Hearthstone Reno Mage Guide to Bouquets with the Game

Class: Wizard

Powders: 14960

Welcome to a new appointment with our . Today we are dealing with a really strong deck, a very interesting deck that is imposing itself after the launch of the latest expansion: the Reno Mage. The combos available to the player are really devastating and thanks to the good old Reno you can fight even the Aggro decks that are so fashionable today. The deck is not cheap (on the contrary ...) and contains several cards from various adventures, but it's really fun to play so if you have the opportunity to try it. Here is the complete list:


Forbidden flame x1

Arcane detonation x1

Chatty book x1

Frost dart x1

Swamp sludge x1

Lady of the potions x1

Thalnos x1

Sewer mole x1

Vate della rovina x1

Ice Block x1

Pain acolyte x1

Brann Barbabronzea x1

Arcane Intellect x1

Soul enchantress x1

Volcanic potion x1

Kazakus x1

Refreshments merchant x1

Water elemental x1

Metamorphosis x1

Fireball x1

Sapphire Draco x1

Hunting expert x1

Twilight Dragon x1

Reno Jackson x1

Thaurissan x1

Blizzard x1

Archmage Antonidas x1

Fire column x1

Portal: Lands of Fire x1

Alexstrasza x1

What's new in the Dragon Priest deck after the Meccania slums

What changed with the last expansion? Undoubtedly the value of Brann has grown considerably since it can easily be combined with Kazakus and thus achieve excellent results. Also, by choosing different potions from one mana, you can get several fireballs from the archmage and you are guaranteed an easy victory. For mulligans against aggros you bet a lot on vate della rovina, arcane detonation and Reno, while against others you can afford a more sensible start.

This deck suffers against the dragon priest so be particularly careful when you meet him and never waste the removals. If possible, except in cases of absolute emergency, always play Reno after unlocking the ice block to get the maximum effect possible.

Again, we are talking about a virtually limitless bunch that can easily lead you into legend.

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