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Clash of Royale fans from all over Italy: are you tired of being overwhelmed by your opponents? Don't you understand why, despite having spent countless hours upgrading your cards one step away from victory, you never manage to come out victorious? Or are you a novice player who needs advice to start becoming a champion in the Arena of Clash Royale ?

In any case, don't despair! Below we will give you some simple but very useful tips to start winning and beating anyone who comes up against you. Are you ready? Here are 20 points to follow to become part of the Olympus of Clash Royale .

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How to play Clash Royale

First, a few introductory hints on how this game works. It's something to keep in mind, whether you're a novice or a seasoned player. On the single screen in front of you are two sets of towers facing each other. Players will use elixirs to place their troops, and their goal will be to make their way to a tower and damage it as much as possible. It sounds simple but there's a lot more depth than it sounds.

You must, in fact, be skilled in selecting the appropriate units that will be part of your 8-card deck, and make the most of your virtual funds or, in case you decide to spend money from your wallet, real money.

Balance your bunch of Clash Royale

The deck is the basis of the game and therefore needs special attention in its creation and in the selection of the cards that will compose it. It's not a good idea to have a deck entirely made up of rough hand-to-hand combatants, just as it's not a good idea to create a deck made up only of archers or fighters from a distance. In order to cope with all the possible attacks that your opponent could launch, you need to balance the different types of units: you will need a tank, someone capable of absorbing your opponent's assault, units capable of area damage, and finally remote attack units to effectively damage the towers.

Last thing to keep in mind is the cost in the elixir of the cards, to avoid having to sit on your hands and forced to wait for your elixirs to recharge.

Include in your deck units that attack the towers

As much fun as it is to fight the enemy and watch the action unfold on the battlefield, let's not forget that the goal Clash Royale is to destroy the opposing towers.

There are a few units that will make the task much easier for you and should therefore be included in any self-respecting deck. Units such as the giant (costing 5 elixirs and high hit points) and the boar tamer (costing 4 elixirs and low hit points) will ignore the opponent's attacks to go direct without distractions against the opponent's towers. Having at least one of these troops in your ranks will therefore be extremely useful to achieve your goal. It should be noted that these cards can also be countered and can be distracted by the opponent's building cards, so think carefully before throwing them at the opponent's towers: you may find yourself without your main tool to get to victory without even realizing it.

Understand how to combine your units

We've talked about which units to choose and quickly how to balance your deck of cards. However, the strategy doesn't end there: sending your troops out is a totally wrong move and you need to know the right strategy for how to deploy them on the battlefield.

Throwing individual units into the fray will only result in being decimated by the enemy army, and is therefore a choice to avoid. What you should do, instead, is to reason and look for the most effective combinations of cards to activate at the same time. For example, since giants can absorb a lot of enemy damage due to their high hit points, it is a good idea to position them in front of ranged attack units such as archers or hot air balloons so that they can reach enemy towers without loss and start attacking them.

Boar tamer, on the other hand, are weak at swarm strategy but can be devastating when combined with other cards such as fire spirits, ice spirits and goblins. With these tips in mind, try to build your strategy by carefully balancing different units. Remember that your goal is to get to the opposing towers, so always try to defend the units that destroy them as easily as possible.

Don't forget the spells!

It's easy to forget in the excitement and excitement of battle that the troops on the field are not your only tools for fighting and beating the warriors. In fact, there are spell cards to help you and allow you to achieve victory.

Spell cards generally have a very low elixir cost and are therefore great to be included in any kind of deck. Spells in Clash Royale can both generate beneficial effects for your troops, such as recovering hit points or poisoning opponents in an area. They can be deployed in any part of the field of play, i.e. both your own and your opponent's half.

Some powerful spells to take into account are definitely freezing, which will block the opponent's troops for a few seconds to give a boar tamer a chance to give a few extra shots to the tower, and unload, which with just two spent elixirs will annihilate the opponent's weaker troops and stun the other units in the blast range for a second. There are other very useful spells, try to find the combinations that best suit your deck.

Use swarms of units to defeat the toughest opponent enemies.

Therefore, take into account the weaknesses and resistance of your units, bearing in mind that if you use the right troops you can annihilate the most dangerous enemy units with the minimum use of elixirs, paving the way to ultimate victory.

Always Clash Royale play with audio on

Clash Royale is a game for smartphones, whose strong point is the possibility therefore to be played as, where and when you want. Many players, therefore, end up playing it by train, waiting for the bus or whatever, with the app completely silenced.

If you want to have a slight advantage over your opponent, it's definitely a good idea to play with the audio activated. The soundtrack that you will find yourself listening to will certainly not be among the best ever created, but what is important is to have the opportunity to listen to the audio cues that will certainly help you on the battlefield. For example, hearing immediately when one of your units is under attack or has been wiped out will give you the chance to react faster, just as it can be very useful to hear the battle cry of a boar tamer who has just taken to the field.

