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Heart Of Darkness it's a action-platform video game conceived by Eric Chahi and developed in 1998 by Amazing Studio to Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. The protagonist of the videogame is Andy, a little boy with enormous imagination and a little too lively, more than the other kids.

One day Andy gets punished in severe manner by the teacher, who accuses him of having fallen asleep during the lesson. Andy therefore runs away from school with his faithful dog Whiskey. The two friends go to the city park, in the hills, waiting for the announced eclipse for those hours. When darkness fallsHowever, a skeletal hand grabs Whiskey and drags him with it into the darkness.
Andy is very scared but also determined to save his beloved little dog, so he embarks on an adventure in an attempt to save the quadruped. Whiskey has been kidnapped by the shadow creatures that inhabit the Darklands. This is where the Master of Darkness, the lord of darkness, dwells. Andy must face these creatures alone, armed with his trusty laser rifle, which is nothing but a flashlight, perfect for creatures made of shadow.

Heart of Darkness is a classic two-dimensional platformer, with small 3D tweaks that make the scene appear in relief. Simple but very well built, Heart of Darkness is full of shootings, pitfalls to avoid, breakneck escapes and beautiful cutscenes that open the various levels. In the course of the game, various goodies are found and Andy acquires temporary powers that allow him to eliminate some obstacles.

With the game turned off, press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 on controller 2. Continue holding these keys and access the options screen first and then the tree house, then load the game. You will have all levels available.

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