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Panau is full of villages, towns and large cities to be freed from the grip of the military and the presence of "harassing crates". In order to free a civilian settlement, it is therefore important to collect all the weapons, armor and vehicles in the city area first and foremost - and in the case of small villages, this will often be enough to conquer them 100%. All these crates can be easily spotted thanks to an antenna shown in the upper left of the miniradar. The closer you are to a crate, the more notches will be lit and as soon as the whole signaling group starts flashing, a white arrow will appear in the middle of the screen showing the position of the crate.

If, as mentioned above, the crates will not be enough to free a civilian settlement, we will have to search for other objects and places starting from the supplies - for cars and boats on the piers - to the statues of Pandak Panay, the dictator of Panau. Obviously there are other types of symbols of power to be destroyed, such as propaganda stalls, towers with water tanks, transmitter antennas and small and large generators. However, all these objects have two common features that give the player a clear clue as to their importance, if they are objects to destroy they certainly have a five-pointed white star on a red background and when you place the crosshairs on them, always appears a round icon with the name of the object next to it - except for SAM stations that are to be destroyed, but do not affect the percentage of conquest of a settlement.

The best tactic to follow in order to conquer villages, towns and cities is to first acquire all the crates present, then locate all the government positions to be eliminated and look for the best position on the rooftops to destroy these places. If we will be away from military bases also, an excellent tactic is to take advantage of a helicopter armed with miniguns, in fact doing so we will stand taller than the enemies, we will not waste money on bullets and more importantly, if the situation gets hot, the escape from the military will be faster and easier.


Just as it is full of civil settlements, Panau also has many military settlements ranging from ports to airports to missile stations, military bases, radar stations, oil platforms, industries, factories and more. Just like civilian outposts, military outposts can and must be conquered by the player if they are to achieve 100% progress.

Like the civil settlements, also in the military ones there is a concomitance between boxes to recover and objects to destroy, the difference in this case is that there are always objects to destroy and in most cases, the military settlements have anti-aircraft positions useful to the government to defend themselves from flying attacks. In most cases, military settlements always have three objects to destroy: petrol tank, radar antennas and generator sets. In addition to these objects there are also generally other targets that differ depending on the type of settlement and ranging from very high radar towers to be destroyed by destroying two out of three carrier cables, gasometers, radar domes, satellite dishes, antennas, cranes and much, much more. Exactly as for civil objects, all these objects have the two common characteristics that provide the player with the necessary data, namely the five-pointed white star on a red background and the round icon with the name of the object that appears when you aim at the object itself - again, the exception are the SAM stations that are to be destroyed, but that do not affect the percentage of conquest of a settlement.

Unlike civil settlements, in military settlements it is convenient first to eliminate all military structures and objects within the settlement and only then to collect the present boxes. In this way we can begin the destruction of the objects using a low level of suspicion, which is not available if we begin to destroy after the collection of the crates. As before, there is a difference between civil and military settlements in the appropriate vehicle. Using a helicopter we will always get into big problems with the military settlements because in these there is almost always one or more SAM stations, moreover as soon as we reach the second level of alert, enemy military helicopters will appear in the area. The best way to attack these settlements is therefore a ground armoured vehicle, to be exact large powerful vehicles like the one we will steal during a mission on behalf of the Reapers. Taking advantage of these vehicles in fact we will have a good protection from the blows of the military and at the same time we will be quick and powerful in attacking the enemy.


Present mainly within both military and civilian settlements as we have already said, the resources are almost two thousand boxes available on the territory of Panau that once collected allow to improve the performance of weapons, vehicles and Rico's life, in addition to providing, in case they are cash boxes, $2,500. The resources will also be obtained automatically by completing missions, both those on behalf of the agency and those on behalf of the three factions of Panau, but these are only small parts of a much larger number of items.

The way to find these objects, as specified, lies in the use of the "radar" shown through a small white antenna at the top left. The closer you are to a crate, the more notches are lit, and as soon as the whole signaling group starts flashing, a white arrow will appear in the middle of the screen showing the position of the crate - whether it is a weapon, vehicle, armor or money case.


As we increase the influence of the three gangs on the territory, blue dots will appear on the map. To these dots always corresponds an object that belongs to one of the three factions and in particular the skulls on stick belong to the Ulars because they are ancient sacred objects, the drug cases to the Roach justified as abandoned cargoes momentarily and finally the black boxes - always placed under water - belong to airplanes and downed ships of the Reapers. Every time we collect one of these objects we will increase the amount of chaos.


Scattered throughout the cities, but especially within the military bases of Panau, there are fifty different army colonels, all important men of the President who, if hit and eliminated, will increase the chaos created by Rico. The peculiarity of these men is all in their clothing or rather in their armor, the colonels are in fact protected throughout the body, except for the head, by a powerful armor able to completely absorb the blows of the most powerful weapons. The only way to shoot down a colonel is therefore to shoot him straight in the head and not just once, but several times since the amount of life of these men is definitely high. Inside the PDA, accessing the Database item, there is an entire menu dedicated to the Colonels with their generic positions and a dossier on their habits and ways of doing things - every time we eliminate one of these Colonels, a green V will appear next to their name to signal that the target has been eliminated.

