L.A. Noire: Guide and Walkthrough

Within this guide we will provide you with all the information you need to complete the L.A. Noire cases with the five-star rating, the maximum available.


There are few clues, the first one is at the end of the alley and it's the bloodstain. Once this is done on the left through the reflection of the glass we can see the gun on the roof. We use the gutter to go up and analyse the gun twice for brand and bullets. After that we reach the gun shop and on the register we identify the owner, Errol Schroeder. Once we get the information we reach Schroeder's home, look at the hole to find out that his apartment is number two and knock on the door. After a brief fistfight, the job will be over.


The job gets easier, after being contacted we reach the bank and get the rifle we take out the first two bandits outside the building. Once this is done we enter, take cover behind the column on the right and shoot first the enemy at the bottom left, then the one at the bottom behind the counter and finally the enemy who will appear on the upper floor.


It's a trivial case, to say the least. All we're gonna have to do is chase the guy Ralph pointed out to us and then fistfight him to the ground.

Once the questions have been completed, we will reach the phone to get the address of Cavanagh's Bar. When we reach the bar, we interact with the bartender on the fly to find out where Frank Morgan is. We reach the man in the little room and interpret his answers:

Frank Morgan: Lie (received for a live pig), Doubt

After that we have Morgan arrested, and then we reach his home by checking the apartment number on the mailbox - always on 2. We have no choice but to climb the stairs and go left to the apartment where we will find Adrian Black who will try in vain to escape again.


Second case for the traffic department. We reach the scene of the crime and examine the hat, the two bloodstains, the long braking and finally the corpse collecting in the right inner pocket the insurance letter and in the left one the wallet where to examine the license. After this we reach the small grey bins next to the bar in the alley and examine the inside to collect a long bloody knife. Once all the evidence has been collected, we question the witness and interpret her answers:

Shannon Perry: Truth, Truth, Doubt

After we finish with Miss Perry, we go into the bar and examine our third newspaper. After that, we interact with the man behind the bar by asking him the questions in the notebook:

Dudley Lynch: Doubt, True, Doubt, Doubt

After the interview with the bartender, we reach the phone and talk to the switchboard so we can get the address of William Shelton, the owner of the car that ran over our victim. Once we have the address, we reach the place and after a short film we chase the man until we finally stop him at Union Station. Once our man is stopped, we reach the victim's house to talk to his wife and the owner of the bar and interpret their answers:

Lorna Pattison: Doubt, Doubt, Lie (insurance letter)

After the interrogation we leave the house and reach the gamewell to get a message from the coroner. We then reach the coroner and after having discussed the cause of death, we return to Lorna Pattison's house where there will be a bit of commotion that will lead us to the conclusion of the case.

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Having completed the films and reached the crime scene we examine the victim's body focusing on the neck to see the signs of strangulation, the left arm to notice the lack of a ring, the right arm for the watch mark and the torso to reveal a shoe print. After that we reach marker B to collect the bag with the name and money and marker C for the shoe prints. Once the analysis is complete, we go to talk to the coroner and then reach the Moller house. After the film, we reach the bedroom on the right and examine the shoes on the floor and the empty ring and watch cases above the chest of drawers. Once the analysis is complete, we interview the daughter first and then the victim's husband.

Michelle Moller: Doubt, Truth, Doubt...

Hugo Moller: Lie (work boots 42), Lie (husband's alibi), Doubt, Truth, Lie (pin with a butterfly)

After the interrogations and the discussion with the neighbour there will be the usual action phase. Once finished we examine the shoe inside the incinerator and after the arrest we go to the gamwell to get all the information of the case. Once this is done we head to the Belmont and finished the film we chase and tackle the molester who will give us the brooch with a butterfly. After this we talk to the janitor, then we open the hood of the car and examine the bloody rope, the green bloody suit with the initials HM and the bloody key. Once we get the evidence, we use the gamwell and get to the morgue. Here we examine the third rope, the last one at the bottom, matching the marks on the photo. We then examine the shoe prints and the body. After that, we reach the station and put Moller through the press first without charging him and then Rooney.

Hugo Moller: Truth, Doubt, Lie (Bloody Bar), Lie (Bloody Suit)

Eli Rooney: Doubt, Truth, Doubt

Once the interrogation is over, if we have collected all the evidence, we will have enough to frame both people, but we let Moller go free and charge Rooney.


Once the footage is complete, we reach the crime scene and examine the right arm for the ring, the left arm for the library card, the head for the neck lacerations and the torso for the lipstick message. Once the body's analysis is complete, we move on to the markers on the ground. We check the sock in the marker A after which we follow the trail of blood that will lead us to a hat with Antonio written inside, an elegant shoe inside a garbage can, a key hanging from the wheel of a fire hydrant and a sheet of paper with the faces of a nut on it (2, 5 and 3). At this point the trail ends on a wall, we first examine and then go up the fire stairs and once on the roof we enter the pigeon house to collect an envelope addressed to the empty victim inside. Given the clue, we continue following the trail so as to find a small trousseau on the ground before a gutter to climb to identify the last two pieces of evidence, a brush dipped in blood and the victim's handbag with the second part of the library card inside. Once the clues have been collected, let's head for Antonia's residence, nothing but a room in a big house. After talking to the landlord, we enter Antonia's room and check the forced window, the iron bar, the lawyer's letter inside the suitcase and the photo to be moved to the chest of drawers. We collect all the evidence and go down to the landlord's room and interrogate her.

