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Guide to the Main Missions


As explained by Jade, Russians, Japanese and Chinese are involved in what is happening in Panau. The three men who seem to control everything, Masayo, Sun and Mirkov are at the Three Kings Hotel and together with Sheldon, Rico will have to find and eliminate these three men.

Once we get the controls, we'll be flying over the Three Kings Hotel,
So we open the parachute and land on the marked tower to face the first of the three fights. Once there we will meet Zhang Sun, the Chinese who will welcome us with his personal "fireworks", that is, powerful and infinite C4 charges. The best tactic to face Zhang is in close combat, because being close to him the man will not throw explosives and it will be easier for us to hit him directly. The amount of health of Sun - and as we'll see for the other three enemies - is very high, so we try to take advantage of rapid weapons in the speed of fire as the machine guns (and if we improve its performance with the Weapon Parts is even better). Eliminated Zhung Sun we'll switch to another tower thanks to Sheldon, but before we hook up to his plane we turn around the terrace and collect the available ammunition and bring back our health with first aid kits. Once this is done let's hook up to Sheldon's helicopter and once in range of the second tower let's hook up to this one.

Alexander Mirkov, the second man to be taken out, will take advantage of a semi-armored man with a minigun that rotates 360 degrees, but unfortunately only covers him from one side. Beating Mirkov is therefore very easy. Once on the terrace we reach the Russian from behind - in the small passage between the stage and the void. Here we use the grappling hook in such a way that we hook ourselves to the wall with only our head and shoulders uncovered. In doing so we will not activate the Claymore charges to protect Mirkov, we will not be disturbed by his guards and most importantly, we will be able to hit Mirkov the moment Sheldon, aboard his helicopter, attacks the Russian. Mirkov, caught between the two fires, will always remain uncovered on our side, which will give us the chance to fire the machine gun straight into the Russian's head so as to take him out after a while. Once the Russian is eliminated, thanks mainly to Sheldon, we collect ammunition and first aid kits and then we launch into the air towards the third and last tower.

In the third tower our main target is not the terrace, but the suite below it. In order to enter it we will have to open the parachute, shoot the windows and use the grappling hook to enter the building - the windows of the suite are easily recognizable as they are clearer than the others. Once inside the suite, we take out the enemies on the first and second floors, then place two C4 charges on the two entrances - or throw a grenade at each - to blow the doors and force our third target, General Masayo Washio, out into the open. The weapon the man is going to put against us is a satellite system that launches rockets after locking on to them - a weapon seen and reviewed in tens of hundreds of games. As in the first case, the best combat here is close combat, not only because we'll have less waste of bullets and therefore better accuracy, but also and above all because Masayo will exploit his weapon in any case and staying close to him we'll be able to involve him in the explosions of his rockets, while we'll obviously jump away before impact.

Once the third target is also eliminated, things will start to get a little clearer. The three superpowers are in Panau for a very clear reason, Baby Panay has an account in Switzerland that counts billions of dollars and if we want to understand what exactly is underneath, we have to start demolishing everything.

Before proceeding to the final Rush, it is advisable to proceed with the conquest of the third strongholds on behalf of the gangs and carry out their last missions so you can upgrade Rico's weapons to the best before the final two missions of the Agency.


Sri is beginning to believe that Scorpio is perhaps really his ally and we must continue to make him believe that, so let us continue with the conquest of the Strongholds on behalf of the Ulars. Although the group is tied to tradition and land, Sri admits that new and technological weapons are needed to fight the government and instead of buying them, Sri wants to take control of a President's warehouse.

Once we've obtained our commands, we'll meet in front of the Kem Hutan Military Depot. We continue on the left following the usual technical and the Ulars. Once near the gate we quickly take out the enemies on the first and second towers, with particular attention to those on the second towers as they are armed with rocket launchers. Once the enemies have been eliminated we continue along the depot past the first gate which will be opened automatically - obviously behind it there will be several enemies to eliminate. Then follow the only available route inside the depot, always taking care that the technician is not killed. When we reach a second gate, the usual work awaits us, i.e. overcoming the wall, eliminating enemies and opening the gate using the control console through the minigame of keys. Opened the gate we continue on the left, eliminate the two snipers on the towers on the right and we will reach the fixed position. Let's turn around them passing on the right, eliminate the enemies on the ground and those on the catwalk, then we go up the catwalk and put ourselves in command of the fixed position but unhooking it from its position. After this we reject first the ground attack of two groups of enemies on foot - first on the left then on the right, after a second ground attack this time on board two off-road vehicles - again from left to right - and finally the last and third attack that will take place by air and this time from right to left and behind the fixed position, this is why it is very important to unhook it before the fight. Once the helicopter has been shot down with the usual commander of the stronghold, the deposit will be of the Ulars.


