I Am Alive : Guide to Trophies and Achievements

First Machete quick kill (5G): Perform your first quick kill with the Machete while intimidated.

Machetequick kill, the third (5G): Perform three quick kills with the Machete while intimidated.

My first rescue (5 G): Help or free your first victim. Watch the Ultimate Rescue target.

Elevator repair service (10G): Repair the elevator to free people who are stuck.
To repair the elevator, you must first climb to the top of the skyscraper and set off fireworks. This event will create an earthquake that will open 2 glass doors, each of them leading to a tank of gasoline that you will need to reactivate the elevator. Watch out for enemies and once the elevator is reactivated you will also get a reward from the guy at the foot of it.

Fifth quick kill (10G): Perform five quick kills with the Machete while intimidated.
Some tomatoes for her (10G): Give tomatoes to the hungry lady in the foggy streets. Watch the Ultimate Rescue target.

Three victims helped (15G): Help or free three victims. Watch Ultimate Rescue target.

Five victims helped (20G): Helps or frees five victims. View Ultimate Rescue target.

Ten victims helped (20 G): Helps ten victims. View Ultimate Rescue target.

Do it once (20 G): Complete the game once, at any difficulty level.

Survivor (40G): Complete the game in Survivor mode.

Ultimate Rescue(40G): Help or save all victims. IMPORTANT: Victims are arranged in the order in which you will find them in the game, remember not to waste items because each of them can be valuable to a victim.

VICTIM 1: It is impossible not to find this victim because it is part of the initial Tutorial, before reaching it at the point indicated on the map, however, remember to collect the Medipack on one side of Nome Arbor Street.

VICTIM 2: This victim can be heard coughing as soon as you enter the elevator shaft to the upper floors of the mall. Before going up to the 3rd floor (where the victim is located) go to the 5th floor to pick up an Inhaler next to a banner that says "Sale".

VICTIM 3: You will findhim wandering around the Golden Garden, after having powered the elevator. Bring a Medipack that you can find near the victim on the second floor of the mall.

VICTIM 4: The victim is trapped at the point indicated on the map and hidden by fog. To save her you will need a battery that you can recover above the small square building in front of the victim.

VICTIM 5: These 2 victims like to drink and you can find them on the building next to the one where you collected the battery from the 4th victim. There are several bottles of wine in the game and you will need 2 bottles to meet the needs of these survivors, it will not be difficult to find them, however the first one you can collect at the base of the building.

VITTIM 6: It is located in the southern part of the building shown in the photo, if you are heading north you will find it on the right. It's the same set of buildings where the alcoholic victims are located. For this victim you will need a pack of cigarettes, you can find ONLY 2 packs during the game:
-In the basement of the hotel parking lot;
-during the rescue of some victims from cannibals.

VICTIM 7: Exactly above victim 6, you will hear his cries for help as you cross the tracks.
You will find her handcuffed to a bench and as soon as you approach you will be attacked, try to keep a bullet for after the fight because you will need it to free the woman.

VICTIM 8: To reach this victim you will have to walk on the northern edge of the building where she is located. Bring him some tomatoes to save her. The tomatoes will be offered to you during the game before the fireworks mission. Once you save this victim, you will get a target.

Entering the subway with Mei, you will meet 2 victims who are arguing over some food found. Point the gun at the gunman to fix the situation.

These victims will be in the hands of cannibals and you must avoid leaving them to us. On your way to the subway, you will happen to notice a gun behind a fence just before going down the stairs. To reach the gun, and then the victims, you will find stairs on the left. All you have to do to save them is eliminate their captors and store a bullet to destroy the locks that imprisons them.

VICTIM11: You will find her at the subway exit when you are with Mei. You must have 2 boxes of food which, if you have explored, should be in the inventory. Otherwise you will find one on the upper floor of the mall and another one in the subway, just after the part where you will have to climb a wall. The food box is hidden behind a gate that you have to shoot at.

VICTIM 12: You will hear the victim's voice coming from the abyss. You will actually have to walk on a pipe to reach it. You will need a Medipack to save the victim, there are a lot of them scattered in the game so I think at this point you will have no problem to have it in the inventory.

VICTIM 13: This victim is victim of a bully and you can find him on board the ship, eliminate the bully to save him by shooting him without asking questions or it might be too late. Now you will have to give 2 painkillers to the victim, don't worry, the ship is full of them.

VICTIM 14: For this victim you will need 3 rehydrating salts. One is found near the third victim, near the Golden Garden. Another can be found on the building where the helicopter crashed. With a little luck you'll find the third one around. To reach the victim instead you will have to find the Quarantine Keep Out sign on one side of the ship, you will also hear the cough of the victim who will guide you on the right way. When you reach the sign, hold on to the top of the ship and swing to the right until you reach the victim.

you'll find her in the security room on the ground floor of the hotel, bring a Medipack to save her.

This victim is about to suffer violence from her persecutor so you have to be quick: you cannot reach her directly but you can see her through shadows on a tent. Shoot her kidnapper and she will open the door for you.

VICTIM 17: You will find the victim in the parking lot of the Hotel, in the basement. You will hear her scream from behind a closed door. Shoot the door to get her kidnapper out, eliminate him but keep a bullet to free the survivor from the handcuffs.

At the point where you cross the abyss through a pipe, you will notice the victim wandering around in the fog. Talk to the Victim who will ask you for 5 objects (all objects frequently found during the adventure:
-Food Box
-Fruit Box

You'll find it on the skyscraper where you'll have to light the fireworks. Bring some rehydrating salts to save him.

VICTIM 20: You will find the last victim near the entrance of the amusement park, on the left. Bring him a medical kit to save him.

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