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One of the most downloaded and played apps of the moment is undoubtedly Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The game, created by the collaboration between Warner Bros. and Jam City, will allow you to create your own avatar and dive into the most famous school of magic ever, living a unique adventure. In the course of the main plot, the magician or witch you create will interact with a whole series of other Hogwarts students and, in some cases, even make friends. Our guide will list all the characters with whom you can establish a relationship and the ways in which you can increase your friendship.

Characters to make friends with in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

As all the players in the application will surely know, at any time when you're not involved in the various magic, potions and flying lessons, you'll be given the opportunity to "make friends" with other Hogwarts students. Building and strengthening relationships of this kind will allow you to unlock new content, such as new missions and additional rewards, which would otherwise be precluded you. For this very reason, never underestimate the power of friendship. Based on what has been written, with this guide we will list all the characters with whom you can relate and, later, how we can raise the level of friendship. Many of these NPCs you will meet simply by progressing in the main plot, and they will belong to the various four families, showing their main characteristics, in terms of ability, affinity and behavior.

Below is a list of all the characters you may encounter during your years of study at Hogwarts:

  • Rowan Khanna (first year);
  • Ben Copper (first year);
  • Penny Haywood (first year);
  • Bill Weasly (second year);
  • Nymphadora Tonks (third year);
  • Tulip Karasu (third year);
  • Barnaby Lee (not yet available);

As I'm sure you're aware, Rowan is the first NPC we're going to meet, and we'll start building our friendship with him almost immediately after choosing our wand. Rowan's gender and lineage will be determined by the choices you make with your character. Later, during your first year at Hogwarts, you will make the acquaintance of Ben Copper and Penny Haywood, from the Houses of Gryffindor and Badgers respectively. Moving on with the plot, we will meet Bill Weasly, Nymphadora Tonks and Tulip Karasu. As you may realize, Barnaby Lee will also be included in the list of characters to make friends with; however, to date it is not yet clear how to build a relationship with this member of Slytherin.

How to make friends in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Friends will play a key role in the game: take care of them!

Let's start by saying that by simply interacting with the characters in question, you will increase your relationship with them. Please note that if your friendship level increases, you will also get a certain amount of bonus gems to spend as you see fit. However, there are several ways you can increase your friendship level; we will list them all below.

Complete the side missions assigned by your friends

In the course of your adventures, it will be quite common for you to perform side quests on behalf of the various NPCs in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. If you see an icon with two hands clasping, it means that the mission in question will allow you to level up your friendship with that character. But don't worry so much: the quest now indicated consists only of a short exchange of jokes, made up of questions and answers. For this very reason, all you have to do is calibrate your answers based on your traits, your lineage, and the NPC personality you are dealing with.

Increase your parameters of Knowledge, Courage and Empathy

First of all, which House do you decide to belong to?

As you may have noticed, your wizard (or witch) will present three different parameters: Knowledge, Courage, and Empathy. All three of these statistics can be developed by choosing the appropriate answers to certain questions, or by completing certain quests. Obviously, the other characters in the game will also have their own stats, and to strengthen our relationship of friendship with them we will only have to grow our parameters. In this way, in fact, we can unlock new dialogue options, which will allow us to increase our relationship with the characters in question.

If your attributes aren't high enough yet, our advice is to wait. As mentioned earlier, you'll have to answer questions in the most appropriate manner, and you'll only get one chance. Precisely for this reason, it would be stupid to burn your chance to grow a friendship with an NPC simply because our standards are not high enough.

Always keep some coins

In some cases, in order to have access to a quest to increase friendship, you will have to spend a certain amount of coins. Fortunately, this game currency is easily found in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and just by proceeding in the main story and earning house points you should not have "liquidity problems". However, we advise you not to spend all the coins in your possession on new clothes, as you may need them to unlock a new level of friendship with a game character.

How to make friends with Rowan Khanna

Here's how to develop a friendship with Rowan.

As pointed out above, Rowan will be the first character we will relate to. We will meet him practically at the beginning of our adventure, and he will be the NPC with whom we will have the opportunity, before everyone else, to grow our friendship. According to what was said before, to develop the friendship with Rowan (and with the other characters) we will have to carry out quests, which will consist of exchanges of lines to which we will have to give the right answer. Remember that some secondary quests may require some coins, so always make sure you always have your "wallet" full. Below is a list of all the questions Rowan will ask you, as well as the answers you will need to give to increase your affinity with him.

Distract Rowan and win the Gobble game.

This exchange of jokes will take place when Rowan invites you to play Gobble. In this case, you'll have six rounds to win the game; all you have to do to bring home the victory is... distract your opponent! Below you'll find all the answers that will help you do this, allowing you to easily reach your goal.

Question #1: Let's play then, [player's name]!
Answer #1: What books are you reading?

Question #2: Do you like playing Humpty Dumpty?
Answer #2: What kind of tree is that?

Question #3: Let's join the Doubles Club!
Answer #3: Let's get distracted instead.

Question #4: I can't believe you could even win.
Answer #4: The library burned down.

Talk to Rowan about your visions.

During a mission, you'll meet Rowan in the central hall of Hogwarts Castle (the one where the dinners are held, so to speak). In this case, you'll come to discuss with him the visions you've had previously, and the answers you give will have to reassure your friend. You will have six shifts at your disposal to succeed in your goal, so take a look at the answers that will help you most.

Question #1: Have you ever had visions before?
Answer #1: I've heard rumors before.

Question #2: Visions can be dangerous.
Answer #2: That's why I need your help.

Question #3: How can I help you?
Answer #3: With your wisdom and friendship.

Question #4: Do you think it was a warning?
Answer #4: Or a clue. Or maybe both.

Recruit Rowan

In the last one that the NPC in question will assign you, you will have six shifts to convince Rowan Khanna to help you with your investigation. By giving the right answers, you will be able to level up your friendship with this character.

Question #1: What would happen if we were caught?
Answer #1: It won't happen. We'll be ready.

Question #2: What about Pithon?
Answer #2: You will come up with a brilliant plan.

Question #3: Filch will imprison us.
Answer #3: Not if we are united.

Question #4: What about the Cursed Crypts?
Answer #4: We will break the curse.

How to make friends with Ben Copper

The second NPC we can make friends with.

Right after you meet Rowan, you'll also meet Ben Copper. As explained above, you'll have to perform secondary quests in order to increase the level of friendship with this NPC, once again giving the right answers to the questions that Ben will ask you. In this case, we'd like to remind you that the guide to getting this character's friendship is constantly updated, so make sure you come back here cyclically for any updates on the subject.

Encourage your friend

During your adventures in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you'll meet Ben Copper in the Central Hall of the castle (the one where the dinners are held, so to speak) and you'll find him rather worried. Once you've activated the secondary mission in question, your goal will be to find the right answers to cheer your character up and cheer him up. Below, we'll list the most effective questions and answers to help you get through the process without too many problems.

Question #1: There's a lot to be scared of...
Answer #1: Everyone feels scared sometimes.

Question #2: Our friends aren't scared...
Answer #2: We will protect each other.

Question #3: Why did I end up in Gryffindor?
Answer #3: Because you're braver than you know.

Question #4: I belong to the world of Muggles.
Answer #4: You belong at Hogwarts, Ben.

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