Here is the Dolphin Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Here is the Dolphin it's a action video game horizontal scrolling developed for Sega Mega Drive in 1993 from Novotrade International. The game was later converted for other systems.

Its protagonist is Here, a Delfino which has some stars on his forehead, stars that give him extraordinary powers and extraordinary strength. Here he is intent on swimming with his dolphin friends when a terrible whirlwind of unprecedented violence drags the other dolphins and all the other dolphins out of the water. ocean creatures, which therefore remains practically empty.
The only survivor is here, who at that moment was jumping out of the water. The dolphin sets out in search of his friends with the intention of saving them, even if the obstacles are certainly not lacking. A difficult search that leads to the discovery, by Ecco, of the fact that the other marine animals have been kidnapped by the Vortex, an aquatic species that feeds on the cetaceans taken prisoner. Freeing other animal species will be anything but child's play!

While playing, move Ecco to the left and right and pause when the dolphin is facing you. Now press RIGHT, B, C, B, C, DOWN, C, UP. A menu will appear that includes many options including level selection, sound test and invincibility.

To disable background music, pause the game and press A five times.

When the name of the layer appears, hold down A + START until the layer starts. When the game screen appears, undo the pause and you will be invincible.

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