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After 600 years in cryogenic suspension, we finally arrived in the Andromeda galaxy with the new triple A from Bioware: Mass Effect Andromeda . We are the new Pathfinders in charge, which means that we will lead the Andromeda Mission, exploring various planets never seen before and devising how to make them habitable.

But things are not going at all well for our astronauts: immediately after the initial mission on Habitat 7 we learn that the planets chosen some time ago as potential new homes are now unsuitable for our life form. The first ecosystem in which we will find ourselves will be Eos, a rocky desert with quite a few problems due to radiation. So much for waking up from years of sleep.

We have put together nine tips to help you get off on the right foot, despite all these collateral problems. Let's remember that Mass Effect Andromeda is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Stay with us: more game guides will not be long in coming.

Beware of hostile habitats

Before you even think about alien life forms, think about the planets you are on, many of which are plagued by environmental problems that make them very dangerous. Some areas simply need to be avoided altogether. Environmental hazards range from a range of 1 to a maximum of 4 (very serious) and can involve low temperatures, lightning, radiation and much more. You will notice if you are entering a dangerous environment, and if you stray too far from the barriers of your base, well... you will regret it.

But, fortunately, you still have the Nomad with you, a six-wheeled exploration vehicle equipped with a life support system that will screen you in some particularly dangerous environments that would kill you instantly on foot. This will allow you to reach more and more out-of-the-way and interesting areas, obtaining "road points" and making the planet more and more hospitable. Or, at the very least, able to accommodate your own settlement. There are also some areas where even Nomad won't be able to help you: if you get a message on screen inviting you to come back later, listen to it, because hostile natural phenomena could be just thunderstorms.

Keep your Nomad at hand

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Nomad is not only an essential means of transportation, it can save your life on numerous occasions. You can also use it to "navigate" through hostile territory without encountering any obstacles, but you'll first have to learn how to dose the power of its wheels (it will require some practice). Always keep the vehicle close to you, as the environments you explore do not sympathize with organic life forms. Also, if you lose it, you won't be able to summon it suddenly in your location: this is an option only available at quick travel points, stations that can be built with special pods.

Take advantage of petrol stations

If on the way you encounter a point where you can make a Forward Station, don't ignore it: at it you can use the quick trip, call the Nomad wherever it is, repair it, change the equipment, locate the mining areas of the place and much more. They also protect you from environmental hazards of all kinds. If you are in crisis, in pieces or in danger, reaching one of the stations will save your life and solve all your problems, if only because it is a fast travel point free of enemies and environmental dangers.

Use the scanner

That's right, you have a phenomenal scanner that can analyze technology, flora, fauna and probably more on the fly. Use it often wherever you go to accumulate Research Data for later use: if you missed something in the area, usually a short audio message will remind you. There are three categories of research: Milky Way, Heleus and Remnant.


Once you are in possession of weapons or projects, you will be able to make your instruments of death from the "development" item of a Research and Data terminal. You will of course need to use materials obtained from scans of planets, or found by disassembling other weapons in your possession, or from the mining excavation performed with the Nomad. Collecting things around a bit randomly can also come in handy. Check what materials you'll need to make the object you want from the terminal, then go to a planet that has the necessary resources. You can do this search from the Galaxy map. You can also buy a lot of interesting material from sellers.

Find the right equipment and skills for you

Combat is a gem of Mass Effet Andromeda, it's all about finding the style of play that will meet your needs (and in which you'll naturally be better at). There are three main types of skills: combat, biotics (biotic) and technology, each of which will then present additional passive and active skills. You'll be able to equip as many as three skills at the same time, and this is where you can enter combo mode, studying the situation. A basic combo is Pull and Throw in the biotic skill tree: use Pull to bring an enemy within your reach and then Throw to give him a good flight that can inflict a lot of damage. Don't be afraid to experiment with many different combinations until you find the one you feel most confident with. If you are not satisfied with your choices, you can reset your skills from scratch by going to Tempest Infirmary and paying a small fee.

Exchange weapons and skills on the fly

In addition to changing from one weapon to another quickly through the "wheel" of weapons, you can also exchange the same equipment by holding down the reload button. The weapons selectable in this mode can be changed at any time by going to a station, and by investing in certain skills in the combat tree you can also increase the capacity of the inventory. You can also set your favourite skills so you can quickly select them in the weapons wheel during combat, but they will be reset automatically if you go to Tempest to reset your progress in the power-up tree.

Take advantage of our coverage

Attacking is important, but to stay alive you also have to defend yourself: approaching solid objects with sufficient amplitude, you'll be able to lower your weapons and automatically enter in cover mode (you'll notice a shield icon on the screen). Coverage will allow you to recharge your shields, and you can also change the camera mode if you can no longer see objects on the ground.

Beware of teammates

In Mass Effect Andromeda the control over your companions will be particularly limited: you can simply choose which character should move and where he should go, but then he will do all the work as he sees fit. You won't be able to influence his skills and strategies as in previous chapters of the series.

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