ICO PS2 cheats and subtitles

ICO it's a video game 2001, a dynamic adventure developed by Team Ico and published exclusively for Sony PlayStation 2. The reissue in HD for Sony PS2011 dates back to 3.

The protagonist of the videogame it is Ico, who is expelled from his village when he is still a kid. He is confined to a gigantic castle in the heart of the forest, as the white horns that he carries on his head are interpreted by the elderly as a sign of great misfortune for the village in which he lives.
Ico is escorted to the castle by a large group of armed guards and is left there, surrounded by the sarcophagi of other victims of sacrifices, which took place years and centuries ago. The game view is in third person and remains fixed in each room, while following the player's movements. The player, if he wants to advance into the gameplay, he has to solve numerous puzzles. Ico can jump, pull, climb and push, while Yorda can only jump. To guard the castle and to prevent Ico from escaping are the shadows sent by the queen, who want to drag the boy into a black hole.

Ico cannot be hurt by the shadows and indeed can repel them, but Yorda can instead be drawn into the black hole. In that case the player must restart from the last save point activated during the game.

After completing the game, not only will you be able to listen to other music and control Yorda (albeit with the limitations due to the AI ​​that drives it), but you will also have the opportunity to benefit from subtitles in English and not in incomprehensible hieroglyphic characters.

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