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Marvel: Champions Challenge Complete Guide | Marvel: Challenge of the Champions is an exciting and brand new mobile game for iOS and Android in which you can complete a lot of missions, challenges and compete against other players wearing the costume of superheroes and supervillains Marvel.

In this guide, we offer tips and tricks to master all the mechanics of the game and to choose your favorite team and the best classes.

Marvel: Champions Challenge | Guide to Basic Controls

The right side of the screen is to perform the attack. If you touch it, perform a light attack. If you slide your finger, you perform a medium attack. If you press down, make a heavy attack. Light attacks are the fastest but the weakest and heavy attacks are the slowest but the most powerful. Light and medium attacks can be blocked, but heavy attacks break blocks.

The left side of the screen is to get defensive. If you put pressure on the left side, you'll block. If you slide your finger to the left side, you'll dodge, creating space between you and your opponent.

The advice, especially at the beginning, is to use the parry a lot until you see the opportunity to attack, when the opponent has finished his series of shots. After a well parried 5-shot combo, dodge to make room between you and your opponent and go on the attack.

Going backwards is a good thing in situations where things are not going well. You can unlock abilitiesdexterityeparryfrom the skill tree.

As for the attack, the simplest combination is the 5-shot one. You simply hit with a light attack three times and then hit twice with the medium attack. This will do a fair amount of damage. After making a combo, we recommend blocking, as the AI will then counterattack.

If the AI is blocking your attack, we recommend that you make a heavy attack and then resume the combo.

Marvel: Champions Challenge | Which class to choose

Each character in Champion Challenge has a specific class that ties more or less to one of the superhero subtypes in the Marvel comic book universe. There are cosmic, technical, mutant, talented, scientific and mystical champions - and everyone has their own classes against which they are weak and strong. Below, we offer a general explanation of the classes to make the best choice.


Cosmic champions are those whose comic books deal with the most Marvel science fiction-inspired stories. This class has characters like Ronan and Captain Marvel. Cosmic champions are strong against technical champions, but weak against mystical champions.


The mutant samples are mutants. They are the next step in man's evolution. This class includes characters like Wolverine and Deadpool. Mutants are strong against talented champions, but weak against technical champions.


Mystic champions are those who rely on magic for their source of power. This class counts Dormammu and Magik among its ranks. They are strong against the cosmic champions, but weak against the champions of science.


The champions of the science class are those who use their intelligence to fight or have been altered by science in some way. This class has characters like Spider-Man and She-Hulk. Science is strong against mystical champions, but weak against talented champions.


Talented champions are those who rely on their skills instead of superpowers. These champions include Black Panther and Daredevil. These are strong against scientific champions, but weak against mutants.


Technical champions are the types of characters who use their technology to fight like Iron Man and Star-Lord. They are strong against mutant champions, but weak against cosmic champions.

How to upgrade and classify characters

Each sample you get can be upgraded from 1 to 5 stars. It is important to make sure you do this so that you can progress in missions, arenas and to strengthen your characters' alliances. Also, stronger characters win fights faster - so you can earn currency and other rewards at a better pace.

In order to categorize your characters, you have to level them first. You level them by spending ISO-8, a type of currency that you collect by playing or opening crystals. The amount of ISO-8 you get with each crystal or search is more or less standard, but specific increments, such as 75 and 125, are available. You can also get class-specific ISO-8s to help you level your characters faster!

Upgrading your characters costs gold. Since there is a cost of resources, you should focus on a group of heroes with whom you can build a strong team and upgrade only those.


In order to classify your sample, it must be at the highest level.Once reached, you can spend catalysts to classify your character.

Just as there are 1-star and 5-star samples, there are level 1 and level 5 catalysts. The levels do not exactly match the stars, but a 2-star sample will not require the level 5 catalyst, while a 5-star sample will.

You can unlock catalysts by playing special events. Every day in the missions section of the event, there will be a series of missions that you can complete to unlock catalysts.

Building a team...

As you progress through the game, you'll unlock more characters. When you use these characters to build your team, you'll need to keep a few things in mind. It's important to have class variety in your teams. I need to build the party so that I have a lot of strengths and very few weaknesses.

As tempting as it is to form a team of all scientific champions or mutants, it's not advisable to do so, because it would be enough to face a team full of strong champions against your favorite class to succumb.

It is also important to consider synergy bonuses when creating your team. Synergy bonuses vary depending on specific characters, but they can give you increases in health, stun chance, percentage of critical hits, etc.

Marvel: Challenge of Champions | Guide to Alliances

When you enter an alliance for the first time, you get 25 credits and a free premium crystal! That premium crystal gives you a huge boost in the beginning, so it's definitely worth joining an alliance as soon as possible.

You also earn a currency called loyalty by going to the Help tab of the Alliance section and assisting your teammates!

Loyalty can be spent on alliance crystals. These crystals contain various upgrades and, most importantly, an Unstoppable 3-star Colossus.

Alliance Events

Alliance events last from one day to a whole week. Each event has different requirements to earn points, but if you earn enough points, you will earn rewards. Every time you reach a new goal, you get better prizes.

Alliance Missions

Alliance quests are unlocked at level 17. You can earn search crystals that assign catalysts, alpha crystal fragments and potions.

Alliance Wars

Alliance wars are also unlocked at level 17, in these activities you will fight against enemies of an opposing alliance of real players, instead of facing AI.

The rewards for this mode are crystal shards, war crystals, loyalty, and gold. If you win the war, you'll get the War Crystal, which contains various types of currency and upgrades.

Marvel: Challenge of Champions | Quest Guide

There are two types of quests you can undertake in Marvel: Champion Challenge, Story Quest and Event Quest. Both types work pretty much the same way, but there are a few basic things to know: first, how the map works.

Mission Maps

Each mission has a map composed of nodes. Some of these nodes have enemies that you will have to fight, some have hidden objects and some have nothing. As you move around each node, you will use energy. You only have a limited amount of energy and the various heroes will recover it at the rate of one unit of energy every six minutes.

You'll notice that some quest maps have multiple paths to the final combat of each mission; this means you'll have to choose a path at each intersection. You can't go back during the quest; however, you can repeat completed quests as many times as you like, which means you can go and retrieve the items you left behind the first time.

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