Halo 4 - Complete List of Skulls Guide !

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They also come back in Halo 4 the famous skulls. Unlike the other chapters, in Halo 4 , you won't need to search for skulls during missions. They are, in fact, all already unlocked. The menu to activate them will be available, therefore, from the beginning.

Skulls are nothing more than a sort of upgrade or upgrade for enemies. They greatly increase the difficulty of the game and of course also unlock certain objectives of the game. Let's go and find out, one by one, the features of the skulls.

Collected weapons contain less ammunition in the charger or a lower charge in the battery.
The resistance and weaknesses of each enemy and the player are increased. Energy weapons damage shields much more quickly and armor more slowly, and ballistic bullets more slowly.
Double the lives of all enemies
Enemies launch a veritable deluge of grenades
Energy shields do not recharge until you hit an enemy with a hand-to-hand attack.
Enemies always lose control by throwing their heads down against the player in a destructive rage, without ever escaping.
Playing Co-op at the death of a player returns to the last checkpoint. Solo, it starts the mission from scratch.
Rank all enemies
Deactivates the motion detector
Increases acceleration from explosions
(I Would Have Been Your Daddy) - Jokes rarely proffered by non-player characters become more common
Whenever you hit a Unggoy with a headshot, there is a small explosion of confetti and screams of joyful children.
All HUD information (shields, motion detector, weapons data...) disappears, and the player no longer sees the weapon in his hand

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