Marvel’s Spider-Man: Guide How to Defeat All the Bosses

What would Spider-Man's game be like if there weren't the bad guys in the comic book series acting as bosses? Marvel's Spider-Man is full of villains who will oppose the neighborhood superhero during his adventure. Each of them must be tackled by adopting particular strategies that will knock them out as soon as possible. Let's see together how to defeat all the Spider-Man bosses on PS4.

Marvel's Spider-Man: How to beat all the bosses

How to beat Kingpin

Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, is the leader of one of the biggest gangs in New York City. He's a gigantic man that you'll have to face almost at the beginning of the game, during the mission "The Main Event".

At the start of the battle you will find yourself in a room full of turrets. Avoid their fire, so use L1 + R1 to pull out a turret and throw it at the boss behind the glass. You must repeat the manoeuvre several times - this will open a passageway to Kingpin and start the duel.

Although Fisk doesn't have superpowers, his physical strength is quite impressive. Your opponent throws various objects at you: take them and throw them back with L1 + R1. Use the spider web to weaken your opponent and finish the sequence with triangle. Peter will inflict some damage, but it's not enough - watch out for Kingpin's powerful charges, which can take away large amounts of health.

After a while, you'll see a cutscene and move on to the next room. It's time for the next stage of the fight - the mechanisms of the boss's attacks won't change, but many of his allied criminals will reach the arena. Focus on them as quickly as possible - watch out for Kingpin's attacks in the meantime.

When you eliminate his subordinates, it's time to face Fisk himself. Once again, focus on using the net and throw various objects at the enemy. If necessary, heal using the DOWN arrow on the controller. After a while, the enemy will be weakened and you will begin a short QTE sequence. Press everything in time and the enemy will be defeated and the mission will be successful.

How to beat Joker

Joker is a criminal, who uses special devices mounted on his wrists that allow him to generate very powerful shocks. You will confront him during the mission "Financial Shock", when Joker is trying to rob a bank.

After a cutscene, the battle with Joker begins. The boss creates powerful shock waves that will blow Peter away like a doll and inflict a lot of damage. Jumps are the top priority in the duel: he turns around the enemy and avoids his attacks. There is no point in approaching Joker: he is surrounded by a force field and you can't hurt him now.

Avoid attacks and wait for the enemy to be idle for a moment. Now, take any available item in the combat arena (L1 + R1) and launch it on Joker. Your opponent will be stunned for a moment. Press triangle to reach the villain and inflict damage.

At this point, your rival will become more vicious. Stay away from the boss and jump away from his next attacks. The enemy will then launch a powerful long-range attack, move away as soon as you see him charging. Joker will stop to rest: grab another item and throw it at the boss. Use the triangle to inflict more damage.

After a successful attack, repeat it all again and you'll see a cutscene. Joker will start producing even more shock waves. Many of them will be quite difficult to avoid: I suggest you change your tactics for this stage. Use R2 to swing with the cobweb and turn around the enemy. You'll avoid many dangers this way - and when you see the chance, throw more objects at the boss.

Repeat the strategy several times, keep circling the enemy and avoid waves. When the enemy is gathering its strength, press L1 + R1 to drop a piece of the dome on the boss. Do this several times and the ceiling will collapse on your opponent and you will emerge victorious from the battle.

How to beat Tombstone

Lapide is a mob boss who "unfortunately" came into contact with a mysterious substance that gave him superhuman power and prevented him from feeling pain. This is an optional boss, Spidey will confront him during the mission "Tombstone: Ready for...".

At first you will see a cutscene. After the intermission, you'll start a duel with the boss. Your rival is equipped with a large hammer, with which he tries to attack Peter. Some blows are strong enough to trigger a shockwave. Your opponent also often uses a kick to complete his combo. Tombstone is extremely vulnerable to gadgets: use the power grid and hit the boss when he is helpless.

After a while, more enemies will invade the arena. First, focus your attention on quickly eliminating them. Make sure you use dodges - even one or two of Tombstone's shots can leave you almost dead. At this point in the fight, it's worth activating. After you've cleaned the warehouse from the lesser villains, go back to the boss.

Another scene awaits you, after which the final stage of the fight will begin. Tombstone will grab the flaming chains and use them to fight you. Enemy shots are really hard to avoid this time - despite the dodges, many attacks will be able to reach you. The best you can do is go around him on the right side and wait for him to complete his combo. Then shorten the distance, take a few shots and jump back. Keep circling around Tombstone and keep adding some damage. If you still have some gadgets, use them now. If you run out of health, go back a bit, grab one of the items and throw it to the boss: it will reload the Focus, which you can use for healing. After quite a few blows, the enemy will fall and you'll finish this difficult battle.

