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Are you too desperate for a guide who can help you step by step with Inazume Elven Firestorm or Inazuma Eleven Blizzard? You've come to the right place at the right time. Below is the complete solution for Inazuma Eleven Firestorm and Blizzard. The game is divided into two parts: one with the game mechanics of an RPG, presenting various explorable places to find items, talk to other characters or participate in challenges. The other part is the actual games. There are all the actions of the classic football game, plus the addition of numerous special moves, called Killer Techniques. The outcome of each action undertaken by each player depends on seven skill values (which are Attack, Physical, Control, Defense, Speed, Endurance and Grit), his affinity and the total number of players in that action. A football match follows the rules of real football: foul, offside, corner kick, throw...
Each game has two strokes. Some are played in full, others are played only until certain conditions are met. Each time has a duration of 30 minutes plus the recovery. Time passes normally.
However, the Shooting Techniques and Parry Techniques are activated simultaneously, consuming PT (Technical Points). TPs are the points needed to use the special skill whether it is a shot, stop, or dribbling, TPs are needed to perform certain actions. The stronger the skill, the more TPs are required. You will restore your TPs to a restore point or by eating snack bars and vegetables.
GP, on the other hand, is the amount of health a player uses. Moving around and taking actions involves GP costs. When a character's GP is down 1/4, he will get tired and can't move very fast. You will restore your GPs to a restore point either by eating rice balls and vegetables and drinking water.

After watching the opening footage, the scene will move on to Mark taking a nap. Mom will come to wake us up, and we will automatically end up outside the house where we bump into Nelly and after a short dialogue you will have to go south, near the park. Here you'll meet a friend, who will explain some of the game's functions and remind you of the presence of energy restorers scattered around the map, thanks to which you can restore the energy lost by your players in exchange for a few points. At the end of the dialogue you will have to go to the only available location on the map, south-west. You will find yourself in the large park, move to the right until you find a football field, then talk to your teammates. At this point the scene will move on to the Raimon Academy and then on to Axel who finally sees his little sister wake up from her coma. The scene then returns to the field in the big park, save the game and move to the northeast to find yourself back on the map, here you will choose the new location that appeared: the Raimon Academy.

Chapter 1

After a short dialogue, you will face four characters: this 4-a-side football game will act as a tutorial. After scoring 1 goal, the game will end and Principal Hirai will tell you what happened. At the end of the dialogue, you'll have to head northwest, where you'll discover that the little house you used as a meeting place for the football club has also been destroyed. Interact with a group of rubble to the left of the cottage to discover an underground passage. Walk along it until you find Detective Onigawara. After a short dialogue, continue north, where you will meet Yuuichiro.

At the end of the film, head south to get out and go back the way you came. After rescuing, return to the entrance of the Academy, heading to the right, just after coming out of the secret passage. Here you will be blocked by four ambiguous characters, who want to challenge us to a four-a-side football match. All you have to do is follow one goal to continue. Even if you see the Raimon Academy's soccer field, ignore it and continue south, so as to exit the location. Now choose the location on the map at the bottom left, to the right of the river. The gate is closed, move to the left and go through the opening in the wall, then towards the soccer field in this small area. After a short intermission, our first 11-a-side football match will finally start, before which we can change the players' positions or replace them - the only reserve at the moment is Glass.

Our opponents will be much stronger than we are, and soon they'll be near our goal with a goal - don't rely on special techniques, they'll score anyway. After a few minutes from the first goal, the characters will start talking, until Axel Blaze arrives on the scene, and the game will resume. Soon the opponents will shoot again towards your goal, but this time with the Hand of Light you will be able to parry the shot, and automatically the ball will fly over the halfway point. At this point shoot towards your opponent's goal using Aries Inazum. After watching a film we will find ourselves in the hospital, we save and go down the stairs, then we leave the building and head to the right. On the map we choose the location in the center, the Raimon Academy, and talk to Yuuichiro. After witnessing two animated interludes and some dialogue, we go south and exit the academy, then choose the location on the top left.

Let's head north now, where we'll meet Eric Eagle and Domon Bobby Shearer, so let's talk to them. At the end of the dialogue we talk to Ichinose Eric again and choose "Yes" to have him join our team, and we repeat the same procedure with Domon Bobby. Now let's go south and go back to the soccer field where we challenged the aliens last time to talk to the guys in the blue uniform. At the end of the short dialogue, we talk to the only one left of them, and recruit him by talking to him once and pressing "Yes" when prompted. After a few dialogues and interludes, we can finally save, after which we leave the current location and return to the Raimon Academy. Here we talk to Lyna Shiller. We will find her by the bus in the center of the camp.

