Ikari Warriors - Commodore 64 cheats and codes

Ikari Warriors is a celebrity arcade video game published by SNK in 1986 and converted in the late 80s for numerous home computers and consoles, including the Commodore 64, for which we propose the tricks.

Ikari Warriors is basically one sparatutto a Scroll Commando style: you play as a soldier armed with a rifle and grenades, very similar to the famous Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone in those years. This video game stood out at the time for the possibility of playing in 2 player mode simultaneously, which makes it extremely fun especially if played with a friend, with whom there will still be challenges especially for those who record the highest score.
There are two sequels of Ikari Warriors: Victory Road (1986) and Ikari III: The Rescue (1989). Neither, however, reaches the level of involvement of the first chapter. If you are ready to defeat hordes of heavily armed enemies, this is the shooter for you! and if you find it too difficult, don't worry, we have some tricks up our sleeve ...

If you run out of lives, press A, B, B, A in sequence

At the title screen, press Up, Down, A, A, B, Left, Right, A, B, Up, A, Down, Right, Right, Left, B, Up, Left, A, Right, B, Left, Right, A, Left, Up, A, Down, A, Right, Left, B, Start. You can choose which level to start the game from.

Sometimes incoming missiles are just impossible to avoid if you are in the tank. however the game has a small bug, which is a maximum number of explosions that can appear simultaneously on the screen. When you HAVE to pass over a detonator, quickly fire three shots by perfectly calculating that the explosions occur at the exact moment the missile hits you. The ability to determine the precise moment and a little luck will ensure that the explosion does not generate.

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