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The most anticipated release of February was undoubtedly Kingdom Come Deliverance. There were many who wanted to get their hands on the Warhorse Studios title, diving into the most realistic and brutal Middle Ages ever seen. With its undeniable flaws, the game has managed to win the hearts of many fans, intent on discovering all the secrets of the huge game map.

The role-playing game includes 50 trophies: 36 bronze, 11 silver, 2 gold and, of course, the inevitable platinum. If you're grinding hours of gameplay to unlock all the objectives, or if you're looking for some useful tips for your first run, below you'll find some tips for a platinum road that's as easy as possible. A small and important premise: THE KINGDOM TROPHY GUIDE AS A DELIVERANCE CONTAINS SPOILER. If you have not yet completed the game, continue reading "at your own risk".

Kingdom Come Deliverance: some preliminary advice

Getting to Kingdom Come Deliverance's platinum will not be impossible, but it will take quite a bit of time. The main quest alone will last about 50 hours of gameplay, plus about another 50 hours for side quests, and an equivalent time for the remaining trophies.

There are more than ten missing trophies, including Completista, Misericordioso, Illibato, Cavaliere, Pericolo Rosso, Peccatore, Casanova, Ser Simpatia, Cittadino di Talmberg, but the list is incomplete and still being updated, so proceed with caution. We advise you, as always, to make a first run "free", so you can enjoy a unique gaming experience.

However, if you intend to platinum the game in a single run, you'll have to meet three conditions: do not kill any enemies (outside of Runt), complete the game without sleeping with any woman, and do not cause any kind of trouble in any city. Meeting these conditions will unlock the Merciful, Illibate and Ser Sympathy trophies, three of the game's most complex objectives. Besides, you'll have to be careful to carry out all the secondary missions to get the Completista trophy. The advice we can give you is to save as often as possible, so you can load the previous game should you fail a side mission.

These may have failed if you irritate (or kill) the person who is supposed to assign them to you, and even if you make it take too long. Again, the best solution is to use previous saves. Once you complete the main story, you'll be free to unlock all the other trophies, including those related to getting some statistics and collectables.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide

The fog of war will clear every time you discover a new location.

Bronze Trophies

Son of Blacksmith
Complete the first mission.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.

Save Theresa from the Cumans.

Here is the first missing trophy from Kingdom Come Deliverance. During the "Run" mission, the one in which Skalica will be attacked, our Henry will have to escape and look for a horse to escape with. During his search, he will come across a group of three soldiers who have surrounded a woman named Theresa, intent on screaming for help. Help her by killing the three soldiers to get the trophy. If you decide to run away on horseback, the trophy will be missed.

Join Ser Radzig's garrison.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You will be awarded at the conclusion of this "Awakening".

A new friend
Save Ser Capon from the Cumanians.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You will be awarded at the conclusion of the quest "The Prey".

Red Danger
Save Ginger from the bandits.

Here is a new missing trophy. During the main adventure "Red Danger", you will have to find Ginger, the stable boy from Neuhof, who is currently missing. First of all, you will have to go and ask questions at a coal camp. Talk to one of the twins you will find, you will find that he will have the information you are looking for, but in return you will have to kill bandits, whose base camp is located in the surrounding woods. Accept the assignment, find them, kill them (don't lie to the twin saying you killed them) and then go back to the coalmen to get the information. You will be told that Ginger is in an abandoned cabin in the North. Go there and you will find the stable boy, who will tell you the whole story he witnessed and you will have to convince him to return to his farm through the "Go there and see what happens" dialogue option.

After that, go back to Neuhof and report back to Sir Radzig, then wait 24 hours. At the end of your wait, you will find that Ginger is back in town; talk to him and the trophy will be yours. If you have any questions, please click on the attached video.

Kill Runt.

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You will be awarded at the conclusion of this "The Baptism of Fire".

Runt is definitely a tough guy, and it won't be easy to take him down. His attacks will be powerful, and you'll have to be very careful in the fight. However, there are a couple of tricks to kill him without too much difficulty. Equip your bow with the piercing arrows, and start hitting Runt with your head. A little more than 10 well-aimed shots should be enough to knock him out. There is also a way to avoid his attacks: take the wooden pillar at the top of the house where you will collide with the boss, and walk around it. This way, Runt won't use his heavy attacks, and he'll just use a few lunges that won't do you much damage.

For any clarification, please see the attached video.

Monastic Life
Become a monk.

Trophy tied to history, impossible to miss. You will be awarded at the conclusion of this "Poverty, Chastity and Obedience".

