andromeda making each story more realistic to live than in the past and also accentuating what are the joys and sorrows of a real relationship. The game will provide you with many partners and you can choose whether to be faithful lovers or hardened fedifrages. To develop a relationship, however, you'll need a lot of time and proceed to the most advanced stages of the game, completing the personal missions of each partner called Loyalty Missions. Each time you start the adventure again, the game will take into account the relationships you had in the previous one so that you can unlock the HELEUS Goal Trophy AND ROMANCES.

Below we see the general procedure that applies to almost all reports in Andromeda:


    Your chance to make yourselves known. You'll be able to start a report as early as the first minutes on the Tempest. Feel free to flirt with anybody and throw a few winks around but don't overdo it. This will get the other characters interested in you by unlocking the next stage of knowledge.


    After the Main Missions or after major events within the plot do not let too much time pass and go immediately to the designated partner to deepen the relationship. You won't talk much at first, but over time things will get easier. Try to understand him, to go along with his ideas but without being too accommodating. This will develop your partner's interest in you by unlocking the options for dialogue marked by a heart, i.e. those for building the relationship. Remember that you will also be able to visit the character of your interest, during your leave of absence, by visiting the planet on which he was sent.


    Each partner has personal missions in which you will have to prove your loyalty and interest. These missions can only be unlocked by reaching a certain level of intimacy with your partner. Once you pass these missions you will finally be able to access the deep level of the relationship and...


    After passing the personal mission the chosen character will understand that you are very interested and will invite you to meet him somewhere in the galaxy. This is your chance to start your lasting relationship...until the next new game!



PREFERENCES REPORT: Male protagonist.
ADVICES: Cora is one of your principal companions. Initially she will be very upset by the decision of her superiors and you can try to calm her down. Always talk to her on board the Tempest, especially after the main missions, you will find her near the Bio-Lab. Sometimes it will also be possible to find her in Director Tann's office on Nexus. After passing Cora's personal mission you can join her on Eos and start, if you are single, a relationship with her.


PREFERENCES REPORT: Female protagonist.
TIP: Liam is one of your main companions. You will meet him on the Tempest and you can immediately try to make a good impression on him. Later on you'll have the chance to go out with him and take him to the movies. Finally, you will unlock the mission dedicated to the outposts and once completed Liam will open his heart to you.


PREFERENCES RELATIONSHIP: Male or Female protagonist
ADVICES: Vetra is one of your principal companions. After meeting her on the Tempest you will often meet her at the Aya market where you can deepen your relationship. Always keep in mind that Vetra cares a lot about the family so try to use arguments in favor of this topic. Once you have passed her Personal Mission you can let her know that you are interested in her. After you meet on Kadara, make sure the alien is part of your team and continue on the main missions to seal your love with her.


PREFERENCES REPORT: Male or Female protagonist.
ADVICES: Peebee is one of your principal companions. This alien is very brazen and will initially consider you a "once upon a time" type. After you meet her, near the Tempest escape pod, look for her after the missions and flirt with her from the dialogue option that shows just how cheeky your blue companion is. After helping her with her secret project and meeting her at the museum on Aya, you can see her again near the escape pod where you met. From now on, the choice is yours alone.


PREFERENCES REPORT: Female protagonist.
Jaal is one of your main companions. Initially it will not be possible to flirt with him but only approach him as a good friend. The dialogue icons usually intended for the relationship will be indicated with two hands clasping. After you have shown him your friendship for some time, Jaal will also open his heart to you and you can start this relationship.



PREFERENCES REPORT: Male protagonist.
ADVICES: Gil will be very honest with you, in sexual terms, and you can flirt with him from the very first moment. After helping him play Poker he will send you an email and you can join him on Aya, the place where your love will blossom.


PREFERENCES REPORT: Female protagonist.
ADVICES: Suvi is the space cartographer of the Tempest. Even with her, things will be quite simple. You will simply have to talk to her many times until she takes a break in your quarters.



PREFERENCES REPORT: Female or Male protagonist.
ADVICES: Keri is the journalist who will ask you for an interview at every mission. make sure you participate in these interviews and flirt with her during the interview until you can convince her that you have a great scoop to show him in the bedroom.


PREFERENCES REPORT: Male protagonist.
ADVICES: Talk to Avela right after the first meeting on Aya, she is waiting on the docks and this will be a great opportunity to start flirting. Later, you will find her at Aya's museum and all you have to do is complete her missions.


PREFERENCES REPORT: Female or Male protagonist.
ADVICES: You will meet him for the first time in Kadara. Once you pass the first approach you will meet him later by scanning the corpse in Kadara airport. Then go to the disco to talk to Reyes about what seems to be a violent murder case... do you know a better way to start a relationship?

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