Hearthstone - Introducing Battlegrounds mode

After the big surprise made at the Blizzcon the Locanda di Hearthstone Blizzcon is renewed with a new mode called Battle which introduces the Auto-Battler in the Blizzard card game. Thanks to the Virtual Ticket we had the chance to try it in advance.

But what is it? And above all, how do you play? In this guide we will try to answer your doubts by showing you what are the main mechanics and what are the best ways to take home the victory.

Welcome to Bob's Inn!

Hi Bob!

To welcome us in this new Inn will not be the old Harth Maltoforte but Bob an equally accommodating mustachioed human who will accompany us (and sometimes guferà) throughout the game.

Choose a hero

Entered Bob's we will be able to choose between two heroes taken from a wider selection, each with his own special power. What you can immediately notice is that they are not the typical classes of the game but rather some familiar faces from the brawls and single player adventures such as JARAXXUS INHERIT LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION, Ragnaros or even the King of the Lich.

The opponents

Contrary to what happens in the basic game, here we will not face a single opponent but seven listed in the left column. When we face an opponent it will have a red outline around its icon. After each fight the ranking will be updated according to the damage suffered by each hero and the last one to survive wins. In the advanced rounds we'll face someone eliminated, in this case we'll fight against an AI represented by Kel'Thuzad, this happens when the players in competition are odd.

Recruitment Phase

This is perhaps the most important phase of the game as we will be able to recruit servants and plan our upcoming shifts. Instead of mana you will notice some gold coins: you start with 3 coins and then progress as in normal games. In this phase Bob will introduce us to some servants to recruit randomly chosen from a common pool, but we will talk about them in a moment. Let's talk first about Bob's Inn and the services it offers.

Inn level

Expressed by the number of stars next to Bob's portrait, these will indicate the level of the inn and the servants that could be proposed, the higher the level of a servant the more damage we will inflict on our opponent if we win the fight. The price for raising the level of the inn goes down with each turn until it is raised.

Update Inn

Since we will be inclined to look for servants who will synergize with ours or allow us to get a hat-trick, Bob gives us the opportunity to update the choice of servants proposed at the low price of a gold coin for each refreshment.

Freeze Servants

As the selection of servants changes with each shift, sometimes during our shift we'll get a few useful servants for the next shift. In this case don't worry because at Bob's Inn ice is free, ask them without fear! By freezing the servants we will ensure that selection for the next round.

Servants Management

Regardless of their level, all Servants can be recruited at the cost of 3 gold coins. Simply drag the desired Servant towards us to add him to our hand and then play him at no extra cost. As mentioned above we will try to create a synergy on our board and get triplets, but what happens in this case? Getting three equal cards will not only boost our Servant by making him golden but will also provide us with a free recruitment of a higher level Servant.

Unlike the original game, the placement of the Servants on the board can really make a difference. Maybe you have a Servant who boosts the board with his Death Rale so you'll make sure to put him on the far left so that he dies first or on the contrary someone with a good effect you want to survive the longer you put him on the right. Finally there is to underline that the buff received by certain cards with particular Battle Cry persist even if we eliminate the above mentioned card, this favors the sale of the Servants we no longer need (we will receive a coin for each Servant Sold) and the growth of those we want to strengthen.

Battle Phase

A symphony of slaps!

As the name Auto-Battler suggests, the fighting is automatic and random, the only thing we will have control of is the order in which our Servants attack.

Servants on both sides will attack from the left to attack those with Provocation first and then randomly all the others. The buff received during this phase, like those by some Death Raleys, are not permanent and will reset at the end of the phase. Servants will attack until one of the two sides is completely defeated, at which point the remaining cards add up their level and convert it into bonus attack to our hero who will attack the opponent. You continue alternating the two stages until all players are eliminated and only one winner remains.

Useful tips

Hearthstone Battle Mode is perhaps one of the easiest and most intuitive Auto-Battler currently available, but this should not lead you to underestimate it. Knowing the effect of each card proposed will certainly save you time but after a few games even the less experienced can take home the crown.

There are a few things to be done anyway:

  1. Try to recruit at least one servant per round: This way you can subtract any triplets from your opponents.
  2. Think thematically: If you have, for example, a board full of Robots, a Murloc that boosts the Murloc won't do you much good.
  3. Balance your finances: Always try to bring back any Inn power-ups, refresh and recruitment in one turn.
  4. Frozen: without fear.

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