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Here is all the information you need to synthesize the supreme keyblade of Kingdom Hearts 3 or the Ultima Weapon!

After an almost endless wait we finally got our hands on Kingdom Hearts III and like every self-respecting chapter of the saga, here too we have the chance to unlock several Keyblades. We've found some old knowledge in terms of weapons such as the scepter Save The Queen for Donald Duck or the shields for Goofy, but we'll also have several new features such as the mysterious Astroblade. Among all these weapons there is of course also the final keyblade of Sora or the Ultima Weapon that will be synthesized with a series of valuable materials and will have really powerful statistics, in addition to the transformation into Ultimate Form.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide: where to synthesize the Ultima Weapon

Like every episode of the saga, the Ultima Keyblade can be created in the Moguri Workshop available next to each save point31. To be able to synthesize the weapon you'll have to get as many as 58 materials for the synthesis to unlock the appropriate option. In the next chapter you'll find a detailed guide to the weapon and where to find the rare materials you need to create it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide: how to create the Ultima Weapon | Materials and Statistics

As we were saying, to create the final weapon of Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 we will need several materials, which at the moment we do not know where to recover, but of which we can already provide you with a complete list:


Quantity: 7 units.
Where to get it: To get the 2 required units of this precious material look in the last paragraph of this guide.

Crystal Button

Quantity: 2 units.
Where to get it: Complete Battlegate 12 in San Fransokyo several times, getting two units of this material won't be difficult at all.

Glossy Crystal

Quantity: 2 units.
Where to get it: You get 30 processing materials to unlock the synthesis in the Workshop. The synthesis of stone will require simple materials that you will hardly ever have in your inventory. If you don't have them you can still synthesize them or continue in the game to get them.

Aggressive Crystal

Quantity: 2 units.
Where to get it: You get 30 processing materials to unlock the synthesis in the Workshop. This applies to the shiny crystal.

By synthesizing these precious materials you can create the strongest keyblad Kingdom Hearts 3 e with the following statistics:

Statistics Ultima Weapon:

-13 Strength
-13 Magic


-Situation +

Shape Transformation:

-Fusion Final

Please note that by synthesizing this powerful weapon, you'll also unlock the Ultima Weapon target trophy that you' Kingdom Hearts 3 ll find the guide to here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide: where to find the Oliarco +

The oliarch + is definitely the rarest material of Kingdom Hearts 3 , you can get it only in some places and carrying out some requirements:

1 - Oliarco+

WHERE: In the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.
HOW: In a chest on Heartless Island.

2 - Oliarco+

WHERE: In the final world by entering the Keyblade Cemetery.
HOW: As soon as you teleport to the final world from the cemetery, you will find a chest containing the material.

3 - Oliarco+

WHERE: Moguri's shop.
HOW: Using Moguri postcards you can get it randomly as a prize.

4 - Oliarco+

Where: Arendelle.
HOW: Get all the medals in Goofy's mini game and talk to Elsa.

5 - Oliarco+

WHERE: All worlds.
HOW: Take a picture of Mickey's 90 lucky charms.

6 - Oliarco+

WHERE: Gummiship.
HOW: Defeat the Omega Machine in Eclipse.

7 - Oliarco+

WHERE: All worlds.
HOW: Beat the high score in the mini games of the puddings 7. Below you will find a video that will show you how to find the pudding mini games and how to beat the required score in Kingdom Hearts 3 . You will understand that you have made the right score when the pudding at the end of the challenge will jump for happiness.

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