Unlawful child
Discover the identity of your real father.

Trophy related to history. Impossible to miss.

Conquer the enemy camp at Vranik.

Follow the explanation to get the trophy.

Citizen of Talmberg
Complete all optional objectives in the Siege mission.

Follow the description of the trophy to unlock it.

Get arrested in Skalica.

This trophy is also among the missing ones. You will be able to get it in the very first stages of the game, when you are in Skalica, your hometown. Get arrested, for example, by stealing a few items displayed on the stalls of various merchants. The moment you are discovered, a guard will come and arrest you. Press L1 + X to surrender, tell the guard that you stole food because you had no money and agree to your arrest.

Do this and you will get the trophy as well as a bonus cutscene.

Get drunk with Father Godwin.

Also in this case we are in the presence of a missing trophy. You can unlock it during the main quest "The Lord's ways". During the quest, the citizens of Uhzitz will tell you that Father Godwin has vital information for your mission. Upon learning this, go to him, ask him what he has to tell you, and he will invite you to the village inn that same evening. Wait for the time necessary for the evening to come and reach the tavern. You will find Father Godwin sitting at one of the tables: sit with him and start talking. Always choose the first option of dialogue, so that the dialogue continues as long as possible until you agree to drink with him. This choice will start a cutscene, at the end of which you will be awarded the trophy.

In case you have to "stand up" your date, you can join the priest a second time, apologizing for your rudeness, and get a second chance. If you miss this second chance, you will miss the trophy. The same is true if you choose any dialogue option other than the first.

For any clarification, click on the attached video.

Plague Doctor
It cures all the sick in Merhojed.

You will get the trophy after successfully completing the secondary quest entitled "Plague".

Betray your friends in the Gallows Brothers mission.

WORK IN PROGRESS. We'll update the way to get the trophy as soon as possible.

Find out the truth about Erik's past.

WORK IN PROGRESS. We will update the way to get the trophy as soon as possible.

Master Hunter
Become the master hunter of Talmberg.

WORK IN PROGRESS. We'll update the way you get the trophy as soon as possible.

Party pooper
Foil the three executions.

WORK IN PROGRESS. We will update the way you get the trophy as soon as possible.

Bad company
Dance with the devil.

This trophy will be awarded to you after completing the secondary mission "Dance with the Devil". It will be awarded to you by Father Godwin himself, during the quest "The ways of the Lord". Our priest will say he is worried about the strange activities of a herbalist, who he himself suspects to be a witch. The moment we go to ask the herbalist for explanations, she will tell us about three women and an ointment with bizarre properties. At this point, we will question the three women, who will refer to the ointment in question and what their intentions are. After we have finished the dialogue options, we wait until the evening (around 10 p.m.), and follow the women into the woods.

You will need to make as little noise as possible. For this very reason, take off all your equipment. Once you arrive at your destination, you will experience one of the most bizarre gaming experiences ever. Once you're done with the scenes, report what you saw to Father Godwin and you'll get the trophy. For any clarification, please see the attached video.

Vote chastity and remain a virgin until the end of the game.

This trophy is one of Kingdom Come Deliverance's most easily missed targets. To get it, you'll have to complete the game without ever sleeping with a woman. This means that you'll have to avoid the sentimental quests with Theresa and Stephanie, thus giving up the "Casanova" and "Heartbreaker" trophies, or you can get them by loading a previous rescue. You will also have to avoid ordering the "Complete Package" when you are at the baths.

There is another little trick related to this "The ways of the Lord": decline Father Godwin's invitation to drink. You can always go to the tavern and talk to him, but at the end of the dialogue, tell him that you do not have time to drink, otherwise you will end up having sex with some girls during the night. Needless to say, this will make the completion of the quest much more complicated.

Develop an alcohol addiction.

To get this trophy, you will first need to accumulate as much alcohol as possible. You will find alcoholic beverages almost everywhere, and you can decide to either buy them or steal them. To be sure, collect at least 40 bottles. Well, now start drinking until you can't drink any more (the limit is set at 120 points). When you've done this, press the touchpad and wait 24 hours, then start drinking until you can't drink anymore (the limit is set at 120 points). Repeat the procedure until you have used up all the bottles in your possession. Don't eat food, just drink alcohol, and don't even worry if your Energy should reach zero. In this case, you will only lose consciousness, fortunately without dying.

One way to keep track of your progress is to observe the progress of the Drinker's skill level: as it increases, you'll get closer and closer to your goal.

Another little tip: don't sleep to pass the time! This way, you'll end up overwriting your saves each time, and this will prevent you from loading a previous save, so you'll recover any money spent on alcohol.

