Love You to Bits : Complete Solution to the Game

Love You to Bits : Complete solution - Love You to Bits is a game for andoid and ios that is enjoying great success thanks to the fact that it is free for a period of time on the stores and for its very captivating gameplay. It's a mixture of a point and click game, a puzzle game with puzzles to solve and things to find, and a story novel. The story itself is one of the strengths of this game Love You to Bits , which puts us in the role of kosmo a novice and clumsy space explorer looking for his robot girlfriend around the galaxies. His girlfriend Nova in fact after an accident was reduced to pieces scattered throughout the galaxy. Kosmo leaves in search of the girlfriend's pieces so he can rebuild her and start the love affair again.

The puzzles to solve are far from trivial, so it's important that if you can't pass a level you can watch the video below and pass it easily!

A Slimy Future

A Hero for all Seasons

Stuck in Time, in Time, in Time...

Matter of Perspective

An Alien in the Playground

A Dungeon in Panels

At Shady Factory

The Quantic Library

Hide and Peek

Multiverse Bar

Yb Seog Emit Sa

The Big Bang Room

Time Goes Ape

R.A.M. (Robots At Midnight)

Arcade Escape

Me, Myself and my Clones


Back and Forths

Assemble the Temple

Trapped in the Lab

The Colossal Statues

The Worm Hotel

At Lively Deadworld

Nest in the Forest

An Adventure in Black and White

Audio Video Love You to Bits : Complete Solution to the Game
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