Little Nemo: The Dream Master - NES cheats and codes

Little Nemo: The Dream Master it's a platform video game developed and published by Capcom in 1990 for NES.

The contents of the videogame are inspired in a way decided on the historic Winsor McCay comic series entitled Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, dating back to the first decade of the twentieth century (1905-1913). Despite this, the game clearly stands out from the comic series both for the style and for the game structure. You impersonate a baby with purple hair, with a lively character. Nemo, this is his name, wears pajamas and dreams so intensely that he ends up living a sort of second life within his dream activity.
In Little Nemo: The Dream Master the protagonist's dreams follow one another, for a total of 8 levels by the duration and difficulty each different from the others. An enjoyable platformer, a perfect game for the 8-bit Nintendo console which at the time was churning out beautiful titles of this genre. If you find yourself stuck in a level or can't defeat a certain creature, here are some tips for you lovers of this imaginative and original video game.

If you complete the game 2 times in a row, in the next game you will have infinite supplies of any available items.

To enter the level selection menu, go to the home screen. Then press UP, SELECT, LEFT, RIGHT, A, A, B and the words “Dream Select” will appear under the “Start” label.

At this point, move the cursor to the new available option and press the A key for a number of times equal to the level you want to skip. For example, if you want to go to level 7, press the A key 8 times.

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