How to beat Vulture and Electro

Vulture and Electro, having learned from previous experiences, have decided to form an alliance to take you out. You will face the double battle during the "Picking Up the Trail" mission.

At the end of the mission, you'll have to fight the two bosses. You'll start with a battle against Electro - turn around the enemy and avoid their gunfire. Use your web shooter gadget to stun the enemy and inflict damage using the triangle. Electro will move towards the power transformers, block and destroy them with the help of the web, and the enemy will suffer a lot of damage.

Vulture then help his ally, starting with a charge, dodges his attack. Then, counter it as quickly as possible using triangle. Spaced from the enemy: The boss has many attacks that can be used against him.

Vulture will try to shoot you down using his metal feathers. This attack is easy to avoid: take one of the feathers after dodging it and throw it back to the boss. He will be stunned: Get close to your opponent and take a few shots. Electro will appear, and the two super villains will come to you.

The battle tactics of both enemies are the same as before: the only problem is that you have to avoid many attacks at once. It's better to concentrate on one enemy: the advice is to choose Vulture, whose attacks are easy to neutralize. Take the boss's feathers, stun him and force him to escape. In the case of Electro, you can handle him quickly using your web shooter.

A short QTE sequence is what you will have to face next. After a cutscene, however, the enemies will self-motivate themselves to resume the battle. Simply repeat the tactics you learned earlier, focus on one opponent and finish the other later. Be patient and rely on dodges, and you'll quickly spot your opponents' mistakes.

How to beat Scorpion and Rhino

Scorpion and Rhino are very powerful and have decided to join forces to make your life difficult. The "Heavy Hitter" mission consists entirely of this battle with the double boss.

You'll start the battle with Rhino. The enemy has powerful charge attacks, your job is to lure the enemy to charge them under objects that you can drop with the help of the web shooter. This trick will make it easier for you by slowing down time (to the default difficulty level) so you have time to aim at the object. Once you drop a container on Rhino's head, he will be stunned and you can use triangle to inflict damage.

Repeat the trick one more time and Scorpion will join the party. He uses a poisonous ranged attack, with occasional attempts to sting you in close combat. Focus on Scorpion for now, Rhino will have to wait his turn. Your new enemy is fast, so you'll need to focus on using the web to stun him and launch a few attacks before Rhino interferes.

Rhino's attacks are easy to avoid, so take your time to focus on Scorpion. Power grids and fast combos are the fastest ways to inflict damage. If necessary, remember that you can use the net to go around the arena and easily avoid almost anything that can throw at you. Once one of the bosses has been eliminated, take care of the other one, he can't do much on his own.

How to beat Mr. Negative

Mr. Negative is none other than Martin Li, consumed with revenge. This enemy will make his appearance during the entire game, but the final battle will only take place during the mission "The Heart of the Matter".

Mister Negative will use a sword and move quickly through the entire arena. Also, he is able to charge demonic energy and shoot at you. The attack will take the form of a powerful shock wave, which you must avoid by dodging or jumping. Wait for a moment when Li is weakened and falls to the ground. Use that moment to counter it with triangle and inflict some damage.

The battle will follow a certain pattern for a while - there will be some occasional QTEs, though. Focus on dodging and fighting him when he's weakened.

You will be moved to another dimension. In addition to all the attacks already in his possession, he will be able to transform himself into a giant demon. His attack has a rather long range and is difficult to avoid - it's a good time to take a spin on the web for a while.

The biggest problem outside the presence of a giant demon is the large number of ghosts. They are weak, but there are many - enough to become a problem. You can try to wait during this stage of the fight using the web to escape and looking for the moment when Li is weakened. When that happens, go to the boss and inflict some damage.

The battle may take some time - focus on dodging and healing.

How to beat the final boss: Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus is the final boss of Marvel's Spider-Man.

The enemy has powerful attacks and can hit you several times despite your dodging attempts. Fortunately, it can be shot down quite easily - you just have to face this battle from above.

When you swing on the web, your enemy can only perform one attack: take a piece of metal and throw it at you. This is exactly what you need: you can take the bullet using L1 + R1 and throw it back at the boss. It will be stunned and you can attack it with standard melee attacks.

Just repeat the trick until it's necessary, and a throw that goes sign will generate a lot of focus, allowing you to heal when necessary. After a while, The Octopus will climb onto a transmitter - take him down with a few well-targeted bullets.

Repeat the launches and attacks. The strategy remains the same: after a while, you'll see a cutscene, after which the battle will move to an outer wall of a skyscraper. Your task now will be to dodge and attack using square. This stage of the battle is very simple and has been included to increase the tension rather than test your skills.

After you've finished this stage too, it's time to watch the final scenes of the game.

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