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One of the funniest mechanics of Jurassic World Alive is that you can create new species of dinosaurs by tinkering with their DNA. By combining the various types of DNA collected, we can create hybrid dinosaurs that have never existed in real life. Some names are really funny, but we can assure you that hybrid dinosaurs are very powerful. In this guide, we're going to see how to create hybrids and some combinations.

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How to create hybrid dinosaurs

Hybrid dinosaurs like Indominus Rex and Stegoceratops are present in the game world of Jurassic World Alive and you might even be lucky enough to meet them. If not, you can create them yourself as long as you have the right ingredients. That is, you will need:

  • two correct "source" dinosaurs of the right level
  • coins
  • Extra DNA from those two dinosaurs

Hybrids with a higher rarity require the creation of higher level dinosaurs, but rare ones like the Einiasuchus only need level 5 parents.

So all you have to do is go to the hybrid profile and tap the "Fuse" button. Both parents' DNA supplies and the right amount of coins will be subtracted, and in return, you will receive a random amount of hybrid DNA. Just like any other dinosaur, once you have enough DNA, the hybrid will unlock and be added to your collection.

The hybrids aren't just good to look at and collect, they're very useful because all hybrid dinosaurs start from level 6 at least, so they're useful right away unless you're very high up in the PvP mode rank. Also, they generally have some skills provided by both parents, so you may have up to four different combat options when using one in battle.

Combinations to create hybrids

Remember again that to create a hybrid you'll need a few things. First of all you'll need extra DNA from BOTH dinosaurs that you'll melt to create the hybrid. Second, you'll need some gold coins to start the fusion. It's gonna take a few tries so make sure you get enough of both.

  • Allosinosaurus: Allosinosaurus is a hybrid of Allosaurus and Sinoceratops. This is a legendary dinosaur and it takes 200 gold coins for each DNA fusion, don't expect to do it in the early stages of the game.
  • Ankyntrosaurus: Ankyntrosaurus is a hybrid of Ankylosaurus and Kentrosaurus. Another legendary one and this one will take 70 DNA from each dinosaur and 200 coins each time you merge the DNA.
  • Amargocephalus: Amargocephalus is a hybrid of Amargasaurus and Euplocephalus. This is an epic dinosaur and will take 100 gold coins and will need 70 DNA from Amargasurus and 220 DNA from Euplocephalus.
  • Gigaspikasaur: Gigaspikasaur is a hybrid between the Amargasaurus and the Nodopatosaurus, amount of coins and DNA not yet available.
  • Einiasuchus: Einiasuchus is a hybrid of Einiosaurus and Nundasuchus. This is just a rare dinosaur and it will take 20 gold coins to melt if you have the DNA.
  • Gorgosuchus: Gorgosuchus is a hybrid of Gorgosaurus and Kaprosuchus. This is another epic dinosaur and it will take 100 coins plus DNA from both to make the fusion.
  • Majundasuchus: Majundasuchus is a hybrid of Majungasaurus and Nundasuchus. This dinosaur is only rare and will take 20 gold coins to melt the DNA.
  • Megalosuchus: Megalosuchus is a hybrid of Megalosaurus and Gorgosuchus. This is a legendary dinosaur and will take 200 gold coins and 70 Megalosaurus DNA and 50 Gorgosuchus DNA.
  • Magnapyritor: Magnapyritor is a hybrid of Dimetrodon and Pyrritator. This is classified as Unique and costs 1000 gold coins per fusion plus all the DNA of the parent dinosaurs.
  • Nodopatosaurus: The Nodopatosaurus is a hybrid between the Nodosaurus and the Apatosaurus. Another epic dinosaur and this one takes only 100 gold coins and 220 DNA of Nodosaurus and 70 DNA of Apatosaurus.
  • Paramoloch: Paramoloch is a hybrid of Parasaurolophus and Stygimoloch. The Paramoloch is a legendary dinosaur and will take you away 200 gold fusion coins plus a lot of DNA.
  • Postimetrodon: Postimetrodon is a hybrid of Postosuchus and Dimetrodon. Postimetrodon is just an epic, so it will bring you 100 gold coins and lots of DNA.

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