Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Quest and World Game Guide

The game world Kingdom Come: Deliverance is full of life and can change from one moment to another depending on the choices made by the player. Behaving in a certain way could change the NPCs' opinion - in a positive or negative sense - about Henry.

The quests can be completed in several ways, the game allows different types of approach that will have short or long term consequences. In this guide we give you some useful tips to avoid getting into trouble.

Stealing is profitable, but do it with caution.

  • The theft can generate a lot of profits: in addition to money, you can come into possession of valuable items and items useful for the continuation of the adventure. However, there is a risk that someone might see you. This can have very negative consequences. Prepare yourself before each theft and save the game to avoid long-term problems.
  • Try robbing houses at night because most NPCs will go to sleep. You can be caught much easier during the day. What's more, your hero can't get into some of the houses in the game. Their owners will ask you to leave, ignore them and get alarmed. Regardless of the circumstances, a failed theft has two negative consequences: you will lose your reputation in that village and your hero will be treated differently (negatively) by the NPCs; the second negative consequence is that the guards will start looking for Henry.
  • If you're caught, you can get away unscathed in a variety of ways. First, you can pay the fine if it's not too high. You can also try to use persuasion, but it will only work when your hero has a high level of charisma. Fighting or running away are both bad ideas - even if you can win without losing your health, the problem of the crime committed won't be solved. The soldiers won't forget you out of the blue.
  • Do not try to steal everything you find in the houses. Your hero can only carry a certain amount of equipment. Selling stolen goods to traders can also be a problem. Look for closed chests because they usually contain the most precious treasures. These can be opened with picks, but remember to save the game before you start a mini break-in game because if you fail you will destroy the pick.
No one is forcing you to be good and always bring you to justice.

The game has a weight limit

  • The weight limit in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of those things you have to keep in mind from the beginning of the game. If you overlook it, the result will be that your character won't be able to run. Also, as you exceed the weight limit, your character becomes much slower in combat. If you exceed the weight limit, you should always try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • The easiest way to get around the weight limit is not to put too many armor parts in your inventory. Try carrying only the parts you need. A similar limitation also applies to weapons. It is best to only carry two weapons and a bow along with a shield. That's not all, because there are other items that can be very heavy. Even too much food might force you to throw something away.
  • If you exceed the weight limit, you can easily manage it by placing items in your horse's inventory. Decide what to do with unnecessary items after both inventories are full. Use as soon as you need some consumables, throw away the superfluous or sell it to retailers. A few extra coins are always handy.
The horse also has an inventory and can carry useful items.

The day and night cycle has a big impact on the game.

  • In Kingdom Come: Deliverance , players will also have to manage the day/night cycle. The time of day can affect gameplay and has a strong impact on the resolution of the problems we will have to face from time to time. Completing missions and exploring the game world at night can be more dangerous, for example, but more immediate to complete certain tasks.
  • Keep in mind that NPCs are often in their busy affairs and can be found in different places depending on the time of day. In Kingdom Come there is life beyond the protagonist's personal story. During the day, NPCs are more often busy with their work or just wandering around outside. After dark, they go to rest. This information is very important if you are thinking of entering a house or infiltrating the enemy camp. The risk of being discovered at night is reduced by poor visibility in the dark, but darkness is also a problem. If you're in a hurry to escape, poor visibility can be confusing. Act with awareness.
  • You don't have to wait for a specific time of day to complete a quest you have planned under certain conditions. The game allows you to speed up time; however, using this action does not give the main character adequate rest. Instead, look for beds and mattresses, which will allow you to change the time of day and get your character back in shape.
Wandering around at night has pros and cons. The day/night cycle has an impact on gameplay.

The quests can be completed in several ways

Most missions Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be completed in many different ways. The non-linear nature of the game allows quests to change during the game and influence future events. If you are asked to locate a missing person or an important item, you can complete the task using persuasion while talking to witnesses, but nobody forbids you to use other less "clean" but faster methods.

There are, in fact, behavioural options that can lead to different endings. For example, if you do not protect an important NPC, it could die, which does not lead to the failure of the quest, but to future consequences. For example, the death of the NPC will, by necessity, deactivate its help in the later parts of the game where, in theory, it should have given us a hand. Moreover, failing to recon a strong enemy will not prevent us from conquering it, but the attempt could fail miserably.

To stay safe, it's a good idea to save the game manually before each mission. If you're not happy with the conclusion of a particular mission, you can always try again. Unfortunately, some decisions can have long-term results that are impossible to predict while making a decision.

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