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Legends of Runeterra is the new online free-to-play card game developed and published by Riot Games. The game is expected to be released in 2020 following a series of tests in private beta. Legends of Runeterra is part of the same universe as League of Legends.

This title is expected to be released for PC, macOS and iOS and Android devices. The question that many people are asking, however, is: how do you get Legends of Runeterra it? There are in fact no keys to blackmail, but you must ask for an authorization.

In this guide we see how to get the new game Riot and a few small tips to get off to a great start.

Legends of Runeterra | How to download Riot's new game

You'll need to ask for authorization by connecting to the game's official website. To do so, just go to https://playruneterra.com.

The request is not enough, of course, you have to redeem the game. The fastest method is to earn twitch drops. Those who know the platform well already know that twitch drops are nothing more than a way to get "loot" in game by watching streams from your favorite content creators.

First, make sure your Twitch account is linked to your Riot Games account. To do so, you need to go to settings then on connections. At this point, watch (you can even just leave the stream on) a streaming with drops enabled. Don't worry, you don't have to visit the various channels at random, in fact, underneath the title of a stream there is clear and round writing that twitch drops are present.

If you're lucky you'll get a twitch drop and you'll be warned by a little bell. You will also receive an email with all the relevant information.

Note:If you open multiple streams with the same logged-in account you won't have any more twitch drops, it will just be a waste of time. Don't try this trick, it doesn't work.

Once the account is enabled, you will be able to access this test weekend, the next one and the beta, without the need to redo everything.

Legends of Runeterra | First tips to start playing

At this point, we know how to redeem the game, so we can start with a few small tips to get you off to a good start. After the prologue, you'll have access to rewards, all you have to do is watch it.

Card Crafting

Redeemed the game, the temptation will be to crack a nice deck immediately, but it is better not to do so. At first you'll have a lot of Wildcards and gaining new cards takes time.

How to get a lot of cards in the shortest possible time

A suggestion that might come in handy to earn a lot of cards in a short time is to change region every time you win. This trick should be done in the rewards screen, here you have to change your region often - say, every 4 victories - because every reward costs more and more experience points, but changing region should get around the problem.

The best champions at the time of Legends of Runeterra

At present, the best samples you can use are Jinx, Anivia, Karma and Thresh.

KarmaThis is a sample card from the Ionia region. Using it costs 5 Mana has 4 Attack, 3 Health and has an End of Round skill with which it creates a random spell.

JinxIt detonates its opponents by unloading all its ammunition on them, at which point it is ready for the big one: the Super mega rocket of death.

AniviaThis is a sample map of the Freljord region. Using it costs 6 Mana and has 4 Attack, 3 Cheers. Other cards of unit type similar to this one are as follows: Cursed Keeper, The Undying, Legion Rearguard.

ThreshThresh can absorb the souls of enemies and then summon a powerful ally in battle.

Are there loot boxes in Legends of Runeterra ?

The answer to this question is a resounding no! Legends of Runeterra will never involve a loot box system, but a mechanics that has been called Evolve by Riot. The Evolve system consists in giving players, every week, a box in which there are rewards, the value of which will be based exclusively on how much and how much the recipient has played. Everything will depend on the players' skills and not on how much real money is spent.

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