Hill Climb Racing 2 - Guide of Best Vehicles to unlock

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Hill Climb Racing 2 has added the Cups mode to its predecessor. If in the first it was only possible to play alone in the infinite mode called Adventure, in Hill Climb Racing 2 you can compete multiplayer against other vehicles in the new mode designed by Fingersoft.

To win races on iOS at Android you need to unlock and properly upgrade the right vehicles. In this guide, we're going to see which vehicles are the best Hill Climb Racing 2 that deserve a hefty charge and the outlay of additional coins to buy upgrades.

How to download Hill Climb Racing 2 : to download the game go to: Google Play | App Store.

[Driving] Hill Climb Racing 2 - The Best Vehicles

We will put the vehicles in three sections: High, Medium, Low, based on the performance that each vehicle guarantees during the races.

Hill Climb Racing 2 - Best Vehicles - High Level


This car is the latest addition to the game made by the developers. It's beautiful to look at but also a real beast when put on the track. In addition to its almost unbeatable speed, the Supercar has perfect acceleration and friction. It's not as stable as the rally car (see below) but it's faster, at least on smoother maps. Thanks to its appearance and driving style, it is the luxury version of the rally car in a way. You can only win 95% of the maps with the Supercar and the rally car.

Rally car

The rally car has many advantages, including acceleration and speed, a shape that allows rough tracks and very good stability on terrain full of hollows. Although the car is a little slower than the Supercar, the difference is not that big. A unique feature of this car is the built-in roll cage. It can withstand a lot of crashes. This allows the drivers to play riskier and often save their own skin.

Formula 1

The Formula 1 in Hill Climb Racing 2 has high performance although not at the height of the first two cars mentioned. In the long run this car has the maximum speed achievable, but does not have an acceleration of the same level. The main advantage of the Formula 1 car, that is, its top speed, will not always be useful because in the game there are hills and ditches, so the top speed will almost never be reached. In quiet races, however, this car will be able to get kilometers of advantage over other vehicles.

Hill Climb Racing 2 - Best Vehicles - Medium Level

Super Diesel

A good car with above average statistics, but statistics alone are not enough to put it in the High level. It has good stability and respectable speed.

Monster Truck

Similar to Super Diesel in terms of statistics. The monstrous tires give it an advantage on tracks with rough terrain as this giant vehicle can simply run over anything it encounters.

Dune Buggy

Great for short tracks with its ability to advance quickly at the beginning. A good compromise if you don't yet have the best cars in the game. but its stability and speed are not enough to go further. It still guarantees you victories in many races.

Hill Climb Racing 2 - Best Vehicles - Low Level

Super Jeep

An updated version of the classic jeep assigned at the beginning of the game. Its stats are very similar to each other, with none prevailing over the other. A good car, but only for those who are a bit ahead of the game.


Good speed, acceleration is not bad, but more than as a vehicle to win races, we recommend the motocross bike for its performance in flight. With this vehicle you can make many evolutions precluded to heavier cars.

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