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Guide Hearthstone : Budget Wizard Decks - New appointment with our guides dedicated to Hearthstone . Today we treat a deck suitable for those who want to play seriously with the magician but are not in possession of epic or legendary. So a deck for everyone but not a basic deck, this guide is in fact aimed at those who play at a higher level than the beginner.

Proposing a budget deck for the magician that is competitive at medium/high levels is not at all simple. The last expansion introduced a lot of interesting cards, but this particular class already possessed many really good cards for the basic freeze mage. Today, however, we are here to offer you our budget mage, a deck without legendary or epic that has a very low cost. We are definitely talking about a deck suitable for beginners without too many pretensions, but playing it well we guarantee that you will get a lot of satisfaction out of it. Here is the complete list.

Class: Wizard
Cost: 1040 powders


Mana dragon x2

Chatty Book x2

Mirror image x2

Arcane Missiles x 2

Frost dart x2

Occultist novice x2

Booty raider x2

Witch of the cult x2

Arcane Intellect x2

Sparamagie x2

Water elemental x2

Fireball x2

Sapphire Dragon x2

Red mana dragon x1

Faceless Summoner x2

Column of fire x1

What's new in the Budget Mage deck after the Meccania slums

This deck, as we said at the start of the drive, has no particular pitfalls and is quite easy to play. As you can see you have a lot of removals, so with a little luck you should be able to repel the assaults of the aggro decks in the first few rounds. Avoid using the frost dart on heroes if possible, it's an excellent removal at a very low cost and it's essential even in the more advanced stages. Mana dragons should be managed and not thrown into the field blindly, in the last expansion was also introduced the red dragon that clearly can only be used properly in the final part of the game. The deck has several cards for you to draw so you shouldn't have any problems in this respect, watch out for the rougher decks and zoos because they'll give you a lot of trouble.

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