Barbara Lapenti: Truth, Doubt, Lie (forced window), Lie (photograph of the lucky bracelet)

After the interrogation we reach the Bar El Dorado and after collecting the divorce papers we interrogate the bartender.

Diego Agular: Doubt, Truth

After the interrogation, let's go to the back for a short film. At the end of the scene we reach Maldonado's house and after sending Angel and his brother ashore, we examine in the kitchen the crate of the fruit tree Just Picked, the matches of El Dorado and the bloody T-shirt hanging next to the door. Once the analysis of the evidence is complete, we leave Angel's house and knock on apartments 301, 302 and 305 (there is no one at 303). After collecting the evidence, we use the phone in Angel's house and immediately afterwards we reach the police station and the evidence office in the basement. Once in the office we examine the two letters, then we go back to the first floor of the building and interrogate Angel, who is already in the interrogation room.

Angel Maldonado: Lie (husband's alibi), Lie (divorce petition), Truth, Doubt

Once the interrogation is complete, we reach the Just Picked fruit seller and here we interrogate the owner.

Clem Feeney: Doubt, Doubt, Truth...

Once the questions are finished we reach the back room where we will examine a bloody scalpel on the table and Antonia's wooden box to open using the code 2, 5, 3. Once opened we examine the three objects. Once the analysis is complete, a video will be activated in which our suspect will flee in a car. All we have to do is chase him, stop him and arrest him.


Once we reach the crime scene, we examine the victim's head by moving it first to the left and then to the right to see the laundry tag. Once this is done, we move it to markers B and C to see the footprint of the shoes and the tire tracks. Examine the evidence, we leave the crime area to activate a film where we will be joined by a witness.

Catherine Barton: Truth

Once the questions are completed, we will reach the phone to get information about the two places to visit. Once we have the addresses, we reach the laundry room first and go through the register that the owner will give us to get the address of the victim - the line to check is the ninth. Once this is done we reach Emerald Street, enter the building and after discussion, collect the Baron's Bar matches and look at the photograph in the bedroom, then move to the laundry room to examine the victim's muddy boots, wet jacket and bag with the driver's license inside. Once that's done, we get out, reach the boat and examine the rope at the bow. Once we get the evidence, we go back inside the house and talk to the victim's husband.

Lars Taraldsen: Lie (boat rope), Doubt, Doubt, Lie (wet jacket)

After the interrogation we reach the phone and move immediately after to Baron's Bar where to talk to the bartender who will give us the number of the taxi on which our victim got on.

Benny Cluff: Truth, Doubt, Truth...

Once the questions are finished, a film will be activated, at the end of which we will have to reach and stop a suspect. Once blocked, we interpret his answers in this way:

Richard Bates: Doubt, Doubt

Once the speeches are over, we reach the phone or a gamwell and give a warning on the taxi reported by the bartender. After this we get into the car as a driver and wait for the taxi signal to reach him and talk to the taxi driver - we do not let our companion drive or we will lose the chance to talk to the taxi driver and consequently the five-star rating. Once the discussion with the taxi driver is over, we reach the police station to question the sailor.

James Jessop: Doubt, Doubt, Doubt, Doubt

After the dubious questioning, we reach the bus shed and after having discussed with the woman at the counter we collect the map and analyze it. Once the analysis is complete, we get in the car, activate the sirens and run on the line 74 until we find the bus. Once we reach the vehicle we talk to the driver to get new clues, after which we reach the camp of the vagrants where things will get heavy. Once the fistfight is over, we enter our suspect's shed and examine the bloody rope on the bedside table, the purse on the chest of drawers with the ballroom ticket inside and finally the newspaper above the crates. Once that's done, we go back to the station and frame the killer.

Stuart Ackerman: Doubt, Doubt, Lie (purse)

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And with that last case solved, our career in the homicide department is also over. We'll be transferred back and this time we'll end up in the Narcotics Department.

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- Also available the Costume Guide
- Rare Car Guide available!

- Also available the Trophies / Targets Guide!
- Also available the Costume Guide
- Rare Car Guide available!


Once we reach the crime scene and finished the video presentation of the case, we first analyze the bodies and then the photo burned on the side. After this we leave the house and after the footage we analyze the newspaper and the boiler on the right side of the garden, facing the house and the footprints and cigarette butts on the left, in the corner of the neighbor's garden between the sidewalk, the burnt house and the neighbor's house. After examining everything, we question the neighbor.

Dudley Forman:
Doubt, Doubt, Truth

Once we get the statements and evidence, we reach the gamwell and end the call we go to Rancho Escondido. Here, after a fight with the crowd, we examine the stone wall of the house next to the fireplace to notice a very bad concrete and an even worse construction. With this evidence in hand, we reach the Elysian Fields and put the builder under pressure.

Leland Monroe:
(Elysian Fields flyers), Doubt,
(Bad quality cement)

At the end of the interrogation we analyze the list that will be given to us by the secretary and here we touch Chapman's name with our finger. After that, we reach the phone downstairs and get the information from the station. Once we have finished the intermezzo film, we go to Chapman's house and open the hood of the car, finding inside the car the .45 shells, the insecticide spirals and the Elysian flyers. After this we have to stop our suspect, so let's get in pursuit and as soon as the tram turns right, let's flank it to the left so that Herschel can shoot at the wheels. With the vehicle derailed, all we have to do is get out of the car and shoot Chapman and kill him.

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