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Clever delinquent
Earn full negative karma.

Incorruptible Earn
full positive karma. Two trophies that we can win in the same game, it will be enough to bring karma first to Hero and then to Infamous - or vice versa - to get both prizes.

Fight the good fight Unlock
the good ending.

Forge your path
Unlock the evil ending.
Two trophies for two endings, all we have to do is complete the story as both Hero and Villain.

Pain forms the character
Finish the difficult game.
InFamous 2's Difficult mode isn't complex at all, the big difference being more enemy power and less experience points gained from story and side missions.

Take back the first island in New Marais.

This is my town now
Take back the second island in New Marais.
In order to conquer the first and second islands of New Marais, all we have to do is complete the secondary objectives so that the militia can be eliminated from the city.


to the top of the 3 tallest buildings in New Marais.
Church, Clock Tower and Ice Tower, these are the three tallest buildings in New Marais. Once we reach the top of all three buildings - and by top we mean the highest point ever, including antennas - we will get our trophy.

Extreme Restoration
Destroy 30 verandas or other bulky objects.
The easiest point to achieve this is in the top right area of the map, here there are big towers that can be destroyed by Cole. Destroy them by making sure you get points from the destruction and once you blow up the 30th tower, you'll get your trophy.

Strip of blood
Defeat 100 civilians.
Trophy that we will get simply by playing, especially if we aim for negative karma.

My Army
Defeat 300 enemies.
Trophy that we will get simply by playing, three hundred enemies are not few, but we can reach this figure safely if we aim to complete the game at 100%.

Watch the first step
Defeat an enemy by destroying the object on which he stood.
Trophy simpler than it looks, just destroy a watchtower with the enemy on top to get the trophy.

Finish what you started
Perform 100 final moves or ultra close combat combos.
To get this trophy we'll have to face battles against melee enemies and when the triangle button icon is shown on screen press it to activate the final move or ultra combo. Once the hundredth combo is complete, we will get the trophy.

Knockout in the Blackout
Defeat 50 enemies in dull zones while missions are not active.
Opening the map you'll notice areas marked with a striped texture that indicates the absence of electricity in the area. To get this trophy we'll have to reach these areas and face and defeat fifty enemies here - the kills made will be counted and maintained even if we die in the clashes.

Piercing taste Take
down a street artist who's imitating a statue.
We reach the church in New Marais and take down the man marked on the radar by a note-shaped icon. There are so many of them around the game world, it's not something complex at all.

Don't put me inside
Scale a fence and cheer up.
Like the previous one, let's climb over a fence, jump over it and get the trophy. This, like many others, is a trophy that we will naturally win by completing the game.

Well-assorted collection
Unlock and acquire all kinds of power to perform stunts.
Target that we will unlock simply by playing.

Platinum Trophy of inFAMOUS 2

Get all the other inFAMOUS 2 trophies.

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