Hearthstone : Dragon Priest Deck list Guide of the Game

Class: Priest

Cost: 5860 powders

Welcome to a new appointment with our . Today we are dealing with a deck that lately has been getting very good results in the rankings and that has literally raised the class of the priest: the Dragon Priest. With the latest expansion many really strong cards compatible with this deck have been introduced, such as Draconide Agent or Dragonfuoco Potion, so we think it's absolutely worth trying it to see how it is. But let's go in order and see the complete list:


County cleric x2

Dark Dragon x2

Word of power: Shield x2

Dragon agent x2

Shadow Word: Pain x2

History of scagliafatua x2

Brann Beardface x1

Shadow Word: Death x2

Kabbalah priest x2

Black wing technique x1

Twilight Watch x 2

Agent draconide x2

Black wing switch x 2

Sapphire Draco x 2

Library Dragon x1

Dragonfocus potion x2

Ysera x1

What's new in the Dragon Priest deck after the Meccania slums

We are clearly faced with a bunch designed to control the battlefield and gain a bigger and bigger advantage over the opponent thanks to the excellent combos available. Brann is fantastic in this deck and combines with a lot of cards, if possible keep it for the draconide agent because the opponent is unlikely to have bad cards in the deck. The dragon agent (always to be kept at the beginning) is essential to control the field and counter the more aggressive decks before the arrival of Twilight Watch.

This deck really has no limits, and if played right, it can take you anywhere you want. Please don't be fooled by the relatively low cost since there are really a lot of cards taken from adventures so the actual price is much, much higher. Dragon Priest is excellent for the current goal and is a great option for all players who love the priest.

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