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Gods and Glory, the latest DLC of Hollow Knight, has been released for free these days by the developers of Team Cherry who have well hidden access to this additional content. Discover with our guide how to access the pantheon of Gods and Glory and face the most difficult challenges of the game.

Hollow Knight is a crazy game with a suggestive atmosphere and full of secrets. Just to respect this tradition Team Cherry has made Gods and Glory available but hasn't provided any information to access the DLC. The access to the pantheon of the gods is hidden in the meanders of Nidosacro, but thanks to our guide you will be able to find it in a short time.

Hollow Knight Guide Gods and Glory - Where to find the simple key?

IMPORTANT: If you already have a Simple Key you can skip directly to the next paragraph.

To get started know that to access the new DLC you will need the simple key object. There are 3 in the basic game but if you have already used them all the developers have inserted an additional hidden key in the Frontiers of the realm. To find it you just need to go to the Coliseum of Fools and go down below, in the area with the gladiators at rest and the bench. Break through the wall at the far right and you will find a gladiator bathing in the spa. Climb up to the top until you reach a grate overlooking the arena of the Colosseum and always break through the right wall to access a new area. As soon as you fall into the water, continue to the bottom right to find a King's Idol to sell for geo. Then continue to the bottom of the area and face the Pale Spy, a crazy old gladiator who has retreated into these caves. You'll have to chase her several times, paying attention to her spines, hitting her as many times as you can until you kill her. Once defeated, she'll give you the simple key you need to move on.

Hollow Knight Guide Gods and Glory - Where is the entrance to the pantheon of the gods?

You will have to go to the area of the Royal Waterways. Get to the area where you have defeated the Maranide Madre, or if you haven't, it is under the central bench on the map of the Royal Waterways at the bottom left. Before entering the area where the Maranide Madre is located, climb to the top and break through the ceiling when you can to continue to a new area on the left. Continue into this area, keeping an eye out for the gigantic and deadly Megamaranids. Once at the bottom you will find yourself in the garbage pit where you will find a sarcophagus on which you can use the simple keyhole. Once opened, use the dream spine on the dead creature that will fall out and you will have reached the main area of the new DLC. In the sarcophagus you will also find a Divine Tuner which will be used to tackle this new area.

Hollow Knight Guide Gods and Glory - Content, Challenges, New Bosses and Finals

In this new area you will be in the presence of the gods who will ask you to overcome a series of really grueling challenges, accessible only after defeating all the bosses and dream warriors in the basic game and other DLCs. Then you will face the following challenges:

  • Eliminate all bosses in the game in three difficulty levels: [spoiler title='Spoiler' style='blue' collapse_link='true']Tune in, Classic mode, Ascended, Difficult mode, Shining, one shot and you die.[/spoiler]
  • Eliminate the game's bosses in groups of 4 rush bosses, each with a new final boss: [spoiler title='Spoiler' style='blue' collapse_link='true']All of the spine masters you've met during the adventure and a new version of the Vacuum Knight.[/spoiler]

Once this is done you can access the final pantheon on the top of the gods where you will be: [spoiler title='Spoiler' style='blue' collapse_link='true']a very long boss battle with all the bosses of the game together and an alternative ending for the main adventure.[/spoiler]

Hollow Knight Guide Gods and Glory - Alternate ending with the delicate flower

If you have completed the mission of the Delicate Flower during the basic adventure [spoiler title='spoiler' style='blue' collapse_link='true']now you can go get another flower from the grave where you placed the first one. Give this flower to the creature that escaped from Gods and Glory's sarcophagus to get an alternative ending once the DLC is finished.[/spoiler]

Hollow Knight Guide Gods and Glory - Secrets: How to Unlock The Eternal Ordery

Hidden in the pantheon of wise men is a "sinister enemy" that you will surely have met during the main adventure. [spoiler title='Spoiler' style='blue' collapse_link='true']It's about Zote and his endless challenge called the Eternal Ordery that leads you to fight many Zote of different shape, size and attacks.[/spoiler]

To find this challenge go to the lowest level of the pantheon and enter the room where you can challenge the bosses one by one. Go up to the second floor and reach the golden gate at the bottom right. Now you have to use the crystal heart to jump forward in a short stretch and then climb into the second arch on the ceiling, breaking through the wall above you. In the new room, break through the left wall to find a new statue to face the Eternal Ordination.

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