A guy in the army is causing Sri quite a few problems lately, but the leader of the Ulars wants to issue a clear warning to his rival and not kill him. Since the military is also a lover of cars, Ular has decided to have his collection, which he keeps well-preserved inside the military base of Kem General Abidin, south of Panau, destroyed for the occasion.

Once the film is finished we reach the base, to be exact the platform on the left. The mission, staying on the rooftops will be very simple. Reached the place will appear in the area three objectives, staying on the platform where we arrived we continue forward towards the car nearest to us and as soon as it is in range, shoot them over so as to blow it up. Destroyed the first car, we reach the second and then the third by repeating the destruction operation. We avoid using helicopters in the base because there are two SAM stations in the lower area - obviously if we destroy them, we will be free to fly over the base and destroy not only the cars, but also everything else. Destroyed the three cars - and with them those at their side - the mission will be completed, with the doubt that Ular only wanted to eliminate a collection of cars more beautiful than his.


A friend of Sri's, a certain Portuguese named Pete, has been arrested by the President's military and the problem in all this is that Pete is in possession of a PDA with important information about the Ulars inside. Fortunately for him, Pete has hidden the PDA in his body, but Sri wants that information to be recovered before Pete's body or some soldier's bullets destroy the PDA.

Once the film is finished we collect the ammunition provided by Sri, then we jump in the boat and reach the military port of Kem Port Rodrigo. Once on the spot we reach the structure where Pete is being held, we eliminate the enemies next to us and through the door we interact with the PDA through the usual minigame. Once the transfer is unlocked, all we have to do is stand still in front of the door - don't climb on the roof above the door or the transfer will stop - resisting the military counterattack. Once the data transfer is completed the mission will be completed.


In addition to worship, the Ulars also use the ancient Temples to store their goods and in particular in a temple now destroyed Sri has had a cargo of opium hidden inside a silo. Unfortunately the government became aware of this and sent groups to destroy it. Our task will be to keep it intact.

Once we have obtained the commands, we collect the ammunition and board the quad to reach the temple behind us. When we arrive on the spot we collect ammunition and then we face a first group of enemies coming from the south - only enemies on foot and two Jeeps with no fixed positions. Once the first group has been eliminated, a second group will arrive from the east, this time more fed and always with two Jeeps but this time armed with fixed positions - we use grenades or explosives to blow up the vehicles even if it's not necessary. Eliminated all the enemies on foot we will be joined by a third and last group always formed by men on foot and a couple of semi-armored with machine gun positions. We eliminate the men on foot, launching at the same time explosives on the semi-armored in order to eliminate the enemy at the command of the machine gun and with a bit of luck the vehicle itself. Once the three groups are repelled without the opium silo being destroyed, our mission will be completed.


Sri has an informant in the ranks of the military, but the man because of his vice seems to have been discovered and now he needs to be rescued and it will be Rico, as Scorpio, who has to save the man.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition and then we reach the man in the nearby village, no more than three hundred meters away. Once we reach the informant we interact with him and then we board the Jeep and head to the delivery point where a large Ular group is waiting for us and the informant to rescue him. The area is about two kilometers from where we start and reaching it won't be a big problem, the important thing is never to make sharp turns, jump on ramps and things like that because our comrade will place himself at the machine gun and if he loses his balance he will fly out of the vehicle remaining defenseless to the enemy's blows. In particular one point is very delicate, that is the exit of the second bridge where there is a checkpoint, the trick to overcome it is simple, just brake and turn around the block on the left where there is enough road to pass without risking being taken out. Once at the delivery point our mission will be over.


A major lumber industry, Seabreeze Lumber, is creating problems for the Ulars. The Selamat forest, the traditional burial place of the Ular elders, is about to be destroyed by bulldozers. Sir does not want this to happen, so he will ask us to attack and destroy the sawmill facilities, as well as to kill the company's foreman before work begins on clearing the area.

