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There are six types of chips to collect on Spider-Man on PS4. They fall into the categories: Search, Symbol, Base, Crime, Challenge, and Backpack. Players need to collect large stocks to unlock new items in the game such as Gadgets, Suits, Mods etc.

In addition to XP, tokens are the only other primary currency that players must earn. The game offers ample opportunities to earn a lot of tokens, and often all you need to do is carry out activities scattered around the game world, such as crimes (which constantly regenerate in the map).

That said, challenge tokens are the hardest to earn! You'll spend a fair amount of time completing enough Challenge Tokens to unlock mods and end game items.

Example of unlocking with tokens

As a simple example, there is an in-game mod called Reactive Lens (which reduces the effects of stun grenades). This mod requires you to have 4 x crime tokens and 2 x search tokens before it is fully unlocked.

Guide Marvel's Spider Man - How to Get Tokens

How to get backpack tokens

Backpacks are collectibles scattered around the map in fixed positions. There are a limited number of backpacks to collect in the game and they are placed on the side of buildings or hidden behind street corners. Each backpack appears as a green icon in the game world (after using your visor ping skill) and shines like gold when you approach them.

True Spider Man fans will never get tired of collecting backpacks, as each item gives you a fragment of "lore" from the Spider Man universe. This may include references to original comics, animated series or even movies. Find these backpacks to get the corresponding tokens.

How to get Research tokens

These tokens can be earned by helping Peter complete his normal lab work. This is achieved by solving mini puzzles in the game, such as rewiring a circuit or aligning laser beams. Each of the puzzles is different and it's fair to say that the ones in the more advanced levels are much more difficult.

You won't need any special skills or combat to complete the puzzles in the quest, but instead you'll need patience and a good eye for solving puzzles. Solve them and you'll get tokens.

How to get the symbol tokens

Taking pictures of interesting landmarks around New York can earn you symbolic tokens, which are a reward for our "tourist" skills. Landmarks include real buildings like the Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building, while there are also imaginary landmarks like the Avengers Tower marked with a big A.

You'll have a lot of fun with web swinging, so it shouldn't be hard to find points of interest. The sad news is that the symbol tokens have little value because of their ease of collection.

How to get basic tokens

Some areas of the map are reserved for hostile bases that host groups of enemies. Eliminating these waves of enemies will reward you with basic tokens to spend on upgrades. These battles are moderately difficult and therefore the tokens have a fair value.

How to get the crime tokens

These random encounters involve only a handful of enemies but can occur in any area of the map. Successfully participating in a crime scene and eliminating the enemy will reward you with crime tokens.

Watch your spidey-senses for active crime in the neighboring area.

How to get the challenge tokens

Challenges are skill-based mini-games and usually put you against the clock to complete a series of objectives. A classic challenge is the mini-game of bombs. Complete a challenge with the desired parameters will reward you with challenge tokens and these activities are among the most satisfying of the entire game.

Of all the tokens in Spider-Man, the challenge tokens are the hardest to earn. Failure to complete a challenge within the set time limit means that it must be repeated numerous times until successful. A wise choice is to skip the most difficult challenges and concentrate on the ones you can do, then come back later when you are ready.

Bonus Goals

Each fight in the game is enhanced by a series of random bonus goals that players can complete to earn additional bonus tokens. These challenges can be anything from using certain gadgets to completely avoiding damage.

Check the left side of the screen during the activity. A small notification window should appear showing a list of achievements. If you complete them, you will be rewarded with bonus tokens.

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