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Jurassic World Alive It's the latest addition to the family of mobile phone games that take advantage of augmented reality, but if you think the game is just a Pokemon GO with massive dinosaurs, you'll have to believe it. It Jurassic World Alive has a lot of mechanics that set it apart from its peers. This title has a more complex and varied game system and may need more time to be mastered properly. In this guide for beginners we will Jurassic World Alive see how to collect DNA of dinosaurs with drones and create horrible hybrids (these are some things that you can do in the game).

Jurassic World Alive Guide for Beginners

Initial guidelines

At first glance, it will Jurassic World Alive be very familiar to anyone who has experience with augmented reality games. There's a map (you'll have to walk a lot less. As long as you're less than 150 meters away from a dinosaur, you can try to catch it. Instead of gyms, it Jurassic World Alive has a simple turn-based player-to-player combat system. You can combine and evolve dinosaurs to create more powerful dinosaurs and build your own battle team.

Tips for "capturing" dinosaurs

The first thing you want to do when you open the game for the first time is to build your Dino team. You'll be tempted to do it from your couch, but it's actually very useful to get as close as possible to the dinosaurs before you start any match. The game never tells you this, but the closer you get to the dinosaur you're trying to get, the more time you'll have to shoot it with the darts of your little drone. You can estimate how much time you will have spent in the fight using the battery icon at the top of the screen.

Once engaged in the fight, the goal will be to stun the dinosaur with darts to collect his DNA. You will then use that DNA to create your own version of the newly "captured" creature. It's important to remember that the fight doesn't start until you fire the first dart, so take your time to aim well and make sure you get a precise shot. After that, the dinosaur will start to move and things will be much more difficult. Don't get discouraged if you don't get a lot of DNA at first; you'll learn it soon enough.

After the dinosaur starts to move, the actual hunt begins. Look where the dinosaur is heading and aim a little further ahead of the target on its path to score a direct hit the moment the dart reaches the dinosaur. Keep in mind that the dinosaur will move faster as you hit it with more darts, so you'll need to take good measurements.

As final advice, be careful to fire a final shot as time runs out. If it doesn't hit the dinosaur before the match ends, even if you threw it early, it won't count and you've wasted a dart.

Build your team

When you start the game, Chris Pratt will give you an initial dinosaur, but you'll need at least four of them to get into battle. If you click on the skull icon, you'll be taken to your dinosaur collection, where you can check your progress in collecting DNA to strengthen your team.

Most common low-level dinosaurs only need 50 DNA to be created, while rarer dinosaurs cost 100 or 150 DNA, so keep that in mind. You probably won't be able to capture a T-Rex in a single encounter, so adjust your expectations accordingly. In most cases, a rarer monster is actually more powerful than a common one, but not always. While taking part in multiple encounters, you'll also be able to evolve your dinosaurs, leveling them to become stronger. Keep an eye on the indicator that shows the amount of DNA needed to evolve or create a dinosaur. If it shows 250 DNA to level a dinosaur, it will probably be stronger in battle than a rare dinosaur that costs 150.

As you capture and encounter other dinosaurs, you'll see your collection screen expand with purple dinosaurs in the "Not Collected" section. These are dinosaurs that can be created by combining two higher level dino's you already have. These dinosaurs are incredibly strong, so create them as soon as you can!

The evolution and fusion of dinosaurs cost coins, which fortunately are abundant in both drops and incubators. Speaking of incubators...


While supply drops fill your store with darts and coins, incubators do the same, but make a little more.

Depending on the rarity of the incubator (the basic ones are available for free, while you can earn the rarer ones by fighting), you will also get a variable amount of dinosaur DNA, sometimes even for a rare dinosaur.

You can check the store page that will always tell you the minimum DNA you will get by purchasing them, although there is obviously a lot of randomness here.


The first thing you need to know about battle is that you can't really pick your team. Once you have more than 8 dinosaurs to choose from, you can put together a team of 8, but 4 of them will be randomly chosen to go into battle. The battles themselves are quite simple (Chris Pratt offers you a very useful tutorial when you've unlocked the battle), and it's really worth it because you'll gain a new incubator with every single victory!

As you move up the ranks, you'll unlock new arenas, which is useful because each new position will have its own DNA dino that you can collect and, of course, the more advanced positions will have more and more powerful dinosaurs.

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