Once the film is finished we collect the ammunition provided by Sri, then we get on the Quad and reach the two Ular teams at the entrance of the private road leading to the sawmill. Once there, we will be able to tackle the mission in a very simple way if we take advantage of the black market and buy the military helicopter. With this helicopter it will be enough to shoot at the base of the three silos to blow them up, then wait for the team leader to come out of his hiding place and target his semi-armour-plated to blow him up. In case you want to tackle the fight on foot, once you get to the sawmill let's make our way through the military, reach the first silo and place no less than three C4 charges per silo - even if we haven't upgraded the weapon yet, the best way to figure out how much explosive you need is to place a single charge, detonate it and see how much damage the structure has suffered. Once the explosives are in place, we blow up the three silos, always accompanying Sri's men to confront the military in the area. Once the three silos have been destroyed from a garage at the end, the foreman will appear on board a semi-blind armed with a fixed position. We reach the vehicle on the fly - using the grappling hook to be faster, then we launch a few C4 charges if we still have them, or else we place ourselves on the rooftops around the enemy and fire from above so that we have a larger area not covered and at the same time prevent the enemy from firing at us because the fixed position turns 360°, but has a very specific angle of movement in height. Once the team leader has been eliminated, the mission will be completed.


Like Sri, Bolo now seems to trust Scorpio more. She claims a new stronghold for the Reapers, and in this case she claims the Pemainan Racun chemical complex on the Rajang Delta. With this complex in their hands, the Reapers will gain control over an arsenal of chemical weapons that they can use against the government for revolution.

Having completed the film, we are now faced with the usual mission of conquering a stronghold. We go left, climb up the small hill and immediately take out the two enemies on the watchtowers as they are armed with rocket launchers. After this we take out the enemies in front of the gate, then we go over the wall using the grappling hook, we take out the enemies beyond the gate and we go immediately after to open it. Once this is done, at the end of the main road we will find a fixed position not used by the enemy, let's reach it, unhook it and exploit it by walking alongside our comrades Reaper and the technician - our comrades when they find themselves with an enemy too powerful always put themselves in cover, so rest assured, they won't get killed. So we take the machine gun and go to the right, eliminate the emics and free walkways and a second fixed position. Cleared the passage we continue on the left facing three groups inside the area covered by iron roofs and once outside we eliminate the sniper on the tower on the right and shoot immediately after the enemies on the ground positioned next to the third and last fixed position. Eliminated all the enemies the technician will start to do his job, we with the machine gun in hand instead we will have to defend him from the enemies that will arrive in the area on board of two Jeeps and almost at the same time also from the commander of the stronghold that usually will be presented by helicopter. Eliminated the enemies the stronghold will be of the Reapers.


Thanks to a Reaper informant, a prostitute in vogue among the officers, Bolo has learned that three helicopters will soon depart from Tanah Lebar military airport to a Reaper silo to be destroyed in the village north of Tasik Jernih. This must not happen.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition left by the Reapers, then we board the supplied helicopter and quickly reach the meanders of the military airport from where the helicopters will depart. We avoid entering the area or the SAM stations will launch missiles that will be absolutely no good for our helicopter. Once there, we wait for the three helicopters to take flight and then we chase them and fire on them continuously. Along the way the helicopters will only think about reaching the silo, while once they reach the target, two will take care of us, while the third will hold the silo under attack, so we immediately try to take out one of the enemy helicopters maybe stealing it - we open the parachute, hook the enemy helicopter with the grappling hook and take the pilot's place. Once this is done we aim first at the enemy that tries to shoot us down and then the one that is shooting at the silo. Once we have destroyed the three helicopters - or two if we have taken possession of the third one - the mission will be concluded.


Already before there were problems with the Tanah Lebar airport and this time Bolo wants to close the accounts with the military plant for good: we will have to destroy it and Scorpio has always been a master in destroying it.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition, then dock with the helicopter driven by the Reapers and diligently wait to be transported to the airport. Once there, we disengage from the helicopter and reach the rooftops of the hangars in the center. From here we will be able to shoot with the peace of mind that staying in the center we can't be caught by the enemies. The targets reported by Bolo are four enemy fighters, two parked and two at the beginning of the runways. To destroy them it will be enough to shoot them or launch them from where we are of the C4 charges and detonate them. Once the fighters are destroyed, the mission will end with thanks from Bolo.


The number of volunteers who join the Reapers is increasing, there are more and more and if in the past it was the weapons that were not enough, today the problem is the food that is beginning to be scarce. Fortunately, Bolo has learned that a truck is transporting a load of canned food for the government, and combining useful - food for the Reapers - with pleasure - attack on the government is a good thing for Bolo.