The best tactic to eliminate these men is in the distance, in fact, if we use the sniper rifle always placing ourselves in an elevated area compared to our enemy, we will always get the better of him. As mentioned, we must aim only and exclusively at the colonel's head, so let's forget about any other part of his body and focus our fire only on his head.


On the streets, rivers, seas and skies of Panau there are a total of 104 vehicles that we can steal and drive. All these vehicles are listed - by name only and without pictures or descriptions - in a dedicated menu under the Database item of the PDA. Every time a new vehicle will be driven, a green V will appear next to its name to signal that the goal has been achieved.


Settlements are not the only places where it is possible to carry out operations defined as sabotage - in other words, destruction. Even outside of villages, towns and military bases there are items that we will have to destroy to get 100% completion of the game.

Below are listed all the objects that you can sabotage on missions or outside of them. The list includes both civilian and military targets with the appropriate or necessary weapon on the side specified to destroy the targets.

Radio antennas - these structures are easy to destroy, just shoot the gun and make sure you hit the antenna.

Satellite antennas - as before, these are also structures that are damaged by the sole use of the gun.

Chimneys - high potential explosives or the use of a minigun are required for chimneys. Normal weapons or simple grenades won't even scratch a chimney.

Pipelines - these are simple pipelines that generally carry gas around the archipelago. Like most objects, pipelines can be destroyed with the use of a gun.

Fuel depots - placed both vertically and horizontally, fuel depots are more or less long cylinders that can be easily destroyed with the sole use of a gun.

Gasometers - these are huge, round shaped tanks that are mainly found in military settlements. Even if you damage them with light weapons, it is advisable to use a minigun or high potential explosives.

Generators - depending on the type of settlement in which they are located, generators come in two different forms. In civil settlements they are small rectangular boxes placed in the centre of a two-pole structure, while in military settlements they appear as small containers of Havana colour. In both cases light weapons can easily destroy the target.

Crane - in reality the objective is not really the crane, but the large cabin. This target is mainly found in ports and the best way to destroy it is by using weapons and explosives with high potential - it's true that even with the use of normal weapons they get damaged, but the amount of damage is very small.

Propaganda - these are small carts coloured in green and red in most cases. Easily identifiable as they have loudspeakers from which propaganda words come out directly from Pandak Panay or announcers. These vehicles are extremely controlled and armoured, so it is necessary to use powerful explosives or a machine gun to destroy them.

Oil platforms - we are not actually destroying the oil platform, but rather its system of operation, the drilling tower on top of it. By destroying this target - with explosives or miniguns - the oil platform will lose its function. Obviously there are always other targets above the platform, such as cranes, tanks and generators.

Gasoline pumps - present in large numbers in Panau, gasoline pumps can be destroyed with the simple use of a gun. It is important to remember that gasoline pumps are not only present on the streets, but also on the docks of many villages and towns.

Fuel wells - fuel wells are actually complete military settlements. They are structures that develop on several floors underground, in the same story there is a mission on behalf of the Reapers, "High and Low", we will have to destroy one of these structures.

Radar - these are structures found mainly inside military bases. They are generally available in four forms: fixed, mobile, dome-shaped and parabola. In all three cases the object is easily destroyed with the use of a gun.

SAMs - available almost exclusively at military bases - except for four pieces in a colonel's house (stuff we'll be dealing with on a mission on behalf of the Roach) and another four pieces on board a nuclear submarine (JC2's final plot mission) - SAMs are missile positions that automatically activate when an unrecognized flying object overflies the military zone. The use of miniguns or C4 explosives is required to destroy these locations.

Silo - very similar to fuel depots, Silo are cylindrical containers always placed vertically on wooden or iron structures. As with fuel depots, these objects can be easily destroyed with the use of a gun.

Statues of Baby Panay - we can find statues erected in honour of Pandak Panay almost everywhere in Panau, in villages, towns and other settlements, as well as in places like important crossroads, hills or near temples. These statues can only be destroyed if you pull a grappling hook from a car or helicopter and hit by miniguns or C4 charges.

Water towers - mainly present in villages, water towers are wooden structures with a large tank on top that can be easily destroyed with the use of a gun.

Transmission towers - the communication stations are huge antennas held by three different rods and are located only within military bases and settlements. In order to destroy these structures you need to shoot two of the three rods that hold the tower straight and these rods can be destroyed easily with the use of a gun.

Transformers - transformers are small boxes always placed on poles inside fenced areas with high voltage cables. Like generators, transformers can be easily destroyed with the simple use of a gun.

Wind turbines - the large wind turbines, present in different areas of Panau, are immense poles with a turbine attached to it and a three-point structure that rotates thanks to the wind. These large structures can only be shot down through the use of machine guns or missiles.

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