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Konami Krazy Racers, in Japan Konami Wai Wai Racing Advance, is a video game of racing on karts developed and published by Konami for the handheld console Game Boy Advance.

The videogame is all in all very similar to other kart games, above all Mario Kart Super Circuit also published for GBA. Each race sees the participation of 8 competitors, seven of which are controlled by the computer and one by the player, who can choose the character that best suits his tastes and characteristics. Among other things, the player always starts the championship from the eighth and last place on the grid, while for the following races the criterion of placement in the previous circuit is used.
Yes they can collect coins, just like in Mario Kart, but in Konami Krazy Racers these can be spent in a shop to harm - or at least try to penalize - competitors. It goes without saying that the kart can be maneuvered in the classic way, accelerating, braking and steering to such an extent as to cause a skid which in many situations can prove to be a winner.

To get a hot start, press and hold A just before the fourth light comes on and the race begins. If it works, you will get a boost that will make you sprint big!

After winning a race, or finishing in the top 3, you can check the replay and see the track from all angles. After your times and scores disappear, press and hold the B button. This will freeze the camera on your player. Using the control pad, rotate the camera as desired.

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