Give up sleep for two days and two nights.

Getting this Kingdom Come Deliverance trophy will be easy. You will just have to press the game touchpad and "wait" for two days. It goes without saying that you'll have to avoid sleeping, but just use this trick. We recommend that you create a save before you embark on this feat, so that you don't decrease any of your stats due to insomnia.

Binge until you burst for two days.

In this case, you will simply need to achieve and maintain a satiety greater than 100 points for a period of 48 hours. You will find that you have fulfilled the requirement when you see a pig-headed icon appear. The best way to get the trophy is to reach 120 points (beyond which you will no longer be able to eat) and wait (or sleep) at 8 hour intervals, after which you will have to eat again until you reach 120 satiety points.

Once again, we suggest you use the "Wait" function rather than sleep. In this way, you will be able to load the previous rescue, thus getting back all the food consumed.

You've been hungry for three days.

In this case too, simply press the touchpad and simply "wait" 72 hours. Avoid sleeping again, to avoid creating a new save and having to waste precious food to get an acceptable level of satiety.

Read 20 books.

It may seem an easy target to achieve, but there's one small detail you may have forgotten about: in the Middle Ages, illiteracy was at a very high level; and our Henry, of course, is illiterate. First, then, he will have to learn to read. During the "Keeping the Peace" mission in Rattay, you will have to talk to Bailiff; among the various options for dialogue, one will appear with which you can ask him to teach you how to read. Click on it and Bailiff will talk to you about an old scribe in Uzhitz who could meet our request. This will unlock the secondary mission "The Pen and the Sword"; complete it and you will learn to read.

After that, you'll need books. Nothing could be easier: there are more than 20 books in the Kingdom Come Deliverance game world. You can decide to either buy them from the scribes or steal them. Read twenty of them, and the trophy will be yours.

Edward Kelly
Prepare 15 types of potion.

Making potions is the most important part of alchemy. The easiest way to get new prescriptions is to visit some pharmacies (one of them is in the market square in Rattay). There, you can also buy books with recipes, alchemical ingredients or ask the apothecaries to teach you alchemy. Create 15 different potions and the trophy will be yours.

Sneaky Assassin
Eliminate 20 enemies stealthily.

If you are getting the "Merciful" trophy, devote yourself to this once you have completed the main plot. To kill an enemy stealthily, you must have reached level 5 in Sneak Kill, in order to learn the "Sneak Kill" skill. Second, you'll need a dagger, not very hard to find. Focus on sleeping victims, very easy to spot and take out. Repeat the procedure with 20 enemies, and the trophy will be yours.

They hunt 50 head of game.

As the description of the trophy suggests, you will have to hunt for animals. You will find large numbers of them in the wooded areas. Once you've come across an animal, you'll have two options: kill them with a bow and arrow, or with melee weapons. If the first choice can be good for large prey, such as deer, with small animals the matter gets complicated.

There is, however, a little trick you can use to make it easier. The artificial intelligence of the animals is poorly calibrated, and you will often see them literally stuck in stones and stumps. For this very reason, go after them, wait for them to "get stuck" and finish them off with your main weapon. Take all the useful items from the carcasses of 50 animals and the trophy will be yours.

Reach the maximum level of dialogue.

Obtaining this trophy will require you to increase the level of Eloquence in the various dialogues to 20. To make the task easier for you, in the early stages of the game, choose eloquence as your main skill: this will give you at least two levels of advantage. The main way to increase this is basically to "talk to everyone". Talk to as many people as possible, always choosing the option phrases with your mouth and the dialogue balloon, for example).

In short, you will get this trophy simply by talking to as many people as possible. Even if you just limit yourself to the people you will meet in the main and secondary quests, you should do it smoothly.

Ser Sympathy
Acquire fame in every town and village.

Each larger city has its own reputation system: you can control it in the character menu. Reputation is achieved by helping the citizens. Avoid, of course, any kind of trouble with the law, e.g. after killing an innocent person or a failed theft attempt. This can significantly reduce your reputation. Paying the fine or going to prison may not be enough to regain your lost reputation. Be a model citizen and the trophy will be yours.

Serial Assassin
Kill 200 people.

As mentioned above, if you want to get the "Merciful" trophy, devote yourself to this goal once you have completed the main plot. You have two possibilities to get the trophy in question: kill the guards or use the "quick trip" between one city and the other, so that you'll spaw bandits that you will then kill.

Discover all the places on the map.

