Injustice 2: Guide to Diamond Boxes and Legendary Gear

Injustice 2 The frantic and destructive DC heroes-based fighting game is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The more curious and ambitious will surely want to know, right away, how you can get the most valuable items of the title in the shortest possible time.

We are talking, of course, the diamond and platinum cases, but also legendary pieces of equipment, which can give an incredible boost to the performance of the fighters. The two aspects are linked, from the houses you can get the epic equipment, and both should be sought in precise ways that we will explain in this brief guide.

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How to get the Diamond and Platinum Boxes

The crates, called Mother Boxes, are the fundamental objects for the loot mechanics of Injustice 2 . There are several varieties, each of which can guarantee premiums of a certain type. The rarest, of course, are diamond and platinum, since they always guarantee a piece of epic equipment. Needless to say, you should try to get as much of it as possible. Because of the prizes that can give the player, these are also the most difficult to obtain.

First of all, these loot containers, unlike the lower-ranking ones, cannot be purchased in exchange for credits. Instead, you will have to continue and complete the story mode, then check the Multiverse challenges and objectives. The latter change from day to day, and the more difficult tallies also offer diamond and platinum cases as a reward. Be sure to check at least once a day, and before you start the challenge check the rewards list.

Another way to get the coveted rewards is to dedicate yourself to Endless Battles, accessible through the Battle Simulator on the Multiverse screen. They become more and more difficult as you continue, but in the same way the rewards progressively increase in level. If you survive long enough, you may get just the crate you were looking for.

According to a rumor recently released on the net, it would be possible to get a platinum house after fifty wins, and even a diamond case to victory in the hundredth fight. However, we haven't been able to verify this at the moment, and it would be a considerable effort for the average player to get the coveted prize.

Don't try too hard, be patient: loot boxes are not designed to be made, and there are no particularly easy or fast ways to get them at the moment. Simply, you'll have to play regularly and consistently, and the game will pay off for your efforts.

How to get the legendary gear

Legendary equipment pieces are the rarest items of all time of Injustice 2 . Literally golden objects, they offer the best character stats boosts, but they are also the most difficult to get. To get them you'll have to use the same identical ways already seen for items of minor importance, but there are some shortcuts you can take. And now we'll show them to you.

First of all, you can use the credits to get the gold crates, which have the best chance of releasing epic items compared to lower level crates. Also try to get your hands on as many diamond and platinum crates as possible (and here the previous point in the guide is useful). The latter always release epic objects, even if they are more difficult to obtain. Devote yourself to multiverse challenges and endless battles to increase your chances of getting one.

But the tips don't end there: also go into story mode. Not only will you learn the particular moves of the various characters, but you'll also be rewarded with legendary pieces of equipment from time to time. You'll need a lot of time to get everything you need, so keep your rhythm without getting too stressed.

Level up very quickly

There are several ways to quickly level up your favorite characters in Injustice 2 . Among them, you can devote yourself to plundering the Multiverse and accept the challenges it offers you, gaining experience points for each eliminated game enemy. Or you can explore the single player campaign of the title, which will often return to reward you with as much experience, but also exclusive items for your hero (or anti-hero that is).

Of course, there is also an alternative way to level up characters quickly, very quickly. All you need are two controllers, this trick was recently discovered on Reddit. We bring it back to you in our Italian translation, of course, we're not so bad. Go to the menu of extra content (Extras), from here select Options, then Game Settings, and bring the round time to 300 and the rounds needed to win to 2. Synchronize now two controllers, go to Multiplayer Versus mode and select a character you like as player 1.

Now choose between Aquaman, Black Adam, Brainiac, Cyborg, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Supergirl, Superman, Swamp Thing or Wonder Woman and set your character as Player 2. These are the heroes with the lowest health level of Injustice 2 , and therefore you can beat them very fast. Start a game, defeat Player 2 as quickly as possible: the timing here is essential. By following this procedure you will gain 1000 experience points each time.

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