Just Cause PS2 cheats and codes

Just Cause it's a third person shooter video game developed by Avalanche Studios e Eidos Interactive.

The protagonist of the videogame is Rico Rodriguez, a Secret Agent who must free the small island state of San Esperito from the dictatorship of a criminal president. Just Cause was developed for PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and PC. In 2010, a sequel was also released, called Just Cause 2. Instead of 2015, the third chapter, Just Cause 3. Helped by faithful Sheldon, also a member of the secret services, agent Rico Rodriguez must free San Esperito, otherwise the risk is that of a bloody one Latin American war.
Rico allies himself with the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Front, committed to fighting President Salvator Mendoza. this is the main battle to be fought, but certainly not the only one: there is also the fight between the Roja Cartel and the Montano Mafia, two very active criminal factions. Rico infiltrates the Roja Cartel to fuel quarrels and wars with the Montanos.

The greater the chaos, the greater his freedom of action against the President. Mendoza wants to do to break out a war so vast and profound to make a profit, since it is allied with the Montano family who manage the local arms trade. Agent Rodriguez's ultimate goal, however, is the assassination of the President, to prevent the latter from attempting a new coup d'état, even when ousted.

Complete the game, then start a new game. Don't save and load your normal profile. You will be taken directly to the first beach of the game.

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