The best way to get this trophy is to consult the general map. If you haven't discovered any places yet, you will see dense clouds / fog banks in certain areas. Go there, make all the areas on the map visible, and you will get the trophy.

He triumphs in the horse race at Talmberg.

The trophy in question can be obtained at any time, as long as you have completed this "Red Danger". Also in Neuhof, talk to Zora, the horse seller, ask her if there is any work for you, and you will hear her complaints that nobody is buying her horses. Exhaust all options for dialogue, and take Sir Davish's horse to Talmberg. Once the task is completed, you must convince the nobleman that the horses of Zora in question are still of great quality. In this regard, we'd better use the dialogue options where we can boast the highest bonuses. If your riding skills are at a good level, you can use them to support your thesis.

Once we convince Sir Davish, we'll need to talk to his groom, who will arrange a race right outside the gates of Talmberg. It won't be a conventional race, there won't be any real tracks, your goal will be to collect three bows attached to stakes and then bring them back. No one will forbid you to take shortcuts, but it is preferable to follow the route of the rider at the head of the group, so as not to get lost. Once you have obtained the third jib, try to return as soon as possible to the Talmberg gates by cutting through the hill. It will not be a difficult task, as the other riders will use "conventional" roads, lengthening the route quite a bit.

Once you win the race, talk to Sir Davish and the trophy will be yours. For any clarification, please see the attached video.

Wizard of Commerce
Save 2000 groschen with the negotiations.

As many of you may have noticed, money is the most important resource in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and in the early stages of the game it is really scarce. For this very reason, you need to save as much as possible, and negotiations with merchants are the best way to do this. Every time you buy or sell goods, you can, by holding the X button, start a real negotiation. In this case, if you find yourself selling, you can get more groschen, if you are a buyer, you can "pull on the price".

We recommend that you dedicate yourself to the trophy in question when you are "richer". In this way, you will be able to buy more items and thus save much more money. If you want to waste as little time as possible, devote yourself to searching for hidden treasures, the value of which, in some cases, is even greater than 10,000 groschen, and will allow you to speed up the process of obtaining the trophy. To keep track of your progress, click Pause Menu > Player > Statistics > Dialogue > Money saved through negotiations.

Spend three days in prison.

To get this trophy you'll have to act like a real criminal. First of all, you'll have to draw your weapon and use it to attack a passerby, according to which you'll be joined by the guards, and you'll have to attack them too. Before they finish you off, surrender by pressing L1 + X, and agree to be taken to jail. Depending on the severity of the crime you have committed, your stay in prison will be more or less long. In any case, if you commit what we have described before, you should be sentenced to at least 5 days in prison. Once in prison, you will activate the mode to make the time pass more quickly. As soon as you are released, the trophy will be yours.

David Horak
Harvest 10,000 herbs.

This is probably the most boring trophy in Kingdom Come Deliverance. As you may have easily understood, you'll have to collect many, many herbs. Thankfully, you'll be able to find them almost anywhere and in large quantities; however, collecting 10,000 of them will be no small feat. It could take hours and hours of play, with nothing else to do, of course. To keep an eye on your progress in this regard, simply refer to Pause Menu > Player > Statistics > Herbs Collected.

Win 1000 groschen in the mini dice game.

You will find gamblers in practically every major city you explore. There is no great strategy to follow, as the random factor that determines the winner will play a major role. Precisely for this reason, the main advice we can give you is to save the game before starting the craps game.

Silver Trophies

Don't kill anyone in the main story (except Runt).

Here we come to the most complex and missing trophy in Kingdom Come Deliverance. As the description says, we'll have to complete the main storyline without killing anyone except Runt. First we'll have to avoid using arrows and cutting weapons. Weapons such as clubs, sticks, and other blunt objects will do the trick, allowing you to stun enemies without killing them. To be sure, press the triangle button on the weapon in question, ensuring that the type of damage inflicted is of impact. To control the situation, click Pause Menu > Player > Statistics > Combat > Enemies / People Killed.

If possible, perform stealth stun, entering stealth mode with the L3 button, placing yourself behind the enemy and pressing L2.

There is another detail to take into due consideration: the "friendly fire". It is in fact possible that enemy archers may hit their own allies with arrows, causing them to bleed out and die. Should this happen, reload the game. Needless to say, Eloquence will be your best ally, as you'll have to avoid any kind of combat.