Once we get the controls we collect the ammunition, then we go to the right and use the grappling hook to reach the truck stopped at the gas station. Once on the truck we quickly jump into the driver's seat eliminating the military, then we move towards our destination, about two and a half kilometres away. The difficulty of the mission is all in this race to the destination, in fact there are eight different crates on the truck and we will have to try to bring them - or at least as many as possible - to the destination, which is possible only if we drive calmly and without shock to the loading area, i.e. avoiding accidents of any kind. Let's not worry about the bullet shots we are going to suffer, the truck is powerful and definitely armored, so it can suffer a high amount of damage, so let's try to stay always on the asphalt and pass the checkpoints passing next to the vehicles after having slowed down our race. When we reach our destination our work will be finished.


Bolo is furious with an army commander named Hamzah, the man in charge of Kem Sungai Sejuk Air Base. In order to take revenge against Hamzha, the woman at the head of the Reapers has decided to get him into trouble, in fact we will have to steal a fighter in the base of Hamzah and use it to attack the base of Kem Singa Menerkam. In doing so, Hamzah will be branded and executed by the government as a traitor.

Once the film is finished we collect the ammunition left by the Reapers, then we use the grappling hook to hover in the air with the parachute and reach the position of the plane without getting on the plane immediately, first we hook up to the helicopter that flies around the plane, take possession of it and use it to destroy the SAM position on the right of the heliport - looking at the runway - and the Jeep placed in front of the plane. We then wait for the Jeep's carcass to disappear, in the meantime we eliminate a few enemies in the base, then jump out of the helicopter and jump on board the plane leaving as quickly as possible from the military base. Once in the air we gain altitude and head for the second base, the one we'll have to attack. The base is a chemical plant, not an airport, so it is important to gain altitude because we will not have space to land and attack the area, but we will have to swoop down on it, launch some missiles in order to destroy everything and immediately take altitude and move away so as to maintain Bolo's plan, that is to say to believe that it was Hamzah who attacked. Once we successfully attack the base, our mission will be over.


Bolo has discovered that a recently deceased Reaper member has been captured and is being held prisoner in the port of Pasir Putih. The soldiers offered Bolo the chance to free his man, but only after payment of a ransom, and the woman in charge of the Reapers has no intention of paying for something she already owns.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition provided, after which we reach - on foot or by boat, it's all the same - the port and inside the port the container reported by Bolo. Reached the container and eliminated the enemies we do not free the fighter immediately, first we take care of the SAM station on the left, then we board a helicopter and land near the container - the important thing is to be on the same street level. Once this is done we place a charge of C4 on the doors to the right of the container, blow them up and quickly get into the helicopter and use this to get the Reaper fighter to safety to the delivery point - no more than two kilometers away. As soon as the delivery checkpoint goes from red to green, our mission will be over.


It seems that the government is still experimenting with chemical weapons, gas to be exact...
that seem to be released on Panau to test its effects directly on the population. There is one gas in particular, consisting of three different substances, which Bolo wants to take over and obviously we will have to recover it. The important thing is that the gas always remains frozen or will lose stability by bursting.

Once the film is finished we collect the ammunition provided by the Reapers, then we board the helicopter and head to the mountain research centre where the three samples we need to recover are located. Once on site we will be reported a first laboratory, then we get out of the helicopter, reach the ground and eliminate the enemies in the area so that we can act with confidence on the command to open the door that will not give us access. We then go up to the roof of the laboratory, place a charge of C4 in the center, move away and blow it up, then we fire some shots on the machine gun in the center of the laboratory in order to shoot it down. After that we go down and collect the first chemical, then we go out the door and eliminate the enemy that will pop up as soon as we open it. Arrived at the second laboratory we repeat what we did before, then we eliminate the enemies, we blow the roof, we shoot down the machine gun and collect the second substance. After this we will see the third target on the radar, which is not a laboratory, but a scientist who will try to escape with the third substance, so let's use grappling hook and parachute to reach the area where the chemist is and shoot him in such a way as to eliminate him before he manages to escape from the area using the helicopter - obviously along the way we will also have to face the military. Once the scientist has been eliminated, we reach the top of the structure, eliminate the enemies in the field and board the helicopter to escape. Although there are several SAM stations in the area, it is important to try to travel as much road as possible between us and the point of delivery, in fact, once past the snowy area, the chemicals will begin to melt and the greater the road made by helicopter, the less we will have to do with the parachute. Once at the delivery point we interact with the white crates in order to complete the mission.


