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Last Day on Earth is a zombie survival game in which the player must survive in a hostile and inhospitable environment. We're talking, basically, about an rpg with crafting components and today we are here to reveal some tricks that could increase your stay on our planet. Of course, as usual, we will try to provide some advice that could be useful for newcomers as well.

Resources are everything

How should you spend your first days in-game? Simple: by accumulating as many resources as possible! This way you will gain experience, level up, increase your crafting points and create useful items for your survival. The first items to do without a doubt are axe and pickaxe: these tools will allow you to collect everything you need in the area around you.

A perfect home

Your base is extremely important to you and you must manage it well. Spend your first crafting points to get the essentials and try to make a bed and campfire as soon as possible... With the right structures you can cook better and recover your energy in a better way, we assure you that the points invested in the base are well spent.

Now on level 10!

Initially you should try to gain as much experience as possible to get to level 10 right away. Why? At this level you can unlock the first basic armor set - it's not great, but it's better than nothing. In Last Day on Earth, it's hard to survive without protection, so these pieces of armour are a real blessing...

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