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Although it doesn't shine for complication, it's easy to fall prey to a few pitfalls hidden in Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice . A little for the riddles, a little because some dark caverns are difficult to see, blocking is not exactly difficult. Here are some tricks and tips to get you started.

Always look around

You'll have to deal with several puzzles to complete, some simpler and some more complex, but all solvable without having to go crazy. Stop for a moment and look around, often the solution is much simpler than it may seem and is often at hand. Look along the walls, if you're stuck or can't figure out how to pass an enigma it's likely that you've missed a gorge in a wall, a few meters further back.

Change your perspective

It's the game that will make you do it, but even before the system pushes you to do it, you often just need to move a few degrees to the side or take a step back to find the solution to a puzzle or the correct way to follow.

Listen to the entries

Especially in combat, voices are your "rearview mirror", if they tell you to dodge, do it, one way or the other, trust me. It would be even better to play with headphones, especially if they are of high quality. Even with the TV speakers Hellblade's sound is beautiful, with the headphones it shines right through.

Play tricks with your enemies

The "perfect parade", the one that allows you to counterattack immediately distracting in enemies is a kind of godsend especially when there are more enemies and spaces are tight. The Focus in combat will also help you a lot when there are more enemies, and do not disdain the use of football to lower the guard of opponents with the shield. The more you play smart, the less you risk dying.

Don't let the permadeath scare you

Yes, it's true, we are no longer used to the game over that forces us to start from scratch, and the news that in Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice there would be a similar feature has caused quite a bit of noise, especially on social networks. Do not panic, to get to the cancellation of the rescue takes much more than you can fear. If you really are in crisis, make a backup on a USB stick. But this is not absolutely necessary.

In the Kingdom of Valravn nothing is as it seems

Literally. Be careful to look for the portals well, to orient yourself well, not to pass under them several times risking to cancel the changes to reality without realizing it.

Never lower the threshold of attention

In order to avoid going around in circles for an hour looking for a passageway that you almost literally have in front of your eyes but can't see it because you are tired or distracted, rather turn off and rest. Trust me, it is better to take some breaks, also because on an emotional level Hellblade is a punch to the stomach not indifferent.

If you are sensitive to certain topics, prepare handkerchiefs

Are you a little emotional? Keep some tissues close. Are you sensitive to certain topics? Same thing. Ninja Theory has dared a lot on the topics, and has even received the praise of experts and patients. Get ready because the finale is a big punch in the face.

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