Razak likes the work Scorpio is doing for them and it doesn't bother him at all to be aware that Scorpio is keeping a secret. After the problems and discussions, Razak will tell us about Paradise Valley, a place of veneration for the ancient tribes in the Selatan archipelago, a place that the government is desecrating and that Razak wants to conquer and manage on behalf of the Roach.

Once the film is completed we are faced with the usual mission to conquer a stronghold. We go immediately to the left, eliminate the men at the entrance and take possession of the fixed machine gun - obviously after eliminating the military at the control and unhooking it. Once this is done, we continue together with the Roach members and the technician holding the minigun, so that we can shoot down all the enemies in no time. Reaching the small climb on the right we wait for the arrival of a car, we eliminate the two men on board and then we reach the inner temple firing first on the enemy armed with rocket launchers in the center of the arch of the temple. Once cleared the area we reach the arch of the temple, turn towards the fields and use the machine gun to repel first the counterattack on foot of the soldiers, then the two semi-armed and finally the usual helicopter driven by the commander of the Stronghold. - In case you don't want or you are not able to face all the way with the minigun in hand, in the final phase you will have to use the rocket launcher, especially to destroy the two semi-armored. For the helicopter instead we try to take possession of it by hooking it with the grappling hook.


Razak is convinced that the government is preparing something against the Panau gangs...
but he still hasn't been able to figure out what. Fortunately for him, an officer in possession of this information is on the move on the island and Razak wants us to reach this man and download the information from his PDA.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition and jump on the motorcycle and then we reach the convoy with the officer's car. Once on the convoy we jump on the roof of the first Jeep, we move on it in order to eliminate the enemies and then we use the grappling hook to reach the second Jeep, the one with our officer inside. Once in the car we take the driver's place and then we immediately change road to avoid military fire. At this point all we have to do is drive for just under a minute, long enough for Rico's PDA to download the information from the officer's PDA. The mission will be completed once the transfer is complete.


Razak starts comparing the government to a virus and the only way he can cure this disease is to destroy it. Especially for this occasion the pustule to be eliminated is a military base a few kilometers away, the base of Pulau Dongeng.

Once the film is finished, we collect the ammunition and then we get on our bikes and reach the inside of the base. Once on site we use the grappling hook to reach the roofs of the buildings from where it will be more complicated for the enemy to hit us. Inside the base there are a total of five silos that Razak wants us to destroy. The first two are located at the entrance on the right, the third on the left near the runway while the fourth and fifth are always on the right, but beyond the entrance, in a lower area. Once the five silos have been destroyed - the tactic as explained is to stay on the rooftops and shoot at the targets - the mission will end.


Type of mission previously faced. Due to a newly built statue of Baby Panay on Mount Carcavoda, the influence of the Roach in the area has diminished and Razak has found the system to solve the problem. We'll have to reach the statue, knock it down and steal its head and take it to a Roach officer.

Once the film is finished we collect the explosives, then we board the helicopter provided by the Roach and use it to reach the top of Mount Carcavoda. Once on site we stabilize the helicopter a few meters above the ground, then we use the aerobatic jump to eliminate the military in the area without the risk of having to land first. Once the area has been cleared, we land and place the C4 charges on the statue of the President, then, after having blown it up, we hook the head of the statue to one of the two helicopters thanks to the grappling hook - we aim at the head, shoot the grappling hook while holding the button pressed, aim at the helicopter and release the button. Once this is done, we get on the helicopter and reach the delivery point keeping always straight to the destination, in fact, in this way we will reach the official Roach before the government helicopters reach us. Once we leave the head at the checkpoint, the mission will be over.


A journalist from Singapore is writing an article about corruption in Panau, an article that will make Razman and his organization look bad. No matter how hard he tried, Razman couldn't bribe the guy, so he needs to be eliminated before his article does any damage.

Once the film is finished we collect the ammunition and jump aboard the hull left to us by the Roach. Once on board we head towards the last known position of the journalist so that we can see him attempting to escape aboard a powerful military vessel similar to the Minerva - a boat previously seen on behalf of the Roach. Once we reach the journalist, all we have to do is fire the machine gun from our hull on the boat where the journalist is. The mission will be completed as soon as the journalist goes down with his boat.

When this mission is over, the only ones left are the last two in the Agency. It is very important, however, before activating this mission, to try to enhance as much as possible the weapons you prefer to use or more generally the single and double hand machine gun. In fact, by strengthening these weapons, the elimination of enemies will be complicated hand and we will also have much larger magazines and therefore less risk of remaining without blows in the middle of the battle.