Chapter 2

Let's talk to the driver and head to Nara to enter the only available location. After watching some dialogues we head to the bleachers. At the end of the third staircase we talk to the person at the foot of it. After a short dialogue, we return to the map of Japan, then we board the Inazuma Caravan and talk with Lyna Shiller. At this point we return to Nara in the only location available, go up the first and second steps to the left, then head back to the guard at the foot of the third staircase and talk to Celia Hills, also at the foot of the tree-lined steps.

After a few dialogues, we finally save and climb the tree-lined steps. We will find ourselves in a large garden, head north, cross the bridge and continue north again, until we reach the statue destroyed during the intermission a few minutes ago. After some dialogue, we'll challenge Victoria's team. From this point on we can use the blocking techniques, in order to intercept the most powerful shots and eventually stop them, so as not to waste too much energy on the goalkeeper.

The opponents, in fact, are stronger than expected, and the Hand of Light won't be enough to stop their special shots. At some point in the game, we will also have to bench Nathan Swift, Jack Wallside and Kevin Dragonfly. From now on we will play in 8, so the only way to win is to "tire" the opponent's goalkeeper by continuing to shoot towards their goal. By insisting on the attack, the opponent's goalkeeper will no longer have the energy to perform the special parry, and at that point you should achieve victory. After this match, we'll unlock the ability to customize the team in story mode and multiplayer mode and challenge the previously beaten teams again. Now let's head to the center of the current location, and we'll see a big blue screen on the right, let's talk to the man next to it. After the dialogue we return to the map of Nara and select the location in the center, the one where we found the tree-lined steps. We continue to the right until we reach the first staircase, talk to the person next to it and a game will start.

After defeating our opponents, we return to the map of Nara and head to the TV Station to talk to the people in front of the gate. After a short dialogue, we return to the Inazuma Caravan, and after reading the dialogues, we operate the computer on the right and choose the only person available under Mark and press "Yes". At this point we return to the map of Nara and choose again the location in the center and go to the first step we meet. We talk to the person at the foot of the steps, who will join our team. Let's go back to the TV Station and talk again with the guards in front of the gate. We go straight ahead and enter the building, save and take the elevator on the right, after going up the stairs. We add Victoria to the team and challenge Gemini Storm again.

Let's head as soon as possible to the opponent's goal with Axel and execute the Tornado of Fire. Prepare for defeat anyway. After some dialogue and an animated interlude, we will meet again in Nara, in the big park, near the big blue screen. Let's head northeast and exit the location, then view the map of Japan and return to Tokyo.

Chapter 3

Let's talk to the driver and head to Hokkaido on the map of Japan, then enter the only available location inside. Once out of the Inazuma Caravan, head to the top left, where we will find Lyna Shiller talking on her cell phone. Now we go back south, talk to the driver and after a few dialogues we choose the location on the left in the map of Hokkaido. Here we head north, towards the big tree that you can also see from the mini-map, and talk to the guy next to it. After a few dialogues, we get off the Inazuma Caravan and head back to the left location on the map of Hokkaido.
We continue north until we find a new football field. Once here, we go up the stairs to the right, then head to the building above to talk to the guy to the right of the walkway leading to the building to the north, then head south and talk to the guy we found near the tree, Shawn Froste, and save. We go down the stairs to the left and back to the soccer field we saw earlier, but this time we talk to the characters in the center of the field to start a new 11-on-11 match.

The first half will be pretty easy, no opposing player will be really threatening in attack or defense, not even Shawn himself. The goalkeeper has above average defensive power, but he will only need two special parries to minimize his energy, so take advantage of that. The second half will start with an automatic goal in your goal, so if you didn't even score a goal in the first half, try to catch up now. At the end of the challenge in the current map of Hokkaido we select the forest on the left. Now let's head north and talk to Shawn near the tree, and after some automatic dialogue let's head to the lightning icon, located a little higher up, and interact with it. To our left, we will find Nathan Swift, so let's talk to him. From the map of Hokkaido select the snowy forest again and head north to the tree. At this point a new 4 vs 4 match against the Alius Academy goons will begin. After scoring a goal, the match will end and Shawn will join our team. We will now exit the location and head south, then go to the map of Hokkaido and select the location on the top left. We enter the location, go down the stairs to the left, save, and talk to the people near the goal.

Kevin has just learned a new technique, the Winged Dragon, with which you should score an almost sure goal. At the end of the first half, Shawn will change personality, so now you'll have to put him as a striker and change his personality through "Character Change". In the second half, we try to pass the ball to Shawn near the opponent's goal, so that he will run the Ice Storm.

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