Illusion of Gaia SNES bonus content and cheats

Illusion of Gaia it's a action RPG genre video game developed by Quintet to Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was released for the 16-bit console by Enix in Japan and by Nintendo in the rest of the world in 1994. In Europe Illusion of Gaia was instead titled Illusion of Time.

The cast of characters that appear in Illusion of Gaia is really very large, but the usable ones are only Will, Freedan and Shadow. Each has special skills which make him different from other characters and some game areas can only be overcome by using a specific character. Health and defense points, however, are shared, even though the strength levels are different.
The design of the game is simpler than that of many other RPGs and uses a new system to advance the various characters. By killing all enemies in a room, the protagonist earns a permanent bonus in the form of a gem. These gems increase attack, defense or hit points.

Although re-entering an area causes monsters to reappear, the gems do not reappear. Healing herb is the only item that heals wounds, while the game's only secondary mission is to find the Red Jewel, Red Gems.


During the game you can find up to 50 Red Jewels. By collecting them and giving them to the Jeweler, you can get really useful additional rewards to continue in the various missions and complete the game.

Strength +1 = collect 12 Red Jewels
HP +1 = collect 8 Red Jewels
Defense +1 = collect 5 Red Jewels

Illusion of Gaia - SNES


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