Baby Panay has retreated to his personal fortress. This facility, defended by technologically advanced weaponry and state-of-the-art protection systems...
is located inside deep canyons. With the support of the factions we will have to reach the place and flush out and kill the President, sending the entire Panau archipelago into total chaos.

Once the film is finished, you have to choose who you want to be accompanied in the attack on Baby Panay. In this guide we have chosen to be guided by the Reapers because Bolo is the only one among the three faction leaders who have always thought about the revolution itself without giving Rico even personal jobs and without any end of battle against the government. Once the ally has been chosen, we will find ourselves in the Fortress of Wajah Rama, in the Selatan archipelago, where Baby Panay is hiding. Once there we collect the ammunition around, then we begin to penetrate the area facing enemies on foot and in vehicles until we reach the first of the three anti-aircraft guns. When we reach the cannon and eliminate the enemies, we blow up the big gun, then we collect a minigun from the fixed position and use it to eliminate the enemies and the next two anti-aircraft cannons - to move from one cannon to the other, we use the cable car.

Destroyed the three cannons we drop the machine gun and face the last trip on board the cable car to reach the entrance of the fortress, which is nothing but the mouth of the central statue on the mountain. Once on site we interact with the command console, after which we pass the corridor and reach the staff quarters where Panay's private rooms are located.

Obtained the commands at the end of the film we will find ourselves in a mess, the area is completely closed, the command to open the only exit is at the bottom of the dome and in the place there are enemies armed with every weapon in addition to a helicopter capable of firing both with a machine gun and missiles. First let's take care of the helicopter, then lock on to the aircraft and eliminate the three soldiers who will appear on the left, then right and left again. After this we take the pilot's place and then we land the helicopter or have it shot down somewhere, we don't need the vehicle at all. Once the helicopter is out of danger let's move towards the center of the dome at the bottom and face step by step all the enemies in the area. In doing so, once at the bottom we will have enough time to interact with the command console and enter the code without the enemies hit us.

Once we've entered the code correctly we'll have a few seconds, so let's take advantage of the grappling hook to climb back up the basin and quickly exit the area using the same corridor used to get inside - we don't waste time with the enemies at the top, we rush out before the dome falls on our heads. Once outside, the mission will end while activating the final mission.


Behind it all there is oil, the black gold wanted and craved by all the superpowers who tried to conquer Panau. With the elimination of Baby Panay the archipelago returns to be a U.S. protectorate, but it's not over yet, the enemies are trying to reach the oil field in the central area of Panau and it is important that no one conquers control.

Once the film is finished, we board the helicopter and head to the oil field reported by Sheldon. Once we reach the area, however, we will discover that the alleged oil field is actually Pandak Panay's nuclear submarine, a submarine we have already had the honor of seeing for the first time. The rear area of the submarine is open and has four SAM stations, and a couple of military helicopters are circling around the submarine. It is very important to try to destroy a few SAM stations or a helicopter before being shot down - because it is highly probable that we will be shot down. Once the air dangers are eliminated - maybe even jumping on enemy helicopters thanks to the grappling hook - we reach the open field of the submarine and face the enemies on the bridge. Eliminated the military we reach the command console near the two hatches to access the interior of the submarine.

Once the film is finished we will have to deal with a couple of ninjas and more dangerous thing with Panay armed with rocket launchers with endless ammunition. First of all let's go and take shelter behind the crates where you can see the gold, in fact these are not destroyed by the explosion and provide us with an excellent shelter against Panay's rockets. From this position of cover we use the two-handed weapon to eliminate the two ninjas from afar, then we approach Panay and always staying behind cover, we launch a charge of C4 at the point where it is located, but do not let it explode immediately, we wait for Panay after moving away on it and only then we blow the charge so as to fly in the air the enemy and have an open field to shoot him.

Once we get the controls, we'll be on the four rockets with warheads. First we fire at Panay until they lose their balance, then we interact with the missile guidance system to destroy them before they reach their destination. Once the first missile is destroyed, we make a stunt jump on the second missile and repeat the procedure: fire on Panay, interaction with the guidance system, stunt jump on another missile. Once the three missiles are deactivated, the fourth missile will remain, but Rico will take care of that in the game's final film.

Congratulations you have just finished the adventures related to the plot of JC2, now you can continue to have fun using the Mercenary mode that leaves you free to Panau to start, face and finish the countless side quests that are the real body of this game and its immense setting.

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