Jurassic Park SNES cheats and codes

Jurassic Park it's a video game published by Ocean Software to SNES. The game is inspired by the video game released for the NES a few years before which, in turn, draws inspiration from the film of the same name.

Take on the role of Alan Grant and you must complete a whole series of missions before being able to leave the dinosaur island, Isla Nublar. Compared to the progenitor for NES, this 16-bit version Jurassic Park boasts enormously improved graphics and sound (by Jonathan Dunn), but also a gameplay almost completely revised. 
Returning to the 8-bit NES, an unofficial version of the game has been released for this console, which is called The Lost World: Jurassic Park. In 1994, Ocean Software released a sequel to the game, which took the name of Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues. The game is unanimously recognized for its high difficulty, one more reason to give a read to tricks which you find below.


Pause the game and press UP (x3 times) and DOWN (x10 times). You can cycle through the weapons by pressing L or R.

Go to the large rock formation, the one with the rocks arranged one above the other, so to speak. Look for the far right corner here - you should find a hidden cave where some extra lives await you. Exit the cave and come back here whenever you need lives.

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