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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Masterly Notes Guide | Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is depopulating and allows players to become magicians and wizards using augmented reality technology, just like Pokemon GO. One of the basic mechanics is to create potions, but these need a crafting time sometimes a bit long.

Is there a way to shorten the time it takes to create potions? Yes, they are called masterful notes, notes that allow you to gain time in the creation of potions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite .

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | What are the masterful notes

Master notes are gestures that can be performed during the potions creation process to reduce the crafting time by 15%.

When the recipe for a potion is unlocked for the first time, the master notes are unknown until Players correctly guess the correct sequence.

To speed up your work, we propose a guide in which we reveal all the actions to perform with your device to complete a master note.

How to make a masterful note

use a masterful note, you must have a potion in preparation. Start making a potion if you don't already have one in the cauldron. Then touch the wooden spoon that comes out of the cauldron. You should see a series of empty squares above your potion.These indicate how many actions you need to perform. You will need to draw the action on top of the potion. Each time you perform a correct action, it will fill the square: if you make a mistake, it will turn red and you will need to start again.

What are the movements to do?

Below we see the main movements to perform.

Meaning of the notes. Note:the movements are to be performed on the cauldron to imitate the gestures of a sorcerer when he creates a concoction.

  • Scroll up on the cauldron
  • Scroll horizontally over the cauldron
  • Mix in Clockwise
  • Compound in counterclockwise direction
  • Pinch towards the inside of the cauldron
  • Zoom into the cauldron
  • Multi-tap on the cauldron
  • Shake the device

List of potions with notes to execute

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