Legend SNES cheats and codes

Legend is a genre video game fighting, a beat'em up originally developed for arcades and later successfully converted for Super Nintendo.

Legend can also be played in mode 2 player, which makes this game even more fun than the single mode. The setting features a nice mix of fantasy and medieval elements, with hordes of goblins, orcs and knights ready to attack you.
Each level includes the final battle with a Boss, of increasing difficulty. In short, all the typical elements of the scrolling fighting game in style Final Fight and Streets of Rage, although the setting is more reminiscent of Magic Sword e Knights of the Round.

Here are tricks which will allow you to continue in the game more easily.

For this trick you will need two checks. On controller 1 press Up + X and on controller 2 press Down + B instead. Then press Down + B on controller 1 and Up + X on controller 2.

You will now have access to the level selection menu.

Unfortunately, the screens are classified incorrectly so it is not certain that by choosing Stage 3 for example you will actually be catapulted to level 3. Try and try again, sooner or later you will have luck!

You just have to try and understand what levels each number actually corresponds to.

Legend - SNES


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