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You've only just started Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (perhaps after discovering her as collaboration between Warner Bros. and Jam City) but you have doubts about how the points of the house and the cup of houses?

The title presents itself as a kind of Visual Novel set in the world of the most famous wizard of television and presents a static gameplay consisting of choices, small mini-games and lots of talk with other classmates. The whole title is based on the use and preservation of a resource that is energy. It is necessary to complete the actions and you can recharge by paying money or waiting hours and hours in real life.

Follow our guide to understand the mechanisms behind these mechanics and get as many points as possible. If you have spent more than ten minutes within Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery You will have understood that getting as many house points as possible within your adventure is extremely important.

This generates the need to understand how the mechanics related to these house points are adjusted within the game. In the course of the guide we will see how to earn or lose these points; the aim is to get the most out of Hogwarts lessons and all the events related to the history of the game.

This guide is addressed to all those who have passed the first two chapters of the title.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery - how to get the most points out of lessons and teachings.

Once you have chosen your own house you will find yourself in front of a screen that explains how the goblet.

The house cup is the ultimate goal that the player must pursue during his first year at Hogwarts. Your family can earn or lose depending on how the player behaves during the year.

You can track the progress of your household by clicking on your avatar and then the rank button.

How it is structured Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Once you have completed the first two chapters of the title you can immerse yourself completely in the gameplay of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery .

The title is structured in school years more or less corresponding to certain chapters: each chapter is roughly divided in half between a mission related to history and instead a block of tasks and activities options related to school lessons.

The plot is the bulk of the chapter and must be completed in order to access the secondary tasks. Before we look more specifically at the activities that make up the title, we have some good basic tips to avoid worsening the situation of your family during the game.

  • Dialogues in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery are interspersed with questions of some kind. The answer to these questions is always inherent in the dialogue preceding it. Following the dialogs carefully will allow the player to minimize errors while understanding which answer corresponds to a certain attribute.
  • The game chapters are closely related to plot missions, which will be assigned to us by the prefect of the house to which we belong. The structure of the plot missions is very simple and includes overcoming special events (such as dueling) or the completion of basic tasks. Plot missions reward the player with currency e experience.
  • As expected, in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Getting experience points is the only way the player has to level up. The level increase allows the player to get diamonds and unlock new options to customize their avatar. With the level increase the energy of your avatar is restored to maximum and allows you to play for more consecutive time.
  • Plot-related missions need the above mentioned energy to be complete and complete. A feature that differentiates storyline missions from secondary tasks is the inability to pause the mission to devote yourself to something else. That's why it's important to start the plot missionsonly when you have maximum energy so as to avoid the possibility of not being able to complete it in a single session. If you have problems with our wizard's energy resources take a look at our other one guide on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery .
  • The side quests are related to non-player characters. Side quests present the player with extremely simple tasks and do not require energy. Sometimes all you need to do is choose the right dialogue options to complete a side mission. To choose this dialogue option, as suggested above, all you need to do is pay constant attention to what the characters on the screen are saying to each other. The player will gradually become familiar with the secondary characters and can easily predict the correct and incorrect answers.

Household Points: How to earn or lose them in a game. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

As announced above Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is very important in winning the house cup. To win it it is necessary to arrive at the end of the year with as many points as possible for our family.

Below is a list of actions that can make you lose or gain points.


  • Get on with the storyline by completing plot-related missions.
  • Choose certain dialogue options.
  • Perform tasks correctly during the teachings and lessons


  • Choose certain dialogue options (options that suggest bad/bad behaviour)
  • Making mistakes during the teachings and lessons.

List of activities featured in Harry Potter: Howgarts Mystery


The game has a storyline divided into different chapters. Each chapter, in a reduction as simplistic as possible, is divided into four different types of tasks to be completed.

They are:

  • Dialogues with options
  • Plot-related missions
  • The teachings
  • Lessons

Dialogues with options

During the dialogues of the title very often you will find yourself having to deal with some kind of choice. Between our avatar and his interlocutor may arise questions to which we should give answers or opinions for which we should express some kind of preference.

Some of these dialogs may change our attributes by decreasing or adding a point to them. Attributes are one of the values most closely related to the gameplay of the title because they unlock or hide the dialog options or preferences that can be expressed.

There are three of them: Courage, Empathy e Knowledge. Possessing high attributes will allow the player to more easily solve some of the secondary missions of the title.


The lessons are at the heart of the school activity at Hogwarts. They represent a good percentage of the activities that the player will have to face during his period within Hogwarts. The lessons are important because:

  • They allow the player to get points of the house.
  • They allow the player to get attribute points.
  • They allow the player to get experience.
  • They allow the player to get money.
  • They allow the player to get diamonds.

The lessons are composed of different types of activities; some of them consume the energy of our avatar. They are divided into the following types of activities:

  • Support dialogues with options.
  • Imitate a form on the screen with the touch screen to perform a spell.
  • Play a similar rhytm game.
  • Supporting a demonstration (energy consuming activity)Demonstration is an activity that increases your character's attribute points. They are closely linked to the three different types of lessons that our avatar can take; each type of lesson is linked to a specific attribute.
    spell lessons increase i empathy pointsthe applications for potions increase i knowledge points the flying lessons increase i courage points.
  • Practice (consume energy):The practice is an activity that mimics the content of the demonstrations without the possibility to increase the attribute points.


The lessons represent the end point of the game chapters; they are activities very similar to normal lessons with a substantial difference: they allow the player to obtain new skills, new potion recipes or new flying skills.

Some teachings are allow to increase the energy meter, others allow the player to get diamonds, others are related to duels. To keep track of the teachings obtained over time, you need to click on the little icon in the book at the bottom right.

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