How to Win at PUBG, Useful Tips to Get Ready

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Unless you have lived in a cave in the last few months, it is virtually impossible that you have never heard of PUBG . PlayerUnknown鈥檚 Battlegrounds is the game that, more than any other, has started the "Battle Royale Mania", preparing the ground for Fortnite, the title that will soon become the undisputed king of this category of video games. Winning a match of the exclusive Microsoft console is by no means an easy feat; staying the last player alive will require a not inconsiderable knowledge of the map, skill in the use of the various weapons in the game, a lot of patience and that bit of luck that never fails. In this guide, we will list a whole series of information that will be useful to bring home the victory in PlayerUnknown鈥檚 Battlegrounds .

PUBG communication is everything

This part is dedicated to all those players who have decided to face the match in duo or team. In case you don't want to play as a "lone wolf", communicating with other users will require quick and effective communication. For this very reason, there are several tools at your disposal. First of all, you can use the voice chat that PUBG is available to you; however, if you are looking for a program that will guarantee you better quality, we have three names for you: Discord, Teamspeak and Mumble. Using any of these programs, you can always communicate with any member of your team, making sure that everyone, but everyone, is ready to start the match.

Land quickly and get equipment as quickly as possible

As I'm PUBG sure all the veterans know, we'll start our game by being parachuted onto an island that's far from deserted. In the moments that we pass "in the air", we will have to decide where to land, being well aware that there will be more populated areas and others that are less populated. We will discuss later, in other guides, the areas where it is more convenient to land, but it is good that you decide quickly where to "put your feet". The explanation is given: the faster you land, the faster you can look for what you will need most to bring home the final victory: the equipment. However, don't worry: as you play, you'll quickly learn the most strategic positions on each map.

Playing defense will be of paramount importance

One of the keys to winning at PlayerUnknown鈥檚 Battlegrounds is... staying hidden!

As we mentioned earlier, finding the right equipment will play a key role in our survival. Don't worry so much about weapons, but about defensive items; try to get bulletproof vests, helmets, and all the healing items you can get your hands on, as they'll extend your stay in the match no small part. Again, you'll learn how to manage your resources match after match in the best possible way, becoming increasingly shrewd and meticulous.

Another piece of advice we have to give you is to "play defense". If you're going to make it to the end of a match alive PUBG , running around shooting like crazy will mean more or less certain death. To bring home the victory, you will have to learn to position yourself in the most strategic points that the game map will provide you and ... wait for the right time. Whether it is a rooftop, a window, a hill, or even a corridor, it will be in these places that you can wait for your opponents and hit them. Just be careful to stay well hidden when you "have company", and always remember that "playing defense" could be your winning weapon.

Find the right hiding place

The line between life and death is a very fine one PUBG . As you will soon learn, hiding in the wrong place will make you easy targets, ready to be shot and killed. Precisely on the basis of what has now been said, it is necessary to choose carefully the place where you hide. The most appropriate choice in this respect will be places that are not exposed, so that you are not hit from behind, and that are not near a hill.

We remind you that what has been said so far is not an infallible way to achieve a certain and absolute victory. However, following with care and attention what we have listed, together with an indispensable and massive dose of experience, it will be very easy for you to reach at least the top 10, until you get the coveted Chicken Dinner.

How to set traps and ambush your enemies

Teamwork, in these cases, will prove to be of vital importance.

Ambushing other players could prove to be a very important strategic move to eliminate enemy teams, or even just pairs of opponents and "lone wolves". Ambushes are not difficult to organize, and the only thing really required is, of course, effective communication between you and your teammates. Although it is possible to set up ambushes in Solo Mode, the best way to set one involves at least one other player or, even better, a team.

When you think you're ready, choose your preferred location to prepare your attack. Remember that large buildings, with multiple entrances and exits, will be harder to protect, which could lead to enemies hitting you from behind or from the hips, so you'll be able to get out before you've had a chance to ambush properly.

One of the best places to set up an ambush is near an air drop. These crates will be parachuted quite often during the various matches, and their launch will always be preceded by a plane that will fly over your heads. Keep an eye on the aircraft in question, and if you can reach the supplies before anyone else, you can create a perimeter around the crate using buildings, trees and even bushes to hide inside them.

A job that may require a little patience...

Once that's done, you'll simply have to wait for an enemy to approach the crate and then take them out. The most important thing you'll have to worry about, in these cases, is the possible reinforcement of the enemy team, which will most likely be in an elevated position, from which it will be able to control the situation. For this reason, make sure that your teammates are always in the vicinity of any possible guard position, and wait for enemy reinforcements to come into play.

There are many good ways to set up ambushes for other players in PUBG , and doing so will make it much easier for you to defeat enemies and increase your number of kills. Remember that smaller buildings with fewer doors and windows are the best places to position yourself, and are the easiest to defend if your enemies intercept you and try to draw you out.

Ambushing your enemies could prove to be a very good tactic. Places such as the ruins, apartments and even the streets of the city of Miramar will provide you with many advantages by setting up a good ambush position. Make sure you are ready for action and, of course, also willing to be patient for a while, as players may not always arrive immediately. However, taking your opponents by surprise is a great way to reduce the number of players in a match, but it may take you some time.

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