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Lionheart: Dark Moon is an interesting RPG designed for mobile devices, the official sequel to that Lionheart Tactics released in 2014. The game has a lot to offer and, as often happens with role-playing games, it's easy to get lost in team building or hero management. For this reason we decided to prepare for you this little guide containing tips and tricks to easily succeed in the game!


Don't you have many rare heroes to exploit in the early stages of the game? Don't worry! Fortunately, the game offers you the chance to evolve your basic heroes into their rare counterparts by investing time and resources. In this way even the most useless of characters can become a war machine, it's a long and expensive process but it's always better than having no alternatives...


Friendship is a factor to be taken into account at Lionheart: Dark Moon . By taking on missions always with the same characters you will earn them friendship points in addition to the classic xp: the more the team members are linked to each other, the better the team will work with its synergies and combos.


Every hero has his skills and in the first hours of the game it is not easy to manage everything. We have basic skills and skil with upgrades, an enhancement that actually makes the character much more effective in battle. To upgrade you need to have elementals, a very rare resource: don't use them lightly!

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