It's understandable, then, that for convenience you decide to play with the audio off, but consider investing in a pair of headphones on the phone: it could be the difference between a victory and a defeat.

Use your time effectively

"Patience is the virtue of the strong," said the wise man, and this maxim also applies to Clash Royale . Although time is indeed a scarce resource, it is necessary to know how to make the most of it, and not to act hastily, risking thwarting all previous strategic efforts. Sometimes, rather than deploying all the units you can as soon as you have a minimum of resources, it is better to wait and observe the situation until your elixirs have recharged and then deploy the units that are right for the situation.

That said, even the opposite can sometimes be true. If, in fact, you have Mini P.E.K.K.A. among your starting cards. , wild boar tamer and fire spirits, cards that could take your opponent in total against time, a strategy could be to line them all up immediately at the same time. This action could have the result of confusing your opponent and guarantee the destruction of a tower in a few seconds.

It's up to you to know how to manage your time efficiently clash after clash, understanding when to be more patient and wait for developments on the battlefield before taking new action.

Plan your push from the rear

Each unit has a different speed of movement and, therefore, you should plan carefully where to deploy them initially. To make an effective push against your opponent, it's a good idea to deploy slower units like the giants behind your king's tower because by the time those units arrive near the river, your elixir supplies will have already recharged, so you can start deploying support troops for your slow tanks.

This strategy is not infallible but you will have to be careful of any attacks from a distance that your opponent could throw at you. The game, however, is worth the candle because if your opponent is even a little late in his reactions this will mean an unstoppable push towards his buildings, guaranteeing you a quick and easy victory.

Learn how to create diversions for your opponent's troops

As mentioned earlier, the reason why units as a boar tamer and giant are indispensable and excellent tools for victory is their ability to pull straight to the target (the opposing towers) without distractions and without taking into account the attacks suffered. This means that all other units, on the other hand, can be distracted to slow their advance to your towers.

If, for example, a very powerful enemy unit such as mini PEKKA is heading towards your buildings, it's a good idea to deploy a few small units of little cost in front of it to slow it down and, in the meantime, plan a strategy to deal with it. Also, this will give your own towers time to start hitting those units, weakening them further before they can do permanent damage to them.

Knowing when and if it's a good idea to sacrifice units for the greater good is one of the things that distinguishes a good player from an excellent player: like in chess, a sacrifice can be the key that opens the way to ultimate victory in the wider spectrum of war.

Greed is a capital sin

You find yourself in a position of considerable advantage over your opponent and in your bloodshot eyes you can already taste the complete defeat of your enemy. This mentality Clash Royale could be fatal to you. Keep one thing in mind: the number of crowns you receive for a tower victory is not so much less than the number you receive for a three-tower victory. Sometimes, after destroying one tower, the best idea may not be to push further to destroy the remaining two, but rather to perch in defense and wait for the clock hands to slowly strike your victory.

Obviously, in case your defenses have already been damaged and you are aware that in defense your opponent could recover the disadvantage and reach the victory himself, continue to attack until you have destroyed all three, always considering the time remaining before outlining a defense or attack strategy.

If a line is lost, sacrifice your rook.

As mentioned earlier, knowing when it's time to abandon your own unit or, in this case, even a tower to your destiny is a very important mechanics and a skill that only with time you'll be able to develop and exploit properly.

If the situation on a lane is unrecoverable and you realize it in time, it's a good idea instead of trying to counter the inexorable push of the enemy that would only result in lost units and open the way to defeat, it's better to let the opponent destroy it and, instead, deploy all your troops on another side of the battlefield. Of course, be careful not to leave too much room for your opponent to maneuver and keep your king's tower well defended.

Understanding when it's time to attack on a different front could be the balance between victory and defeat: never give up in the face of the first difficulties but keep looking for a way to recover the situation.

Always keep an eye on the game clock.

Destroying opposing towers gives immediate advantages not indifferent but sometimes hurry is bad advice: be strategic in your attacks and consider your actions in the long run, not only for their immediate result.

Make the units you lose worth less than the units you destroy.

We mentioned earlier how important it is that, in case you decide to "exchange" some of your troops with your opponent, in the game of elixirs our goal is to make sure that the opponent has lost more resources. Specifically, therefore, it makes no sense to use powerful ranged attack units to defeat troops as skeletons or thugs with very low activation cost. At the same time, however, be careful, because if you don't eliminate them with the right timing you risk that it will backfire on you, and if it was you who first destroyed a mini PEKKA with a swarm of weak units, your units could suffer the same fate.

There are strategies here too: for example, a high-level Valkyrie can help you in your mission to make a clean slate of armies of units as cheap as skeletons without suffering any retaliation.

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