How to Play Doom Eternal in Third Person

Doom has always been the king of first-person shooters, imagining him in another guise is really difficult, he was born like that and his future will only continue subjectively.

This rule does not escape Doom Eternal , probably the highest expression of the series and one of the most incredible fps ever seen, thanks to its soundtrack.

And yet, someone who has the curiosity to see how he behaves Doom Eternal in the third person is there. The work of the modders sometimes leaves you really stunned and sometimes it serves to fulfill the most intimate desires of the gamers.

In the case of Doom Eternal the third person, however, it is not enough to install a mod, you need to have a software that many people know: CheatEngine, a real institution in the field of tricks. This method is only valid for the PC version.

Doom Eternal in third person: what to do

To be able to Doom Eternal play third person, you have to follow some simple steps that we are going to list below.

  • First, you must install CheatEngine by downloading it from the official website
  • Enable the Unrestricted Console Commands / CVars & Bind command
  • You may also need to enable noclip and notarget commands.
  • Start Doom Eternal
  • Open the command console with the "" key which is located before the number 1
  • Type the pm_thirdperson 1 command
  • Tear third-person demons to pieces

We must point out that Doom Eternal it is not designed for the third view, so there may be some problems with this type of commands. Also, some points in the game may be considerably harder to overcome because they're not suitable for the third person.

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