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Layers of Fear 2 : Guide to the Endings | Layers of Fear 2 is the second chapter in the horror series developed by the Polish Bloober Team. We are on a cruise ship, we play an actor who has to play his part in a movie, but something terrible is hidden in his past and the ship knows it.

As in the first episode, Layers of Fear 2 you can unlock multiple endings. In the game there are three endings that you get by making decisions in certain scenes in the chapters that make up the game.

In this guide to endings, we'll see what scenes we're interested in and what to decide to unlock every single ending. If you haven't already done so, please read our review of Layers of Fear 2 .

Layers of Fear 2 | How many endings are

The three endings are as follows:

  • Flame
  • forever
  • Formless

It is not exactly clear which ending is the "best", it's all a matter of points of view and finding all three endings will not solve all the mysteries that this horror experience has to offer. Each ending will unlock the corresponding trophy.

Layers of Fear 2 | How to unlock endings

Each ending is linked to certain actions to be performed in four key scenes. There is one key scene in each chapter, from the first to the fourth. In the last, the fifth, there are no decisions to make.

In each key scene, you can make one of two decisions. The options are not many: obey or disobey the director. Let's see which scenes influence the multiple endings of Layers of Fear 2 .

Key Scene 1: Chapter 1

  • Obey: Shoot the woman on the right.
  • Disobey: Shoot the man on the left.

Key Scene 2: Chapter 2

  • Obey: Get the meat from the dog
  • Disobey: Give up and leave the meat to the dog.

Key Scene 3: Chapter 3

  • Obey: Shoot the girl in the middle.
  • Disobey: Shoot the puppets left and right.

Key scene 4: Chapter 4

  • Obey: In the flooded corridor, turn around and go into the fire.
  • Disobey: Run against the current and reach the end of the corridor.

How to get the endings of Layers of Fear 2

Now that we know what decisions to make, let's see how to use them to unlock the three endings.

Get the ending #Flame

Stay loyal to the director and obey all his directives in every scene listed above.

Getting the ending # Forever

You disobey the director every time.

Get the ending #Shapeless

You lose your head. You alternate between obedience and disobedience. Warning: in this case the key scenes seem to be only the first two, so to make sure you get the ending Formless, obey in the first scene and disobey in the second or vice versa.

At the end of the fifth chapter, you'll get the unlocked ending.

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