Below is a list of some of the most difficult situations this trophy could get you into:

  • During the "Red Danger" mission, the coalmen will ask you to take out bandits. In this case, to get the trophy, you'll have to lie and say you killed them, and you'll have to do the same once you find Ginger. In this case, stunning them will not be enough to go on with the plot, and we know that killing them to get this trophy is not an option;
  • In the quest "The Baptism of Fire", you'll have to make your allies kill enemies for you. Stand aside and just be a spectator. Robard and Radzig, among other things, will not die in combat, so sooner or later, they will kill all the enemies;
  • In the mission "All that glisters", you won't have to kill the mysterious knight or Jezhek of Rowna at the end of the quest;
  • In the mission "A Needle in the Haystack", you don't have to kill Pio, just arrest him;

Woo Theresa.

First of all, it is absolutely not necessary to save Theresa at the beginning of the game (when you have to get the "Knight" trophy). The girl will not bear you a grudge and will still show up to save you. During the main quest "Keeping the peace", you will find yourself talking to a guard named "Nightingale". Once you talk to him, you will unlock the secondary "Courting" quest. Complete it, and the trophy is yours.

For any clarification, please do not hesitate to consult the attached video.

Woo Mrs. Stephanie.

You may begin courting Stephanie at any time after this Awakening. Back in Rattay, in fact, our lady will ask us to get presents for her sister's wedding. It's a horse, a wine and a crown. Thus begins the quest "At your service, my lady". When it's done, Lady Stephanie will give you a shirt; be sure to wear it. From this moment on, you may begin your courtship and earn the trophy.

If you have any doubts, please see the attached video.

Noble bandit
Complete the mission A noble bandit.

WORK IN PROGRESS. We will update the way to get the trophy as soon as possible.

Walk more than 30 miles.

Here too, the trophy description says it all. Don't worry, you will unlock the target simply by playing, probably without even realizing it. To keep track of your progress, click Pause Menu > Player > Statistics > General > Walking distance.

Find all the votive shrines and expiatory crosses.

Votive shrines and atoning crosses are unique sacred artifacts that can be found while exploring the world of the game. Usually, you will find them located near the main roads. As is easily understood, unlocking this trophy may take a long time, because you will need to examine all the main roads in the game. The only way you will have to speed up the process is to ride a horse, and go through all the streets of the game map, remembering that all the shrines and crosses found will remain highlighted on it.

Steal items worth a total of 30,000 groschen.

As we mentioned earlier, there will be many times you will find yourself stealing in Kingdom Come Deliverance. The way to unlock the trophy faster is to steal (and then resell) valuable weapons and armor. Of course, save the game frequently, to avoid compromising your reputation.

In any case, if you want to keep track of your progress, click Pause Menu > Player > Statistics > Crimes.

Maximum level
Reach the maximum level.

Reach the maximum level with your character, and you will get the trophy. It will be almost impossible to miss it.

Perform 100 combos in combat.

As all experienced gamers will surely know, combos are nothing more than combinations of attacks that will obviously cause more damage. The advice we can give you is to practice with any "coach" you find in the game, so you'll remember the perfect sequence of attacks and put them into practice in real duels.

Run 100 combos and unlock the trophy.

Eliminate 50 enemies with head shots.

Again, the trophy doesn't need a lot of explanation. However, you'll notice right away that aiming with the bow is not easy at all. Luckily, you won't have to do stealth killings. You'll be able to provoke your enemies, get them closer and, when they're about a metre away from you, shoot the arrow. Be aware that with a standard bow and arrows, you may not be able to kill with a single shot, and you may not be counted. In this regard, use more powerful bows and arrows to be sure.

NOTE: there is a need for further verification, but it is very likely that the city guards will also be included in this count. It is equally likely that, to make the task easier for you, you could first stun an enemy and then aim at his head while he is still unconscious. We will update the guide as soon as possible.

Accumulate 5000 groschen.

The trophy title is definitely self-explanatory. You will have to accumulate the considerable amount of 5,000 groschen, without considering, therefore, the money you spend. There are several ways to reach that amount. If pickpocketing and pickpocketing are interesting options, the fastest way to get the trophy is to search for buried treasure, which includes items of great value. You will of course need to have the map in order to find them.

To keep track of your progress, click Pause Menu > Inventory > Other > Groschen.

Golden Trophies

Complete all missions.

We've come to one of Kingdom Come Deliverance's most gruesome trophies. You will have to complete all the game missions, both main and secondary. The failure of a single mission will prevent you from getting the trophy. The advice we can give you is to search, constantly and regularly, in each city you will all get it by completing the main plot.

Platinum Trophy

Platinum trophy
Get all the trophies.

Congratulations! If you've made it this far, you've unlocked all the Kingdom Come Deliverance trophies.

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