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The first few hours of Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be frustrating. At first, our good Henry, the game's protagonist, will die very easily if you don't pay attention to every detail, especially in battle. Warhorse Studios' title has a high level of realism and leaves no escape for those who jump into the fight without knowing the facts. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is much more punishing than games of the same genre.

Be prepared for every fight

The fights are realistic and immerse the player in the medieval atmosphere.
  • It can be fatal in Kingdom Come: Deliverance any fight if you let your guard down. You shouldn't underestimate any of your opponents. Your character can easily die or receive serious injuries (including broken bones or bleeding) if you act incorrectly or make a serious mistake.
  • Check your surroundings carefully before starting a fight (if possible). Sneaking into an enemy camp and remaining "invisible" allows you to get an estimate of what you will face. Find out how many enemies are in a given position and examine their equipment (and find out if there are archers). Use this information to choose your equipment (weapon and armor) and increase your chances of winning an upcoming fight. Saving the game before fighting is highly recommended.
  • Some fights happen instantly, which means you can't prepare for them before they start, for example, a battle that starts right after a cutscene. Try to quickly assess the difficulty of a fight and see which enemies might be the most problematic. You can also decide to run if you think you have no chance of winning. However, archers can cause problems here.

Their health does not regenerate during combat.

In Kingdom Come Deliverance health doesn't regenerate automatically like in most current titles.
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance does not allow you to regenerate your health in the middle of a fight. Remember this when you start the game. Approach every fight with a "sparse" mentality, don't go on the attack without planning every move. All the damage you will take will pile up.
  • The game, from this point of view, helps you stay alive thanks to the stamina bar. The first hits inflicted by your enemy reduce the stamina bar. Your health starts to decline only after the stamina bar is completely depleted. Remember this and try to prevent the stamina bar from disappearing completely. Unlike health, stamina can regenerate during combat, but only after you stop using attacks and other activities that require stamina (try to keep your distance from the enemy). Note: the stamina bar is not a shield that defends you from any attack. Your hero can die instantly when hit, for example, in the head with an arrow. Do not treat stamina like armor.
  • Try to heal your hero after winning a fight or escaping from a battlefield and losing sight of your enemies. It must be said that eating food and using herbs will not heal you instantly. The healing process is slow in this game. Always check if your hero doesn't need to be healed with bandages. They are necessary if you want to treat more serious injuries like broken bones or bleeding. You can't ignore these negative "statuses" because they weaken your character a lot. Bandages can be found in the game world or can be bought from merchants, so always try to have some spare parts in your inventory.

Take care of your hero

Sleep in Kingdom Come Deliverance is crucial.
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance Taking care of your hero is a pretty complex issue because it goes beyond health bar regeneration. Your character can feel hungry and tired. You have to deal with them because ignoring these mechanics can weaken your hero, which means he won't be able to fight well.
  • Go to one of the places that allow you to rest (various beds, mattresses) and sleep for a few hours to deal with fatigue. It is important to remember that different places can only regenerate a fixed amount of the rest bar. For example, a mattress that has 80% comfort can only regenerate your rest bar by 80%. Try to use beds (you can find them in cabins, inns and other similar places) and avoid other improvised resting places, e.g. don't sleep outdoors.
  • The solution to hunger is quite obvious. Remember to have something to eat in your inventory. Sleep can deplete this bar pretty quickly. You don't have to buy food from merchants. You can, for example, find or steal fruit and vegetables from the huts and fields. Note: Your hunger meter should always be at 100%, don't go beyond that, otherwise your character can experience the negative effects of overeating which will have an impact on your character's health.
  • Besides hunger and fatigue, your character can also experience other negative states that can have a negative impact on you. These effects are, for example, overloading (too many items in the inventory) or poisoning (e.g. after being hit with a poisoned weapon or arrow). Open the character menu to check these states. Try to remove them immediately.
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