Marvel Strike Force How to Create a Good Team for Free

Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based strategic RPG that allows you to put together a team of five Marvel superheroes, villains or, in some cases, a mixture of both, to challenge those in other players' teams or to face waves of AI-controlled opponents. It's very similar to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but with Marvel characters and a different developer, FoxNext Games. Even if you have never played that game, it is likely that you have played something similar on mobile devices and Marvel Strike Force it will not be extremely difficult to master.

That said, to assemble a good team and face opponents you can spend real money, but nobody likes that. If you want to succeed in the feat of hiring the best Marvel characters without spending a euro, read this guide that gives you some tips on how to assemble a good team for free.

How to unlock multiple characters for free

Surely you'll want to be able to take advantage of all the great characters by Marvel Strike Force adding as many as possible to your collection, and preferably without spending money to buy Power Cores.

The game uses a system of fragments to unlock and characters. Basically, you'll often have to find a snippet or snippets as a reward to spend to acquire a new character, but you'll rarely find enough at once to instantly add a new hero or villain to your roster. Basically, then, what you need to know is where and how to get the shards without passing out.

  • Log in and play every day - it Marvel Strike Force gives you access to fragments of characters every time you log in, a reward just for logging in, but it also has daily targets that you can find through the big bright button in the lower right corner of the main screen. If you play every day, make sure you complete the daily goals. By completing the daily goals a number of times you can unlock a new character for free. For example, at launch you can unlock Wolverine by completing the daily goals seven times.
  • Use automatic victory in campaign battles - Every third phase of each chapter of the campaign offers character fragments as a reward. Complementing it with three stars you can use Auto Win, which is a great way to weave snippets for a specific character. It also encourages you to keep moving forward in the main campaign.
  • Event control - As we have already noted, events serve to unlock certain characters simply by playing through a series of battles. Each time you reach a multiple level of 10, you should revisit the Active Events as you may be powerful enough to take on a previously locked battle and gain even more fragments.
  • Play Arena battles every day - Arena victories don't get you any snippets, but the Arena store has a selection of snippets for sale that changes every day. If you stay active, you will receive Arena credits every 24 hours and can spend them on the snippets you want.
  • Also play in Blitz Mode - Blitz Mode guarantees fragments at certain levels, although you'll generally need to reach at least the sixth goal to start getting them, which takes a bit of work. Also, the Blitz store is very similar to the Arena store, except for the currency and daily selection of the fragment.

An important note that can help you choose fragments more wisely: if you touch the fragments of any character you want to buy, it will tell you how many fragments you still need before you unlock that character. it's a very useful way to prioritize.

How to assemble a tight-knit team

While you're tempted to throw your five favourite Marvel characters into the fray, this may not be the best way to proceed, as those five characters are probably not well matched and don't complement each other with their skills.

To create a tight-knit team you need to understand the four character classes in Marvel Strike Force :

  • Blasters: They use guns, such as The Punisher, or repulsor rays, such as Iron Man, Blasters inflict high damage to one or more targets, but they're also the class that needs the most care, because the characters in them need a lot of attention to make sure they stay alive.
  • Brawler: Indisputably the most versatile class, they don't do as much damage as the Blasters but are also more durable. As the name suggests, they face enemies close up
  • Controllers: Controllers have abilities that make life harder for enemies, slowing them down, weakening them, or causing other unhealthy effects.
  • Protector: They have abilities that allow companions to stay alive when targeted. They do the least damage with basic attacks, but sometimes have surprisingly damaging secondary abilities.
  • Support: Can be categorized as the healer class, with abilities that heal, remove debuffs and other very useful things.

A good idea at startup is to have two Brawlers, a Blaster, a Protector and then a Controller or Support character. Finally, you'll notice that all characters have multiple Marvel Strike Force traits - words that define them beyond their class. For example, Crossbones has the following traits: Rascal, Global, Technology, Protector, Hydra and Inhuman.

Traits can also help suggest groups of characters that will be effective together based on their specific abilities. When attacking with Crossbones, his Vengeance ability gives +5 Armour to anyone on his team who has the Hydra trait.

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